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Jamiet99uk (795 D)
08 Oct 15 UTC
Boris Johnson hates the UK
Who would have thought it?
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10 Oct 15 UTC
Is this still news?
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07 Oct 15 UTC
Anyone but Hillary?
Yes? No? Discuss inside.
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zultar (4180 D Mod (P))
26 Sep 15 UTC
Game notes and press disclosure, EoGs,
Game: I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass.

I took over this game for TruNinja when he went aowl. I think we are supposed to keep notes and make them available so other people can see how we actually thought about the other players and game progress.
zultar (4180 D Mod (P))
26 Sep 15 UTC
I was England. Here are my predecessor's and my notes.

Autumn, 1901: Dear diary,
I heard back from both Germany and France, and personalities really took opposite directions. Germany has shown himself to want an alliance at every turn. His press last year was 100% truth as he told me Russia said he would move south and he had been considering the move to Hol as opposed to Den. He spoke truth again this year when he said France was considering a move to Bur with support but would get back to him.
I believe France lied in part last year when he said Russia was moving 2 north. I believe Russia DID suggest France move to the ENG. France also was truthful when he said he wouldn't move to the Channel. I believe France *thinks* he told Germany he was definitely supporting himself to Bur as opposed to simply considering the option.
The biggest difference between France and Germany is that France is willing to sow small nuances into his sentences while Germany tells straight truth. Also, France is selfish while Germany is not.
A bounce in Bur already screws Germany since it leaves him with no real play for 3 centers and little play (none if he opens to Den) on Bel. It hurts France with nothing since he had the option to bounce with Mar while moving Par-Pic. The fact that France SUPPORTED himself there shows that he prefers to be dominant over any ally he's with. Couple that with the fact that he even suggested he take Bel for a third build, and wanted to play things by ear before outright agreeing to give me Belgium is a pretty clear declaration that he's going to look for self first and simply leave me with whatever scraps are left over.
Germany, on the other hand, said support was fine and didn't raise issue with it. He certainly didn't suggest no one getting it.

In the south/east I really need to see a mess Don there that favors Austria and Turkey instead of Russia. If I can get Russia on the losing end of things it means I don't have a Russian pounding at my door a few years from now. Toward that, I will suggest Austria try to convince Turkey to support Bud-Rum. That way, it maximizes his gains. I don't believe he will be able to trust Russia given the bold (France-like) move to Gal. Plus, if Turkey bites, he could have a great underdog ally. Here are my thoughts on why the Rum move is better than defending:
If he moves to Rum and...
--Russia moves to Rum with all 3 but Turkey cuts support and Italy stays in Ven, Austria gets 3 builds (best case)
--Russia or Italy attack at Vie/Tri but the other doesn't, Austria gets 2 builds
--Russia AND Italy attack, Austria gets 1 build (worst case).

If Austria defends:
It's a guessing game as to where to defend. Russia could move to Vie or Bud in anticipation of A moving to Vie to cover. A also has to cover Tri.
--Austria defends but no one attacks and gets 2 builds (best case)
--Austria defends correctly against Russia or Italy, but both do not attack. Austria gets 2 builds.
--Austria defends incorrectly but only one of them attacks, not both. Austria gets 1 build.
--Austria defends correctly but both attack. Austria gets 1 build.
--Austria defends incorrectly and both attack and gets 0 builds (worst case).

These are the exhaustive options for both scenarios. Notice that the best case for defense is only 2 builds, there are more ways to come away with just 1 build, AND the possibility of 0 builds exists.
The merits to attacking include the possibility for 3 builds, no chance for 0 builds and reduced stress since he doesn't have to worry about defending incorrectly given all possibilities.

I'm going to suggest this to him when I get time. Now, it's off to work.
14 Jul 2015 Autumn, 1901: Dear Diary: note to self: don't be as paranoid as Russia. Every season he has told me he heard from "multiple sources" that I'm planning on doing what I said I wouldn't. If others get irritated hearing paranoia and distrust the way I have been, I'll never have an ally again. My tolerance for his press is reducing as seasons go by. Hes sorta like that guy in FtF who you have a hard time talking to because he has horrible breath, but you gotta to make sure your goals are accomplished. Maybe it's his method, and it's successful in other situations with other players, but not me. He should be building the type of trusting relationship that has me pushing for 18 by hitting Tunis and the Boot instead of Mos and War.
15 Jul 2015 Autumn, 1901: Dear Diary,
Every time I finish a post for this thing, I'm apprehensive to hit send, always expecting the note to instead get sent to someone I wouldn't want it sent to. I wonder how many others feel that way...
Anyhow, this is France's SECOND attempt to try to take Bel, although this was far more direct. Take this as a hint, France, if you want an ally, it's better NOT to try to suggest you get 3 builds while the person you're trying to persuade onto your side gets 1. Better to have 2 builds and a friend than 3 and lose the game. It's only 1901. The opportunity will be there to gain more of you can get an ally. Ally first, builds second.
As per Germany and my discussion, I believe we will have France poised to try uselessly for Mun.
There is always a fear that I'm being duped and that Germany won't offer support and F and G will standoff in Bel so no one gets it, but I don't get that impression. I guess I'll know more in 9 hours.

Austria and I seem to have gotten off to a really good start. Hopefully I bought him an ally. I'd rather see a AT than a AR, but in the long run, knowing he is on that side of the map doing well will help in the long run.

Haven't heard from Italy in a while. Time to drop him a line and see what he has to say.
16 Jul 2015 Autumn, 1901: Dear Diary
It's the 01 build phase. I have an ally in France or Germany if I want. Both issued support. I'm still very loosely/vaguely toying with a French alliance be clause if there's a RT (and the signs are there), I need a quick fight and hitting France without Italian help will be slowwww. I still trust Germany more and I feel he would be the easier person to stab later in the game if it comes to that, which is a plus. It's also a strain to make a French alliance work. He wants into the ENG, he keeps asking for Bel and I suggested he take an army around Switzerland bit I'm sure it will be met with a 'can't do that. Violates Italian DMZs' bs.
I told France that he can build F Bre and he said it's a useless build if it can't move to the Channel, which is true. It would be nice if he suggested 2 army builds. That would make eliminating him much easier. Hopefully Germany will be on soon and we can begin game planning because if it comes down to me picking France or a non responsive German, I'm going French all the way.
I sent press trying to get Russia to agree to no builds in StP other than maybe F StP sc. If there is a RT, eventually I'll have to expend the resources to take Swe and StP to prevent a backlash from Russia, so I'm really hoping he agrees to the DMZs to buy me that time.
Spoke with Turkey who alludes that my claim of a RT is a ludicrous idea. Hes saying what he has to, because RTs always have to deny their presence, but every move he made last year screams RT. He will probably point out "yeah, but I attacked Sev" to which I will reply "as a safety net in case Russia moved to the BLA that you both clearly agreed to DMZ. I bet Turkey builds F Smy, Russia builds A War and toys with a build at StP to secure Swe until he can further a campaign in the north.

I offered for Italy to join us in a French assault, but am not pushing the issue. I'd love for him to agree to it before having to put a lot of effort into it. More later
18 Jul 2015 Spring, 1902: Dear Diary
It's S02, the official start of the game. When I saw builds, I was very satisfied. France built predictably. Now he's going to move to the MAO and possibly Pic and will definitely hit Ruh expecting support. His Spa army will move to Gas/Mar. Predictable moves. I actually did like my press with France this build phase. When he feels like he's the target, he becomes more humble and easy to talk to. I appreciated that. It was far less about him and more about us. I still don't feel comfortable allying with him. Not because of him, but because I really like Germany and we have a RT which means I don't want a FR later in the game if we decimate Germany. I prefer to be the outside of an oreo.

Germany with dub armies! This tells me how pro-England he is. Not sure what he will do with them all, but I'm going to suggest Mun-Tyr and follow it with a move to Pie. That will stretch France. Of course we won't tell Italy. It's going to be a loooong time before I stab Germany. Hes the kind of player that will do whatever I need and will trust me forever. I plan on attacking France, taking StP and giving Germany Swe, pushing into Italy as the RT is crushing (hence my desire to not hit Russia for a while). I will take as much of Italy and the Boot as possible before knifing Germany

I'm going to propose to Russia that we each back our fleets off--his to Gob and mine to NTH to allow us to put the best net between us. Not sure if he will go for it. I really want to get a fleet in the ENG and NAO which will take time.

F Smy. Not sure why Turkey continues to play the "Dur, there's no RT" card. I know people call a RT the Juggernaut, but this is no juggernaut. This is a good, solid RT that doesn't threaten me. Turkey is less of a communicator than I want. I plan on confronting him with his lies in an effort to get him to drop his wall and open up more by reassuring him I'm not here to hurt him.

I wanted a AR, but a RT , AI is just as good. It's slow. I need slow. Especially with Germany and I taking on France without Italy. Italy and Austria should be able to slow them down. I just hope Italy doesn't get antsy.

I also wish Italy would have considered helping against France. He can prop up Austria and use Ven to hit France. I understand his reluctance but he needs a build somewhere and he's not going to get it aiding Austria. Plus, if he defends Austria, when the RT eventually wins, and it will without outside help, he will have already established himself ad an opponent instead of presenting himself as an ally. The RT will have relied on itself for success and will continue that pattern attacking a 4 center Italy. Oh well, it's his game and I can't play it for him.
20 Jul 2015 Autumn, 1902: Dear Diary
It's F02. My moves and coordination with Germany went with only one minor glitch: Russia in Silesia. We had talked about it since Germany knew in advance, but when your German ally doesn't get on and alter his moves, it's hard to ensure the best results. Oh well. I'm glad he's in Tyr. That will give us the ability to break the French wall.
I'd love support to Swe but the Russian retreat would screw us. Still, I may pose it to him. I'll take a fleet in Lvp and maybe convoy Nwy.

Still don't like Russia in Sil. I don't even like the proposed bounce. It really hurts things. If I don't get a handle on France soon, this game could suck for me.
23 Jul 2015 Autumn, 1902: Dear Diary
No builds this year but I still chalk it up as a big success. One of my fears in attacking France is that it was going to be a slow fight with many a year where Germany or I got a build, never both and sometimes neither while the west reduces quickly. Those fears were affirmed when I saw Spring moves and RA had Turkey in a choke hold because once Turkey is out of the picture, Russia has to go somewhere.
Austria fears it's him because Italy has some strength. I tend to agree, but there's never any certainty to this game until moves are revealed.
I consider this year a success because of several factors:
1) Germany successfully got into Pie. In all my games with a EG or EF, I have never seen F or G move around Switzerland to stick the other because no one wants to spook Italy, or because they want to but they ask permission and receive a 'no'. Germany was going to ask Italy for that same permission. Screw permission. Do it anyhow and let Italy deal with the consequences. What's he gonna do, bounce you on your way out? Psh, no. Hes gonna support a hold just like he did. Once someone is caught trespassing, you don't detain them. You tell them to get off your lawn using the quickest route.
With Germany in Pie, that means Mar is on lockdown.
2) Germany is in Bur. With my moves setup, I figured either Germany would be in Bur or I would be in the MAO but it certainly wasn't a guarantee. France had several options to prevent Germany getting into Bur, he just chose one that didn't work. In fact, had we gone with my initial suggestion of moving Bel to Bur with double German support, France wouldn't have been able to stop that either and in no case would he have earned Bel as a consequence for his loss. His moves were wholly lose-lose.
3) I'm in the MAO. This too was a guessing game. I anticipated France would either self-standoff in Bre, but more likely choose to use Pic to cut support at Bel. My other fear was that he would use Par or Mar one to self-standoff in Bre preventing me access to Bre and MAO. My thought was that I could try for MAO, or use my fleet to support one of his moves so that next year, he would have to jostle two units again to keep me out allowing Germany access to Mar.
I went with the MAO move because I figured if France played this season well, I would know the two units he would use to self-standoff next year, and I would support his army movement.
4) I feared a French move to the IRI on the chance I might have convoyed to Pic with support leaving me defenseless. That didn't happen.
5) Russia didn't gain ground OR take a build against Turkey. His choice to defend Rum instead of convoy to Arm while shuffling armies into Rum and Mos, plus the standoff in Gal plus his paranoid press about "people are telling me you're attacking me" means he's a very defensive risk-averse player. I don't have to worry about him soloing anymore, I don't have to worry about him stabbing me for a long time (if at all) because these require risk. He had the huge opportunity to trust that his diplomacy worked to buy him a Austrian ally enough to let him try some risk/reward moves and he didn't do that. He chose to turtle - up and gain nothing.
All-in-all, I got the best possible result given my position and one I certainly didn't expect to be fortunate enough to see. Score one for the pink and brown team.
25 Jul 2015 Spring, 1903: Dear Diary,
With 8 hours left, it's appalling the amount of press I HAVEN'T received. I expected the people of this game to be of high caliber. I have heard from Germany and Russia. France decided to go silent after the "stab" if you can call it that. As for the other half of the board...very poor display of their gamesmanship. I'm going to send another round of press since I firmly believe that of they aren't talking to me, they could be talking to someone else, and that the talker gets the ally.
26 Jul 2015 Autumn, 1903: Dear Diary
Logged on right at the phase turnover (well, a minute prior :) and I'm pretty disappointed. France NMRs, Italy screws up our game with a move to TYN/Pie???

Well, I'll go through my thoughts for each country.
France: poor show. An NMR is bad enough, but in a publicized game? Ouch. Lucky for him his position was somewhat salvaged by Italy.
Germany: Still going strong. It's nice to see Russia out of Boh. It brings peace of mind that's hard to come by.
Russia: Wow, an attack on Austria? What the heck is going on over there? Turkey should be about dead, yet his position is just as solid as it ever was (nearly). No build for anyone in the east.
Italy: He must be knew. He decided to move badly this year. I'm not sure how much press he's had with Turkey, but I doubt Turkey is happy with Italy's support of Austria to the AEG. I also bet Austria isn't happy with his move to Bul/ADR, and I KNOW I'm not happy with his move to Pie/TYN. This is a lesson on why we communicate in this game--so we don't do dumb stuff that causes people to go "hmm, this guy needs to die"
Turkey: not sure what's going on with him. I suppose I should send him some press. I know I've been lazy cultivating this relationship, but it's hard to talk to people that don't talk themselves. I suppose if he's going to live for a while, I'll have to talk to him.
28 Jul 2015 Autumn, 1903: Dear Diary,
It's Fall 02 retreats. I could finalize and see the phase switch over, but I've still got a lot of press to both send and receive. I've sent my first round of press during retreats and need to hear back from a few people and send some additional press before the build phase, if it's possible. There's still over 30 hours remaining but some people have really slacked on their communication.

I plan on retreating to the MAO and using that to hit the WES. It gives me positive options from a variety of outcomes whereas retreating to the IRI or NTH are counter-productive. I have my army at home for defense and a fleet build coming in at London which can cover the NTH. My MAO fleet will hit the WES repeatedly since Italy will obviously do one of the following: (a) support the French Gascony there, in which case my WES tap will cut support, (b) support a French fleet there, at which point I can choose to retreat to Por or NAf, or (c) move WES-Spa with French support, which, if it succeeds, will put my MAO fleet in NAf giving me Tun while my retreat can go to either GoL and strike Italy's home or Por if there's no French fleet in the MAO at which point Italy's move only costs France further loss.

I also need to focus on closing some gaps this coming year. I've got a lot of spaces and units spread pretty much everywhere leaving me vulnerable. I've got a solid German ally and I'm hoping Russia builds in Warsaw or Moscow to allow me next year to clean house and reorganize.

The fall turned out to be a REALLY good conclusion to the Spring. France, once again, chose the wrong moves and lost Marseilles. Had I been in his shoes, I'd have used Par-Bur and Gas-Spa to ensure supports were cut. It would have guaranteed him the ability to keep Marseilles given he had to have known Italy was moving to Pie. He did have a good move hitting the English Channel--it's what I'd have done. I'd have said 'screw England's ability to retreat, I want the Channel' and then I'd have rammed a fleet into either Wales or the IRI depending on England's build choice.
At this stage, France has a disband coming, so I'm hoping for another poor choice by disbanding the Channel, but Par/Gas are equally good choices for me. Really, he can't afford to disband anything, but that's not an option :)

I was also really pleased Germany went with my suggested move to use Pie to hit Mar. I will probably suggest he support me to Paris while he takes Belgium. It's less stress on my plate worrying about Bel and I can guarantee France loses Par this year if Germany first forces France to disband Gascony, although the finalized move ideas will depend entirely on what France ditches.

I've been spending some time talking to Austria and Turkey to try to patch things up. As it stands, if AT work together, they have a decent chance of pulling through. If they work together, I've suggested the idea that I can help by hitting Russia in the north. My thoughts on this are that I'd rather see a stronger AT than IR because AT isn't as cohesive and they're likely to just attack each other after Russia and Italy are reduced given past tensions and the likelihood that Turkey will have no real expansion except through Austria. The IR has been functioning since 1901 and it's not likely to break up once Austria and Turkey are gone, so it means I eventually have to face Russia and Italy when they're working in tandem instead of out of sync if the AT took control. To that end, I've been planting ideas of a Swedish invasion into Germany's ear. I'd love the build myself and if I give Germany Belgium, I can probably get Sweden free of charge along with Paris to ensure we both get builds next year.
9 Aug 2015 Autumn, 1904: Dear Diary,
I'm writing my S04 notes at the outset of the Fall. Opening Day preparation for school had me bogged down printing syllibi, pretests, etc. After seeing France's disband of one of his fleets, I knew Spain was, for the most part, secure. There's still that pain-in-the-neck Italy throwing a wrench into things. I fully intend to make his life miserable after France is gone, but until then, I need to play nice and act negotiable. So, I put another offer on the table.
There was very little said this Spring. So little that I barely heard from anyone within the last half of the phase. Germany and I agreed that I would take Bre, Por and probably StP while Germany takes Bel and Par. I suggested Germany try to pop a Parisian army by moving Mar-Gas under Bur support. Where France is concerned, I felt it would succeed. Hes not bold enough to try something drastic like hitting the NTH or IRI, but I gotta cover my bases anyhow.
I also suggested Germany hit Tyr from Mun. In part because Russia asked me to and it's an easy way to keep Russia on my side, but also because I really want Italy to back off, and the only way to do that is to force it.
9 Aug 2015 Autumn, 1904: Dear Diary,
It IS F04 and there's a lot to talk to you about. The Gas move succeeded, I also have Germany applying an appropriate amount of pressure to Italy and I will at least focus on taking my centers this year.
I know I will at least take one build and two if I can convince that annoying tick Italy to not "tap" my units. He sent me a late message "is tapping Spa hostile?" Um...yes. Because there's really no need for it. I'm going to send more press offering him a deal he can't refuse, and if he hits Spain again, he's going to regret it. Well, either way, I'm attacking him after this, but not because he's annoying. I want to cross the stalemate line and this is an easy way to do it.
I also need to send press to Austria and Turkey that I'm coming. To that end, I will probably take StP. I know it's going to pissed Russia off to no end, but I need the center, he won't be able to do jack about it, and it's the one guarantee I have to a build.

My press will center around making Germany look like a villain in the eyes of Italy so Italy doesn't focus on me, making me look like a hero to Austria by letting A know that I'm sending Germany to help and suggesting some moves, also making me look like a hero to Turkey by hitting StP. The only person that won't appreciate me is Russia.

Oh, I should probably talk a bit about Bel, as you're probably wondering what happened. I did suggest Germany take Bel because I have no real means of keeping it--I'm spread too thin. Germany liked it because he gets a build and it looks like we are at war. I plan on using it to make me look like a mild victim, although unless Germany builds fleets, his motives will be pretty clear as to where he's going.
11 Aug 2015 Autumn, 1904: Dear Diary,

It's the builds phase for 03. Lots of good things to report. I contemplated convoying Lon-Nwy instead of using the NTH because I was 90% confident France wouldn't be so bold as to try to hit London from the ENG. 10% did win out, though because I wanted France eliminated without leaving the possibility of him taking a center from me. I figured if France took London, it increased the chances Germany might turn on me in a marginally weakened state.

Italy held true to what he said, which means my diplomacy won the day. I will plan a southern invasion to reciprocate his compliance. I will talk pretty regularly with Austria and Turkey to make that happen. My goal is to get a solid foothold on Italy and then maybe look at smashing into Germany for a possible solo run. I may also try to convince Germany to support me into Moscow for the added centers. The more I have in the east, the less I have to worry about Austria or Turkey helping lock me out of centers like Munich or Berlin.

Russia's NMR was fortuitous. He goes down a center, it continues to bog down the east while I invade, and it gives me a less crappy reason for taking StP. If you're going to NMR, ya gotta expect people to take advantage of it. His disband won't be easy, but I guarantee it's from Boh or Ukr (probably Boh). I will also talk Germany into taking Swe next year as well as putting focus on War for builds. I don't want Germany to get too big while I position myself in the south, so hopefully Russia will protect against Germany instead of Turkey.
18 Aug 2015 Autumn, 1905: Dear Diary,
I know my messages to everyone (and myself) have been few and far between, but teaching AP Calc has taken a lot of my time working 12-14 hours per day. Eventually I'm hoping things will slow down.
Anyhow, this was a successful year. France is gone, Italy is down 1, Austria is up 1, Germany got nothing and I'm in striking position.
My guess is that Italy disbands a unit near Austria instead of me, which sucks, but it's what I'll deal with. Russia has been sending me messages trying to get me to stab Germany. Honestly I toyed with the idea which was lucrative with the possibility of +2 while G goes -2. The main reason I haven't is that I can't stab Germany until I get a foothold on an Italian center. If I stab Germany now, the board will turn and I'll have to draw a ridiculously large draw trying to fight GRI. Germany is in a vulnerable position, and will be all next year. Hopefully I will be in a spot to secure an Italian center and maybe stab Germany in the process, but I want Russia out of Swe and the north before I do. That way, I know Turkey won't sit bored while everyone turns since he will be worried about being cut from the draw, Russia won't have any retribution since he will be out of the north, and if I can take Tunis at the minimum, then I can take Germany for the solo or talk Turkey into working with me from the rear.

5 Sep 2015 Autumn, 1907: Dear diary, I just volunteered to take over England and already there's drama on the global. I'm not sure what I'm going to do in this game yet, but I'm hoping it will be fun. :)

Thu 10 Sep Autumn, 1907: I thought Germany was going to stab me (mainly because that's what I would have done as Germany). Italy isn't responsive. Russia just doesn't care. Austria and Turkey seem like they are of one mind at this point and they are very quiet. It's like pulling teeth to get them to talk. Question is should I go for a 3-way draw with AT? or mend fences with Germany and stab him later for the solo?

Sat 12 Sep Autumn, 1907: Dear diary, these people don't speak. I have had PPSC games where there were more communications.
Sat 19 Sep Spring, 1909: Dear diary, maybe it's because everyone thinks I am a solo threat and that's why they don't talk much? Otherwise, it's rather puzzling to me why Austria and Turkey don't even ask about my builds or have any sort of plans on what they want me to do. And it is also puzzling why Turkey chose to build another fleet...

Thu 04 PM Whether or not I win or draw this game, my advice to some of the players on the board is that you've gotta talk more. Talk to your friends and talk to your enemies. Be interested in what they are doing, how they are moving their pieces, what they promise to do, what builds they are thinking, etc. etc. Even if you are on your way out like Russia was, it would have been important to try to stick around for another year to throw the solo so that the one who ignored or stabbed you would feel that loss more acutely.
Even if you, the readers, disagree with my choices after I took over, I hope to illustrate the importance of talking to everybody, even those who may or may not be on their way out. You never know how they can change the game.

Fri 12 PM Dear diary, I won the game, but I should not have won the game, at least in this round. Germany and Austria should have worked together to prevent the solo. Even in the spring, Austria should have moved to Tyr and Bor to make Munich the Germany center to decide the game where my long-run solo plan of using Italy to move into Pied mont to tap Tyr and taking Munich would give me the solo (or if I can get into Prussia but that should be less likely). This game should have ended in a 3-way draw among ETA, but lack of planning and communication was why I won. Me taking Mun, Ber, and Kiel all in the last round should not have occurred and should have resulted in speeding up the 3-way draw if Austria and Germany had moved well together.
Not reading all of what zultar posted, but MAN have I not seen such poor play from a Germany in a while. Went into public and he said he feared being cut from a draw? Dude you had the best spot on the board for a draw.
naked (4955 D)
26 Sep 15 UTC
i have trouble seeing anyone playing good. even the stab could, on my opinion, be played better. i would take MAO south to prepare versus a coordinated defense to secure (or take) TUN and my fleet in NOR would gone to SWE. after the stab, even with a lost TUN, this still should be DRAW with a coordinated action by austria + turkey. attacking germany and italy is the sure way to loosing.
zultar (4180 D Mod (P))
26 Sep 15 UTC
@naked, I certainly had MAO moving south as one of my alternate plans, but I don't know if moving MAO south would have been resulted in the solo or a better position in the long run for two reasons. One, it is uncertain how much I would have gotten from Italy and I definitely couldn't get past the Ionian. Two, that fleet in the channel serves two purposes: one) to convince Germany that I moved back because I was afraid of an imminent stab and two) to convoy armies to the mainland to take over Germany because I need armies to take Munich as my 18th center and if I took too long, Germany and Austria might have been able to organized a defense to defend Munich (despite their miscommunication, they might have just needed one more year to secure Munich).
In terms of Nor moving to Sweden, it would have been harder to sell the story of me trying to be cooperative with Germany and being defensive by moving back to the channel, essentially hedging my bet. Furthermore, the press from Russia, due to a nearly two year NMR/CD from my predecessor, indicated that Germany might have decided to turn against the EG alliance. So, I don't think it is unreasonable to move as I have, or that those moves you suggested were superior because my moves, how I presented them to Germany and Russia, and the subsequent moves by Germany and Russia definitely contributed to the solo. It's not a gb game, so press and the whys matter greatly. Also, hindsight is too often 20/20. :) But as I said in my notes, the game should have properly resulted in a 3-way draw if GAT got their act together.

More importantly, the point of this particular game was for the participants and observers to see the thought patterns of the players and how things played out based on planning and perception.
domwnec (254 D)
26 Sep 15 UTC
Spring 1901 - I'm opening to Armenia for to reasons. Russia's press leads me to believe he may be a stronger player than I am, he's kind of a dickhead, and the only reason I won't open anti Russian is if I think I can manipulate Russia more the Russia can manipulate me. I'm hoping to gain and Austrian ally and have offered to build fleets for the eventual occupation of Greece and Bulgaria. I've told him I want to and plan to open anti Russia. Italy and I have spoken but the main issue Italy wants to discuss is an agreement in which my builds are armies and Italy's builds are fleets. No way. I'd really like to have a good relationship with the German but Germany seems unwilling to engage in any dialogue. I like England's press the most, I think he's probably a very good relationship builder. France responds only when spoken to but that's fine with me. If I had to rank the players in order of perceived strength from opening press: 1. Russia 2. England 3. Austria 4. Italy 5. Germany 6. France.
Fall 1901 - I attempted to lure Russia into the Black Sea but it didn't work. I opened anti Russian and have already lied to him so this relationship is probably already in the toilet. Austria agreed to let me move to Greece and then took it for himself. This was unfortunate but not entirely unexpected since I would have probably done the same thing. England's press remains forthcoming but I'm a little concerned he's working with Russia. I'm not sure what to make of the Germany move to Holland. Obviously that's bad for me since I'm pretty openly fighting Russia and Russia will get guaranteed build from Sweden. I'm fairly certain Italy and Russia are working together which is obviously very bad for me since Austria just lied to me about Greece.
Spring 1902 - I'm probably going to be attacked from 3 countries this turn. I've been lied to only by Austria but if I were Italy, I'd probably choose to move eastward since I am an easier target than France. I've also started a war with Russia and I want a war with Russia based on his arrogant approach to the game. If I'm right, I need to expect to lose Bulgaria and put myself in a position to be as hard a target as possible. I've offered to support Italy into Greece in a desperate effort to try to change the course of action that I believe is about to unfold. * I also had a small amount of communication with France who revealed he was playing in an f2f tournament and based on his press was drinking and diploming. More humorous than anything else but also probably a bad thing since England already expressed that the Frechmen was selfish. England and Germany are obviously working together and I fear the Frenchmen, not the Russian will be their target. Oh, and how could I forget to mention that the dirty SOB Austrian has pressed his attack from Greece to Bulgaria and allowed Italy to slip into Greece behind him....with an ARMY! I can't imagine that was the arrangement.
Fall 1902 - Ok, Russia is in the Black Sea, Austria is going to hold onto Bulgaria for sure and Italy probably owes Austria a favor. Russia could convoy to Armenia but I expect he won't since he's one of the most needy neighbors I've ever had and unless you stroke his ego constantly he'll get anxious and emotional. I don't think Austria is savvy enough in his press to smooth talk the Russian. I HATE the England is playing the "wait and see" game with Russia but I do understand why. He doesn't like France and Germany is pretty much in love with England. Very little communication with Germany, I suppose he is just happy to be in bed with the Englishmen.
Spring 1903 - Italy stabbed Austria. Thank you Italy! Russia is totally focused in the south but it's worse for Austria than it is for me. I'm trying to repair relations with Austria immediately. I have to in order to survive and so does he. I'm begging England to stab Russia but I don't think it will happen. I think France is done for and he's not talking anymore.
Fall 1903 - Russia thinks I'm going to work with him since I'm on the verge of collapse. I'm not going to because 1 he's a dickhead and 2 I like Austria. I also think Russia might support Sev to Arm and tapping him with Con will prevent it. Austria says he'll side with me and I have to trust him even though he's already lied. I don't know why Italy decides to divide his forces and send 2 unit west? Maybe he doesn't think he needs them based on his arrangement with Russia.
Spring 1904 - England and Germany are getting powerful. Germany has faster growth opportunity but England is in better position. Italy and Russia could prove to be formidable but Austria was their real target. My position is pretty easily defended and probably more work than I'm worth to try to dig me out. If I can support Austria enough to keep him alive I may be able to play into a draw instead of being wiped out.
Fall 1904 - Russia NMRed!!! England attacked him, obviously. Italy's moves have been confusing...east or west? What are you doing? I got Bulgaria due to Russia's NMR and destroyed his southern fleet. I'm in the draw. England has to stab Germany soon. Most of my press is with Austria although Russia and I do communicate frequently to confirm our dislike for each other.
Spring 1905 - I'm going to fortify the north since I can't trust Russia. Hopefully in a year or so I'll be in position to take Greece and then threaten the Ionian. I'm warning Germany about a stab since I think England may be able to solo.
Fall 1905 - Italy is about to be in trouble. Germany seems interested in Italy, probably a suggestion from England. Austria took back Serbia with help from Russia! I'm a little surprised and I wonder if Austria and Russia have made up. I'm confident in my relationship with Austria regardless since we did work together when we were both on the brink of collapse. I'm giving up on Sevastopol for now but I'm going to leave my army there both to block Russia and also not to alarm Austria. I'm going to send the Black Sea fleet south as soon as possible since I'll need it down there to keep England in check once Italy falls. Germany is WIDE open!!! I think England's press is great but I can't believe how much trust he has inspired in his ally. He's in F***ing Skagerrack!
Spring 1906 - No change in my game plan. Still want to get Blk Sea south. still warning Germany about a stab.
Autumn 1906 - Finally in position to do some damage to Russia and Italy. Coordination with Austria is easy as usual. Germany is still WIDE open! I can't believe he hasn't been stabbed yet. Maybe it won't happen...amazing. If so, I'll be in the draw anyway since neither Germany or England will ever be able to wipe me out. My Austrian ally will be in trouble though. Also, everyone will be in trouble if England successfully stabs Germany. He have 16 or 17 centers without much resistance. I don't think he can get to 18 without a complete meltdown of every other player on the board. I don't know Germany well enough to know how he'll react but I do think Austria and I can get into a strong enough position to hold off England if he does stab.
Spring 1907 - Germany is now attacking Russia and Italy. England has nowhere to go except through Germany. Russia and Italy are done for but I'm a little worried about Italy being eliminated since I'm not in a great position to defend Tunis from England.
Fall 1907 - Shit! England stabbed with complete success. I have no idea why Italy didn't defend Tunis. I think Munich can be held by Germany depending on where he disbands and even if he can't, Austria can provide extra support. I need to play the guessing game with Tunis in the coming years.
Spring 1908 - Completely lied to England about moving into the Tyr Sea. He guessed right and bounced me. I don't understand why Germany didn't disband in Italy! I fear he is on tilt and Munich will soon be in danger. Hoping to get into Sevastopol with Austrian support just as an FU to the Russian who is clearly the most disagreeable player on the board.
Fall 1908 - FU Russia! FU England, Idon't think I'll be able to work on Tunis anymore. I needed to get lucky. I still think Germany and Austria can hold off England in Munich. Need to position to protect Italian centers Moscow and Warsaw. Germany threw a temper tantrum in the global which was only responded to by Russia who threw a more smartly written temper tantrum in his own way.
Spring 1909 - I have no clue why Germany disbands in Tyrolia. I know Austria is working with Germany to hold off the 18th center but I'm not convinced at this point that we can play this into a draw. I'm not confident in Germany to do much useful at this point although I did agree to tap Naples so that he could take Rome. I don't understand Austria's move from Boh to Tyrolia??? I would have done that differently. All we need to do is hold Munich and reinforce Italy and the former Russian centers which we are already in position to do.
Fall 1909 - Game over. I'm interested to know why Germany and Austria didn't defend Munich. Maybe England could have won without it but I truly don't understand the thought process.

***I've never tried to do an EOG discussion before. I offered to play in this game because I knew I was going against players more experienced than I am. I copied and pasted most of my press as well if that is a part of this.
zultar (4180 D Mod (P))
26 Sep 15 UTC
@domwnec, I think your notes are pretty good and I think you played this game for the right reason. My only comment, and hopefully constructive criticism, is that you've gotta to talk to everyone on the board more. There should have been absolutely no surprises between you and Austria as you are both trying to force me into either a 3-way or 4-way draw. Everything, builds, moves, and disbands, should have been co-planned if you have the exact same goal of stopping the solo. You should have even talked to England (me) more, particularly in terms of builds. For example, you could have reasonably requested that I build less armies and more fleets if I were serious about a 3-way draw, so that I can't threaten Munich. That was entirely non-existent. I built whatever I wanted without any diplomatic repercussion and that should not have been the case. There should have been a lot, I mean A LOT, of press between you and Austria, and between you and me (since I was selling the 3-way pretty hard in order to upset Germany).
naked (4955 D)
26 Sep 15 UTC

"One, it is uncertain how much I would have gotten from Italy and I definitely couldn't get past the Ionian."

if you want the solo you need TUN at least. ok, you showed you can get TUN with one fleet, but i doubt that was your achievment.

"Two, that fleet in the channel serves two purposes: one) to convince Germany that I moved back because I was afraid of an imminent stab and two) to convoy armies to the mainland to take over Germany because I need armies to take Munich as my 18th center and if I took too long, Germany and Austria might have been able to organized a defense to defend Munich (despite their miscommunication, they might have just needed one more year to secure Munich)."

you were afraid of an imminient stab from germany ? look at germany's position. he just took WAR and he goes for italy. he has one fleet. how shall this guy stab you ? yes, he can take some SC'S, build fleets and send some tanks to you. so maybe in two years, if you just do nothing, he could hit you really hard. other than that i dont see anything that you can be afraid of. his position is really bad. what can he do if you tell him before that you stab him ? if he moves everything back he looses WAR, VEN additional to PAR. he can try to work with russia, but if i would be russia i would take WAR back and for sure not defend SWE. i am weak anyway and my best chance is a strong england as a solo thread. that way i will hopefully not eliminated, because the others need me for a DRAW.

"In terms of Nor moving to Sweden, it would have been harder to sell the story of me trying to be cooperative with Germany and being defensive by moving back to the channel, essentially hedging my bet"

are you really claiming that you can sell germany that you are only moving back by taking PAR + MAR because of the move to ENG ? even if you tell him that you only "moved back" because of fear amd he believes you (lol), it is simply a fact that you crushed his position by moving to MAR and PAR. you have crushed him and there is no way he can see this different.

"So, I don't think it is unreasonable to move as I have, or that those moves you suggested were superior because my moves"

i think you strongly needed the second fleet in the south (or third with MAR) to fight for your solo. you say you wanted to move tanks as fast as possible to germany mainland, but look at the tempi. by moving to ENG you win one turn for your convoy and you loose at least three tempi for your fleet moving south. even with your fast convoy you can only take MUN if the other nations defend it badly. TUN you should take by force and then you can take a look at what italy and turkey are doing.

"Furthermore, the press from Russia, due to a nearly two year NMR/CD from my predecessor, indicated that Germany might have decided to turn against the EG alliance."

like i already wrote even if germany knew what was coming i dont know how he could escape in a good way. you tell me about the press, which i have no clue of, but i doubt that the press has any meaning in this situation.

"It's not a gb game, so press and the whys matter greatly"

i think this situation is more of a gb game for you than you believe. knowing where the stalemate line is and where you have to trespass it, is on my opinion, the most important thing in this situation. also even after reading your arguments i still dont know how your press did anything for you. yes, you need most likely MUN to win, but you need much more TUN with a small chance for some other italien parts.

"Also, hindsight is too often 20/20. :)"

yes, i have for sure the advantage of hindsight.
zultar (4180 D Mod (P))
26 Sep 15 UTC
Ok, I'm not sure why this has became confrontational for you since that's not the point of this game, the notes, nor my posting here. I would happily concede that what I wrote was only my interpretation of what happened and not all choices were the best choices possible. I would also happily concede that you are the better tactician and diplomat.

I would like to hear the other players' perspectives and see their notes to get a sense of what they were thinking and how they made their choices based on that.
naked (4955 D)
26 Sep 15 UTC
"Ok, I'm not sure why this has became confrontational for you"

it is not confrontational for me and if i make it for you i am sorry. on my view i just gave my opinion.
domwnec (254 D)
26 Sep 15 UTC
@zultar - thanks for the feedback, my press isn't great and that's something I learned from playing in this particular game. I felt that Austria and I were almost completely on the same page but admittedly we didn't know everything we were both going to do.

In terms of my press back and forth with you...would it have made any difference in anything you did? You were obviously lying to me about your intentions. I would have lied if I were in your position as well. The more we spoke the more you reinforced the 3 way which wasn't possible at that point and the more turns that played out the more aggressive your positioning was.
TrPrado (461 D Mod)
26 Sep 15 UTC
Starring this thread. As a warning for when I post my notes, it should be pretty obvious when I become more tired and start paying less attention to this game.
Hamilton Brian (686 D (B))
27 Sep 15 UTC
I'd like to address Zultar's comment about the amount of talking. I would suggest, for myself personally, that I was suffering fatigue at this stage of the game. After expending energy through the majority of the game, then to have the lengthy pause, I felt done.
Hamilton Brian (686 D (B))
27 Sep 15 UTC
Here's my notes; scant. I thought I had another text file going to record these pieces as well. I'll try to find it. I think the press with each country would be interesting to share, too, but too large for the forum.

Spring, 1901: Initial thoughts, before reading any other press: Fuck, I got Austria...Again! 3rd time in 3 games.

Spring, 1901: Turkey orders in place, but not ready, before talking with me.

Spring, 1901: Spring 1901:
* Offers you receive, and what you think of them
Offer to work with Russia, and very strong; offer from Turkey to work against Russia, compelling but not as strong, and from Italy to go east (pretty standard).
* Offers you give, and why you're giving them
I believe I've offered to work with everyone, telling them why it's better to work with me than not.
* Offers you accept and why you're accepting them
At this point, I feel like accepting Russia's offer, for no other reason than the strong writing.
* What your overall plan is
Plan for the solo, with Russia/England help; 18 centre plan is: 3 homes, Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Rumania, Con, Smyrna, Ank, Warsaw, Ven, Rome, Naples, Marseilles, Tunis, Munich, Sev.
* Stabs you're considering doing (whether you make them or not) (none yet)
* Stabs you're worried about (worried about the 3v1 by Russia, Turkey, Italy)
* How trustworthy/stable/strong/weak the other players seem (unsure as of right now).

Autumn, 1901: * Offers you receive, and what you think of them (not so much an offer, but England saying he needs an eastern power to do well; (reasonable, I get it...the board needs balance), England also beginning to suggest issues with Russia, (an uneasiness).
* Offers you give, and why you're giving them (offering no Lepanto for Turkey because I want the alliance in the east, I need their trust, and we've discussed splitting Greece/Bul to Turkey, and Rum/Serb to me). Italy is one I have not made ANY offers to...and I need to do so. If I don't do it soon, then they get suspicious.
* Offers you accept and why you're accepting them
* What your overall plan is
* Stabs you're considering doing (whether you make them or not)
* Stabs you're worried about
* How trustworthy/stable/strong/weak the other players seem: Russia seemed trustworthy until the spring moves; England seems to be currying trust.

Autumn, 1903: Autumn 1903: have thrown my lot with Turkey at this point. A piece of advice that has come from Italy is to specifically address the moves that are suggested; if I don't mention anything about them, even if I agree to them, is implied dissent. The big 4 are England, Germany, Russia, and Italy. France, Turkey, and I round out the bottom.

I am disbanding Serbia since the Aegean unit allows me to help Turkey and thwart Italy. I think Italy has opened up a can of problems by looking west when the east is in such turmoil, unless it is a plan with Russia/Turkey.

Russia said there's no way they can work with me since they surround me. Very important to get Turkey committed to working with me.

Spring, 1904: Turkey: We've got an opportunity to destroy Russia's fleet this turn. I'd love it if you'd support me there and tap Rumania. I'd also support you into Bulgaria since you're taking on the bulk of the work.

Autumn, 1904: I can't lie very well. Russia and Italy do make the idea of being dishonest palatable.

Autumn, 1904: Really clamouring to extend life with Turkey, inviting Germany in.

Spring, 1905: Since England made the play into Russia, things have improved as far as my positioning. Russia, Turkey, and I are talking more. Not a lot concrete, but we're at the mercy of the England Germany Italy contingent. Russia is nervous about a TEG alliance.

Spring, 1907: Italy has clammed up, and what I thought was most unpalatable was the rudeness and the screaming for attention. Lost some rationality.

Russia, is talking. That's all that can be asked for at this point.

Moves for Autumn 1907 should include: Trieste>Tyrolia, Albania>Trieste, Vienna S Trieste>Tyrolia, Galicia try to get Warsaw back for Russia.

Spring, 1907: Or, Vienna>Boh, Trieste>Tyrolia.

Autumn, 1907: New England reaches out with some muted enthusiasm. Me planting the seeds of going after Germany. Trying to navigate with Turkey around direction.

The pause has taken a further toll on the game.

Autumn, 1907: Germany is quiet; maybe I'm not asking enough? Italy has stopped communicating, and there's really nothing that Russia wants to hear.

Autumn, 1907: Attention to the game is really slowing down. New England has shaken things up, but Turkey thinks we can still manage to take out Germany AND avoid that England solo. Additionally, I haven't spend a lot of time looking to see if Turkey can hit me or not. At this point, with the fleets, and our balance, I'm not too worried, and they have talked about meeting England in the Med.

Spring, 1908: Russia seems to want to cooperate. Do we start hitting the panic button around the solo?

Spring, 1908: Russia is very erudite. This is very compelling, and swaying, reading:

Spring, 1908: Objectively speaking, you cannot solo. You have no fleets. So your goal has to be a draw for best case scenario.

But really you also need to make sure that you continue a goal of preventing your own elimination. Even though you are doing well, be careful of your decisions now since it could mean your downfall in 3 years.

Look at how I've changed from the early game dominate country. And now look at Germany. This is a fluid game, and Turkey is playing for the long-haul.

I would not surprise me at all if he already is asking for permission to move to Adriatic to 'support' your front against Germany. Don't fall into the trap.

I already have an agreement with both England and Germany that they will not disrupt Moscow support.

If you really want to make some progress against Germany, you need to do it quickly and get builds as soon as possible before the Turk. You need to get that Rumanian unit into Galicia so you can cut Silesian support of Munich.

If you do this, and Armenia can move to Smyrna to prepare for convoy to Apulia or something. Then I can fully move on Warsaw or STP. A 3 way DMZ.

It's in your best interest since you'll get the builds the quickest. And you need builds to cover your rear flank.

Spring, 1908: England is also fielding some desperation. Who are you working with? I think I was pretty honest.

Hamilton Brian (686 D (B))
27 Sep 15 UTC
In response to the questions around Munich and my move to Tyrolia...I think that came down to me misreading the board and I contemplated annoying Marseilles as a suitable tactic, with Bohemia to fill in the role of supporting Munich...the following year. Sorry for that lapse.
Vecna (890 D)
27 Sep 15 UTC
Well that certainly was an interesting read, allthough the first year (when i was still alive) feels like an eternity ago by now, It definately was very good to learn how people percieve your messages.

Shame englands spring notes dont appear to be there since he suddenly talks about my and germanies personalities taking a 180 turn, which is quite interesting for me at least. Not that I can complain since my note-taking has been severaly lacking after this point. I feel I also owe an apology to the players for not giving this game the attention it deserved after this point - I was away for travelling and shouldve just asked for a pause since I did not have enough time to tend to the game enough (I attended the european dip championship during this time as well, as can be gleaned from turkish' awesome notes which did put a big grin on my face at least - "based on his press was drinking and diploming. More humorous than anything else")

Anyways heres my notes from sping 01

I have a few short comments in my notes from autumn 01, but nothing too interesting. Sorry again for not giving the game the proper attention it deserved, ill promise to do better if theres a next time.

Autumn, 1901: Quick notes A1901; England suddenly suggesting I should just stab munich after asking for a support to belgium a bunch of times, but never really offering anything in return. I guess he secured a german support, or least believes he has - no other obvious reason for the sudden change of heart.
15 Jul 2015 Autumn, 1901: or maybe there is, im torn on the subject but id rather risk it and potentially win an ally for the foreseeable future than fight a free for all in the west for the next few years
Sevyas (869 D)
28 Sep 15 UTC
Posting my notes took me a bit longer than expected, but I chose to give being present at the birth of my second child priority over a diplomacy game ;-)

Spring, 1901:
* Offers I received:
- Germany and England pointed out that they are interested in attacking France. I do not intend to move to Piedmont imediately as I don't want to go looking for trouble with France without knowing first what's going on in the east.
- Russia offered an alliance against Turkey and Austria. I told him my preference for a first target would be Turkey, and from there him and me could attack Austria from both sides. I intend to work with Austria and Russia against Turkey, but from there I'll have to see if I ll stick with Austria or work with Russia against Austria.

* Offers I give, and why I've given them:
- I offered a NAP to France (and he replied by offering DMZs and a promise not to build fleets in Marseilles) in order to be able to fully concentrate on the east. I intend to keep these agreements, unless Germany and England double-team France - then I ll see to get Spain under my control in order to keep England out of mediterranean waters.
- I tried to build a good relation to Austria, and we intend to work against Turkey together.

* My overall plan:
- Eliminate the corner power. From there work with Russia against Austria, or with Germany/England against France
- Constantly reevaluate the situation on the map and adapt my goals and plans to the new situation ;-)

* Stabs you're considering doing (whether you make them or not)
- The German+English press indicating an attack on France, I was considering joining them, but I will not do so immediately.

* Stabs you're worried about
None right now

* How trustworthy/stable/strong/weak the other players seem
Turkey - far to quiet for a game like this one
All the others: too early to say

* Summary:
I believe,
- G/E will attack F together
- A will move against T
- R will move against T
- F Brest will move into the channel (possibly bounce with London) or Pic (this point is just gutfeeling - But I am quite sure France will move against England, even if his fleet will not move north imediately)
- E/R might stab G in a few turns
- I will attack Turkey
Autumn, 1901:
* Thoughts at the beginning of autumn01:
- The west: England and Germany both opened differently than expected. These moves do not indicate the expected alliance. In combination with the French opening, it looks more like friendly relations between F & E.
Did E deceive G, or did I read too much/false info between the lines of last turns press?
What will be the target of the english convoy?
- The East: The situation in Galicia -> did Russia break an agreement with Austria, or did Austria willingly allow Russia to get into Galicia?
I am convinced the fight between R & T is real
Autumn, 1901:
Thoughts at the end of autumn 01:
- the west: E - G hidden alliance against F? If E convinces F to support him into Bel, but then really convoys to Den while G moves Hol>Bel and Kiel>Hol, the result would be good positions to attack R together or/and F together.
- the east: the plan did not change. I intend to work with A and R against T and will probably turn on A afterwards together with R.
I talked to T about an alliance to get him to keep pushing noeth against Russia and possibly build an army instead of a fleet.
Spring, 1902:
While my big picture is to work with A and R against T and then stab A (A believes it to be IAR against T and then IA against R & F), the map looks a lot like R might attack A very soon. Ironically, I fear a real RA alliance and a stab by A at the same time - without there being any real sign to back up that feeling.

Turkey offered to support me into Greece, and I accepted after negociating that same move with Austria as well.

I tried to convince Turkey I am on his side, but as I am very tired and dont have a lot of time, I doubt I was very convincing, but I hope he at least partially bought it
Autumn, 1902:
Builds 02 notes:
Very busy week rl, so unfortunately I had no time for comments of autumn 02 ... I ll include them here.

I was working on moves with Russia in order to weaken Austria, and potentially Turkey in the same time. But as I more and more think R is the third partner in the EG alliance, I was secretly looking for a way for maintaining good relations with Russia while seemingly following our negociated plan, but giving Austria the needed information to counter the negative effects of said plan on him.

Unfortunately, Austria failed to see that wee must speed up things in the east and freaked out on Russia, because he wanted to slow down Russia until I made progress against Turkey. WEJIOjSETHJjSETIO,PHà (<-that's me headbanging on my keyboard because Austria made Russia change his whole moves last minute by freaking out of him!)

With the Information I gave to Austria, him and I could have made progress against Turkey and Russia in the same time - mainly through repositioning our units. We would have been in an excellent postition to attack both at the same time: Rumania would have fallen one turn later, and our fleets would have been in Aegean and possibly Eastern med as well the turn after ...

The way it is now ... nothing much changed in autumn, except that EG made huge progress against France and the danger of E entering mediterranea is imminent ... but that's partially my fault as well, since I did not bounce Germany in Pie.
I stayed up until after 2am (had to get up again at 6 am) because of a lot of press and last minute coordination with my neighbors in the east, and I was dead tired and neglected the west :-/

I get a build, so, YAAY, but the global picture could have been better by now
Autumn, 1903:
Germany and England are not happy about me tapping Pie - England tries to convince me to stop doing so by treatening to attack me instead of Russia as soon as France is taken care of... not the best way to convince me - telling me how he wants to shift his units back north very fast for any attack on Russia after France would be more convincing, but I doubt he really intends to attack Russia anyway.
Russia and Austria both pretend to want to work with me. But even if I believe Russia to be in an aliance with G and E, I more and more want to work with him out of 2 reasons:
1 a russian build in the north would end the triple alliance and make England focus north. I just need to convince Russia to do so :-/
2 Austria drives me crazy. While our communication problems might be partially eyplainable by the fact that english is not my first language, I find it very frustrating that he mostly answers quite short, ignores a big part of my questions or suggestions, and does not offer alternatives to any plan I suggest...
My choice is basically between sticking with Austria against Russia and against Turkey, but making no progress while England and Germany grow, or, sticking with Russia who I believe to be in an alliance with EG and trying to split that alliance up ...
Autumn, 1903:
Builds 03

England tries to convince me he does not intend to enter mediterranean waters and wants to go after Russia (I DON'T BELIEVE HIM)
Germany tells me I don't need to worry (I DON'T BELIEVE HIM)
Russia asks me why I move westward while it would be much more important to fight Austria and Turkey (Iguess he tries to help his friend England into mediterranea!)

I still hope Russia will stab England soon, and I hope he will support me against Austria
Autumn, 1904:
As you can see, I decided to trust Russia and we cooperate against Austria. Turkey will be next if my paranoid doubts do not come true. The E G conflict might be staged to get me to neglect my defende against E and R. EGR might still be a triple alliance...
Autumn, 1904:
... or the EG fight was staged to distract Russia in the north ...
Autumn, 1904:
Thoughts about the west:
- Germany and England are still allies
- The propably staged fight between Germany and England might have helped Germany to initiate an alliance with Turkey and Austria (-> Tyrolian support for Trieste to Venice & Budapest taps Rumania to cut support to help Turkey).
- I expect to see England return to Spain(sc) in spring05
- I expect to see 2 english fleet builds and 2 geman armies.
- If my assumptions about the German English alliance are correct, then I should consider moving to North Africa in spring in order to bounce a potential convoy from Brest

Thoughts about the east:
- Russia messed up big time. Given the hunches I have about G&E I could really have used that second build this turn.
- Thoughts about A & T were already included in my comments about Germany ...
- I'll have to see the build results before making further plans.
Autumn, 1904:
Why the fleet build in Naples?
My options:
- Army in Rome -> move Rome>Ven & Ven>Pie
- Fleet in Rome -> probably not at all apreciated by England (if he wants to honor our spain agreement, this build might change his mind)
- Army in Naples -> convoy to Greece
- Fleet in Naples -> can put pressure on Turkey or move against England if he chooses to stab. I feel like this choice gives me the most options for spring.
Spring, 1905:
I am convinced there is an EG alliance, and A & T an R tell me they see they are interested in cooperation or see the need of at least a temporary truce.
Austria seems the most trustworthy, but as I stabbed him before, I might have encouraged him to take revenge... This turn there was frustratingly few press and I would have loved to have another 2 days for negociations. Last minute gutfeeling made me cover Greece and Aegean. I ll have to see if that intuition was right or if I ll have to repair some diplomatic damage I might have caused by going there.

Due to not enough press, my decisions this turn feel way too much like coinflip decisions ...
Autumn, 1905:
again felt like lots of coinflip decisions due to Russia and Austria not replying to press on time. As it turned out, this was a part of Austrias tactic because he decided to stick with Turkey.
I was quite angry about that decision because I thought I managed to explain to him how urgent it was to take the right decision and coordinate his moves with Russia and me that very turn.
Spring, 1906:
The way it looks now, I doubt Russia Austria and me would be able to defend against the German-English-Turkish alliance even if Russia and Austria would have been available for press. But we barely managed to exchange one message, and no move is coordinated ...

Given Austrias actions last turn, I think he might betray me again. Unfortunately I have no other choice than trusting him this turn since I think it is the very last possibility to maybe with a lot of luck manage to get into a draw.

If Austria betrays me again this turn, then I will offer to England to support him into solo in exchange for letting me survive. I know, there are people who say there is no difference between being eliminated and surviving a game, but I am not one of them.
Spring, 1908:
England agreed to let me live in exchjange for me supporting him.
Turkey offered not to attack me in exchange for supporting him.
I ll stay in contact with both of them, but actually will not support any of them this turn. I need my fleet to support hold Rome.

I do not trust Turkey's offer. I guess he hopes for me to help him advance a bit faster before taking my remaining SCs anyway. England however does not need my centers to win. So if my goal is survival, then I think I am better off working with England, who I do believe is very likly to solo
after game adition: In spring09 Turkey came up with a plan that might have resulted in England loosing Tunis again. Unfortunately, my answer to his message came too late and there was no more time for coordination.

Regarding the press exchanged with every country, does anyone have an idea how to publish it in the most readable way?
domwnec (254 D)
28 Sep 15 UTC
@vecna: Were you drinking and diploming? I don't think I put it in my notes but the bigger reveal was that you were in a f2f tourney and I assumed that took priority over our game.
TrPrado (461 D Mod)
28 Sep 15 UTC
Does anyone have a problem with me posting mine a year at a time? They get pretty long.
Hamilton Brian (686 D (B))
29 Sep 15 UTC
@Sevyas; for the publishing, we collated everything into a text file. I'll ask the person doing it for the other game if they'll help us.
Hamilton Brian (686 D (B))
29 Sep 15 UTC
Good reading, all. I will say...I thought Russia came off as very planned, coordinated, compared to Turkey. I thought, "This Russia is good, so this is the one we need to knock off." The relationship with Italy was one built on, or I hoped, "stay in your backyard, I'll stay in mine." Obviously, it didn't work like that.
domwnec (254 D)
29 Sep 15 UTC
Russia, you smug s.o.b. when will you contribute to the EOG you agreed to participate in?
TrPrado (461 D Mod)
29 Sep 15 UTC
Okay, so in that case, here's year 1
Spring, 1901:
Alright, here we go. Long time no see, notes tab, my oft unused companion. Oft being ever. Ah well, guess I should get started.
I draw Germany. I've no real plan yet, but England and Russia have both sent me messages (not yet read), so I hope something comes out of it. Let's see who wins my favor, hehe. I'll also have to talk to my other neighbors pretty soon, and possibly also Italy and Turkey. In Turkey's, case I will more than likely offer to have at the very an "open and continuous channel of communication regarding anything pertaining to one another", which, based on experience, will inevitably crumble into an uneasy quiet until we come to some sort of query about dealing with a shared neighbor that we don't like.

Wow, Russia knows how to type. I had to scroll down on my computer to see the whole thing. He even signed it.

Regarding England: He says he wants to work with me moving forward, but since it's so early and he wants us to get a feel (for the board) as we move on, and he has asked how I feel about France. Typical and understandable. I told him I was open to it, but I was also somewhat vague. I still haven't got much to go on, I'll speak to France soon. For now, England seems somewhat believable, but I haven't got much to see that. Still plenty of time on the turn, though.
Regarding Russia: Very interesting. I tried to match the length, so the chat tab with two messages total now has about as many lines as a full tab of 1-line messages. This could get tiring. He seemed sincere in wishing me luck, though, and was outright about preferring to keep to the south, though he hopes to keep by me. He says that he will try to keep France and England at odds so that I can choose between the two. He also requested that I not bounce in Sweden, which as of yet would be something of an absurd prospect, but I've been pushed to that before. Most interesting, though, was his suggestion for my opener. It seems absolutely crazy. Baffling. He says I should at least consider taking Belgium in 1901 so that I can decide who takes the Channel. Based on this, I may keep my eye on Russia. The last time a plan so bold was suggested to me, it was the precursor to treachery. France could take that as a declaration of war, and England might be miffed about not having the same sort of opportunities at Centers as I have controlling the Low Countries totally. I would rather not follow through on that. I do genuinely hope to avoid fighting on the Eastern Front, though.

I've now told England I want to work with him against France. I'll also need to tell Russia this decision, as well as try to keep Russia from doing too much against Austria.
Regarding France: Um, well, bold to say the least. Probably dangerous. I asked about whether we should bounce or DMZ Burgundy, and he said either bounce it or he might force it. He said he would rather control it himself. That's rather off putting, and actually inclines me to work with England. I might try to convince Italy to help as well. Either way, France said he'd tell me whether we'll bounce Burgundy or he'll take it by the end of the phase. His claimed reasons for wanting it are: a) protection in the case of Italy, and b) diplomatic leverage about dealing with Belgium in the future. B somewhat makes me think he'll move to the Channel, but no guarantees.
Regarding Austria: Friendly and scared. I'm inclined to trust him. He's not as assertive as some Austria's I've dealt with. He wants DMZs in Bohemia and Tyrolia, and I intend to uphold those. I assume he'll discuss Galicia with Russia, naturally. I'll try to talk with Russia to keep him from bulldozing through Austria. Besides, if there's a Juggernaut that tears through Austria, I'll be next on the list. Austria wants me to use Sweden as leverage. I may put the fleet in Denmark, but then that eliminates Russia's suggestion of putting myself into a position to take Belgium 1901.
Regarding Italy: I offered to share information and asked for impressions of the board. He accepted the information sharing bit, but he said he's too busy to give his first impressions and that he'll get on and do so later. I look forward to seeing what he thinks so far. Reiterated, I may want to ask him to help against France.
Regarding Turkey: Quiet. Several hours after being the first person to put in any orders and saving them, he sent me a greeting. Just "Greetings Kaiser." I have very little impression of him so far. I extended an offer of keeping open communication with him. We'll see how this goes. In all honesty, I would somewhat rather he be killed by Austria and Russia. That would keep me safe for a little bit.

France has apparently told England that Russia is moving north. One of them is lying, and I'm curious to see which one. Still waiting on Russia to get back to me on the Austria favor thing, and waiting for Italy to get back to me on his impressions of his neighbors.

Russia says he is fine working with Austria and England, in England's case so long as there isn't an army in Norway. That is entirely understandable. Sadly, England thinks France and Russia are communicating to a great degree. I don't think that myself, but I really hope nothing sours prematurely.
I have sent Italy a request to help take down France. Partially to get rid of the threat from France, and partially to get even better on Austria's side should I decide Russia needs taken out once Turkey and France are gone.
Still nothing of substance from Turkey.
I'm very much considering with F Kie-Hol.

Italy and France have apparently agreed to some DMZs. Russia's telling stories all around the board, according to France. Turkey finally piped up, though with little to no substance. Maybe Italy will attack Austria, then? Either way, we won't get him to attack France at least for a bit.

Autumn, 1901:
Russia moved south. France is in Burgundy. Turkey opened anti-Russia. Italy looks ready to take Tunis. Austria looks stuck, hope it's not too hard on him. England looks a bit northward.

Austria is saddened that I can't keep Russia in check with Sweden, but France seems a more bitter problem right now. And I don't know how long Russia will be a threat for Austria. Not sure what Italy's doing. Lepanto? Maybe.
With my move to Holland, France's leverage over Belgium is gone, and that was a large reason for him to want to force Burgundy. He never did get back to me on whether he was forcing or bouncing Burgundy, and I was really looking to it. England asked me to support his convoy to Belgium, and expect to go with it. I'll also take Denmark.

Italy fears that I may have upset both England and France with my opener. Russia fears that if France also wants to support the convoy to Belgium (or else knows about it), then I might be in trouble. Well, France asked for support into Belgium, which ticked England off a bit. So then England talked about the convoy, and, in keeping up the facade, wondered about France offering support. According to England, France wants to know if I try for Ruhr so that he can make an attempt at Munich. France has asked about whether I know about the English convoy and if I'm supporting it. Or else, France wants to know overall what I want to see with Belgium. Before I respond, I want to run possible responses by England, but I want to say that I'll want to take it next year, so I'm putting my army into Ruhr. That'll keep France from trying much. Austria is scared.

Hoping France doesn't try for Ruhr. Also hoping Austria and Russia make up.

England says France is demanding support into Belgium, but is slightly willing to support the convoy. France has communicated this rage to me by suggesting I build a fleet. He says England is baiting us and that we can fight back. Sounds like he's starting to get desperate.

No Lepanto according to Austria. So still no clue about what Italy's planning. He might not either, considering the neutral nature of his orders. Cut French support for the convoy because why not? Looks like Russia is still willing to go in favor of Austria, which is good. He says we'll be able to check England together when it comes down to it. As expected, France picked up Iberia. So we have 2 clear builds from him to deal with.
I expect to build 2 armies.

Alright, now for real notes. England seems to expect a Juggernaut. Inherently, I would fear the danger of one, but I doubt it. I don't think there is one. I believe Russia and Austria want Turkey dead because, partially, of how uncommunicative he has been with everyone. Turkey also said neither of them were working with him, so that would be good for the long run. Naturally, I'll end up having to keep an eye on him.
Russia is naturally worried about us taking Sweden. He wanted to make sure I didn't need help against England, and I verified that. I expect Russia to build down south and finish off Turkey in a year or two while England and I (and possibly Italy) kill off France,
England said he wanted to get Italy in on a 3-way alliance with us. He wants to be prepared to fight Russia once France is dead. When it comes down to it, I'm not 100% sure whose side I would take. Both have been talkative and trustworthy. They are, however, starting to express to me a sort of distrust for one another, and I fear it will develop into a war at some point. I would be at the center of that, so that's always fun. I'll have to see how things turn out before I decide whose side I would take. If Italy is weak or else doesn't want to join us, I would probably lean more towards covering the south a bit or fighting England.
Vecna (890 D)
29 Sep 15 UTC
@domnwec, yes I was at the european diplomacy championship and traveling mostly after spring 01, pretty much untill I was eliminated. Once again sorry for that, I probably shouldnt have joined this game but the planning for this trip was done very short-term.

After the diplomacy there was plenty of drinking. Im not totally sure anymore if some of my press or moves were sent while doing this, the terrible typing might just as well be caused by me being not so awesome at phone-typing.

Interesting notes germany, and you did indeed do quite a good job making me and england become at odds with eachother due to your comments about going for ruhr and taking england next year. The most important lesson ive learned from this game is never to want to be in belgium in spring 1902
Hamilton Brian (686 D (B))
29 Sep 15 UTC
@TrPrado: Considerable and detailed notes. I wish I had committed as much to the operation but I have a feeling the quantity diminished as the game progressed.
TrPrado (461 D Mod)
29 Sep 15 UTC
Yeah, definitely. It overwhelmed me by the time England went AWOL, and I just about shut down.
domwnec (254 D)
29 Sep 15 UTC
My biggest takeaway was the importance or pregame press. I felt like I was attacked early just because of my lack of communication before spring 1901. This is backed up by several comments above. My second biggest take away (from reading the EOG) is that saving your moves prior to press is insulting to other players. I tend to do that just in case work/life pull me away from the game but I suppose I need to take care of work/life after tying up all of my diplomacy loose ends.
TrPrado (461 D Mod)
29 Sep 15 UTC
I just wait really long to put in any sort of orders.
Sevyas (869 D)
01 Oct 15 UTC
TrPrado (461 D Mod)
01 Oct 15 UTC
Year 2 on the way.
TrPrado (461 D Mod)
01 Oct 15 UTC
Spring, 1902:
Those builds are noteworthy. England didn't build in Liverpool, Turkey has an extra fleet, and Italy has a fleet in Naples. The army in Edinburgh is also there. The rest were expected. Fleet in Brest because Channel problems (in retrospect, this means fleet in London makes more sense than Liverpool), Russia didn't build up north, and couldn't build in Sev because he has a fleet there, Austria built armies in the only possible places he could build anything, and France has an army where it makes sense since he doesn't want to open up another front against Italy. I'll need to talk to England about our plan. Probably also talk to Russia about figuring out what Sweden should be doing.

Austria said there might be a chance Russia wants German blood, though he also gave the disclaimer that he didn't know how much the source could be trusted. I'll try to get an army into Ruhr for France fighting purposes. England also suggested trying to get into Tyrolia to try to get into Piedmont. That sounds smart, but I would really have to clear that with Austria and Italy. Italy hasn't expressed himself as anti-France, so I don't know how that will go. Haven't heard from France or Italy in some time.

Russia asked for a bounce in Silesia, but I recently said I would prefer leave it a DMZ so that Berlin can move west. But there isn't much time left on the phase, so if he doesn't respond, I'll probably have to bounce that.

Autumn, 1902:
Italy attacked Austria, Russia is in Silesia, and now for Tyrolian drama. Russia said that he will attack Austria if I'm up for it. Austria is really scared and hoping I don't attack him at all. Hoping I have an easy detour through Piedmont. Also hoping Russia crawls back to Warsaw since the bounce failed. England is in the Channel, so his honesty is coming through well. Hope Russia's move to Sweden doesn't prematurely sour anything.

I think England is growing impatient with the time it takes for me to get back with press. I hope that doesn't come back to bite me.
England asked about getting Belgium into Burgundy, which, as I told him, I would rather not do because it impedes my ability to take on France. If I manage to get into Piedmont, then he will try to cover that and leave Burgundy more open. Speaking of Piedmont, Italy still hasn't asked about why I'm in Tyrolia. That's a tad disconcerting, considering either he would want to ask if it can help against Austria or else he might assume I'm attacking him and he wants to find assurance otherwise. France has also been silent for some time.
Russia wanted to know if I wanted a bounce in Berlin, which I don't. England expects he'll back off, but Austria is afraid otherwise. Austria is becoming very paranoid, as he started falling over himself to tell me not to trust Russia when he saw Mun-Tyr. He and Russia both look like they won't have too much of a problem against Turkey, though.
I'll try for Burgundy this turn, hopefully with English support (though I expect Pic-Bel will cut that support while Par S Bur H, making sure nothing happens to the army in Burgundy) for Mun S Ruh-Bur. I don't think we'll make headway against France this turn, but it will pick up soon. I'll also support hold Belgium to make sure France doesn't try anything funny, as well as reassure England that my slower press does not mean I am not on his side.
Austria recently asked about who my primary target is, which, naturally, at this point is France. He also gauged my interest in fighting Russia once France died. So now he and England are both interested in my aid on killing Russia in the future. With that, it's hard to say no. They are both my neighbors, and, considering how far along the game would inherently have to come for that progress, I have little other choice. If I side with Russia to fight England, Russia will have to devote more units up north while fending off Austria to the south. This would also mean, however, that once Russia fell, the two of them would be in a great position to attack me. Weak ally against England or worse position with people who were working together on each end of me. Neither are good for me. I will have to weigh both options as they come closer to necessitation for my decision between Russia and England.
Wow! Enthusiasm! That turn was fantastic. Not only did Italy trust me and let me into Piedmont with full knowledge of my intentions, but I also managed to pick up Burgundy. And France fell for England's trap and abandoned MAO to protect Brest, so now England has access to Iberia.
More good news: The south is developing another complication to buy us time. Austria has been falling all over himself in paranoia trying to convince me and Russia to attack each other, as well as trying to get Italy to back off attacking him. Because of this, Russia wants Austria dead. This means Russia will keep looking south while England and I can create a stronger north. And Silesia didn't make any attempt on Berlin, so Russia seems more validated than Austria, who adamantly suggested Russia would stab me here and now. It seems my "Don't poke the bear" rhetoric with England may not last too long anymore.
Hamilton Brian (686 D (B))
02 Oct 15 UTC
@TrPrado, love your notes. I really come off as "scrambling" trying to juggle that centre position amongst the 4 of you.
mattsh (775 D)
08 Oct 15 UTC
@Hamilton_Brian said you might have interest in sharing press? I'm working on a script to collate, organize, and pretty-print all the press from a game. Interested?
TrPrado (461 D Mod)
08 Oct 15 UTC
Don't worry everyone, I'm releasing my notes at the pace of the game.
Spring 1903:
Turkey destroyed in Constantinople. He seems to have an unusual sense of security with Russia and/or Austria.

Quiet turn. I've heard from England a bit. He asked for me to support hold Belgium, and also asked if I wanted him to support my Munich army to Ruhr. I don't know why, but I'm also tired. I expect we'll talk about it soon, and surely before phase ends. I currently was expecting to use Munich to support hold Burgundy while Burgundy supported Piedmont to Marseilles. Maybe he meant he wanted to support Munich to Burgundy? That would make more sense since no one can contest me in Ruhr.

England corrected himself and said the support would be for getting Munich into Burgundy. That sounds better to me, and it allows for a far more successful bid of getting into Marseilles from Burgundy than from Piedmont. I expect France to bounce in Burgundy, but that would be doubly devastating since England can get into Spain easily. What and how to defend is soon to become the biggest choice for France. Looking at it, I think Gas-Spa and Par S Mar-Bur should be able to stop all of the moves, so I hope France doesn't catch onto that (although it would leave England open to devastate France even more by taking Portugal). This is, after all, one of the best shots England and I have for right now.

Autumn, 1903:
Okay, what? Italy needs a good punch in the face (not for real) for cutting that support. Italy is trying to open up fights and get involved everywhere on the board. He had his chance to join us, and he decided to go east. We both asked him to attack France, but he just went the other way. "If however England and you would ally against France, then, in order to keep my back safe, I would be forced to get the Straits of Gibraltar under my control, including adjacent territories like Spain and a landbridge to my home territories - I cant let my troops starve, they need to get food and other supplies." (That was in Spring 1901) England and I were clearly allied from the start, and we told him as much. But it took him until now to do anything about it. And yet he's also fighting both Austria and Turkey. Do I smell a Wintergreen that will threaten me and England in the future? Maybe, but Italy is almost trying to compromise his own position.

England asked us to pause this coming weekend until the next Monday. I expect the game to slow back down once that comes around.
Italy hasn't responded when asked about Ven-Pie. England and I will soon get into serious discussion about when to attack Russia. We don't want to be caught off guard by a Wintergreen.
England is supporting me to Marseilles with the only way to guarantee it gets cleared, from Piemont.

Italy responded with some crap about defense and having no hostile intentions. And yet if we attack him soon it will be because of that.
Next Autumn, I hope to be in Sweden and with France dead or on the verge thereof.

In my late night ramblings, I don't believe I've spiced this tab up enough to keep the people who will be reading it interested and entertained. This is supposed to be an educational experience, not some snoozeville. So, without further ado and from my phone, I present my thoughts on the state of the board:
France is a good for nothing baguette and snail eating tyrant bent on death and destruction. England and their bratwurst loving king are wonderful heroes who shall save this world. Together we kill the scumbag population of France. And I now have a place to send all this uneaten bratwurst. Russia is drunk on power and vodka. He seeks German-speaking blood, and the blood colored country is the closest the cannibal (I had an unusually hard time spelling that word) is going to get. It could be a little unhealthy for him, though, because Austria has paranoia in his blood. It's actually seriously annoying. I'm half-hoping Austria does literally for just that reason, but I also like having a buffer. So I sacrifice my dignity and let England hope and help Austria lives for me. Turkey is nearly a mute. I've been routing for his death all game, but I also want Russia slowed. Recent proclamation from the kaiser secretly declares Sweden (and Austria (and also Europe), but that's another story) rightful Deutsch land. This message is prepared to sail to England, who also conspires to declare Sweden as part of our alliance. The ambassador to Italy is in a bit of a tight spot. The army stationed in Venice angered the ambassador with a last minute request of bratwurst and snails. Appeasing this annoys the kaiser to no end, especially since it very slightly slowed the destruction of French pigs. The Italian has annoyed quite a few people here. But I've heard rumors that the tsar is a fan of wine. Maybe the kaiser will see about having a taste of bloo- I mean wine.

Seriously and considering actual moves, I kind want to make gaining Marseilles a full guarantee by hitting Gascony, but there's no guarantee I would get Munich into Burgundy because I'd have no support, since England said he wants to support himself into Picardy. That move has such significance that I'm shaming myself for not putting it into my notes earlier.

That went better than expected, but then Framce doesn't seem to want to ever play defensive. I'm not sure why he moved to Spain. Oh well, keeps England and I going a bit longer. Fully expected, though, was the move to Piedmont. That's why England and I wanted to take Marseilles with it instead of Burgundy. Among the most curious of western moves is Bre S Pic-Eng. I can understand wanting to take the Channel from your rival, but why from Picardy? To have better protection of Brest maybe? I fully expect England's fleet to retreat to MAO, and possibly he what he used to take Portugal.
Russia seems on the march. Pause to put macaroni on stove (not some encrypted commentary on gameplay, I'm actually making dinner). Galicia is bounced and Turkey has lost Bulgaria. A bad position in the east for the ones England wants to grow. Italy has 2 units dedicated to attacking this way, and 3 the other way. England has said he wants to see Russia's build before absolutely determining a northern attack, and is leaning toward declaring full war on Italy for his egregious behavior. He expects a Russian build in Warsaw, but a build in St. Pete would provoke him to war in the north.
I've noticed that I lean toward siding with England over Russia. The way the board is coming to play out, it seems to be the safest route for me. It started with having a secure fight having Austria on our side. Then everyone here, myself included, grew a distaste for Austria. Pause to finish making macaroni and cheese. While greatly annoyed by Austria's paranoid and reactionary style, I also recognize that he is not a threat. Russia, however, is a great player who could turn this way at any time. And, with a Wintergreen, he is assured to become a threat since Italy is already headed this way. Russia's alliance with Italy, no doubt, came with the attempt to dismantle Austria. Since I was busy fighting France, Italy was all the help Russia had, so they became closer in that fight. Compile the once determined ally we figured we would have in Austria, the danger siding with Russia would imply in that case, and now the alliance between Italy and Russia, which already poses a danger, and suddenly it is best for me to want a dead Russia. So that is my path, sensei.

Whew. Last night was bothersome, so getting back to it today. Lucky England bumped it just before builds so that I could make sure I told him I'd get back to him instead of thinking I was blowing him off. Crisis averted.
Builds, builds, builds. I have little choice besides building an army in Kiel. England said Russia was wanting to build in Moscow to avoid fighting with me, while Russia himself also asked me to not build in Berlin or to build any fleets in the agreement that he would also not build fleets and wouldn't build in Warsaw. He's been honest, and despite the general feeling that he's a threat, I do kind of trust him to hold to that agreement. Though, technically, his own words didn't rule out a build in St. Petersburg. I told England as much.
England and I have begun discussing our plan for the coming season. He says he wants to give me Belgium in exchange for Paris (though I would much prefer if he took Brest instead of Paris) and either Portugal or Sweden. At the same time, a lot of our plan revolves around making sure Iberia is England-safe. So I would prefer if he get Portugal and I get Sweden. Mostly for the ability to safely defend these gains. Carving up France could get a bit complicated, but I'll have a sure build from Belgium. And that will probably have the added bonus of throwing the board into confusion thinking I'm anti-English and solidifying possible partnership opportunities. Except with Russia, since he's losing Sweden.

England has since pointed out that the hectic south would make a build in St. Petersburg excessively silly.

This pause might last til Wednesday, so I might forget a lot of the stuff in this game.

Picking the game back up, and thankfully this game has an easier way to backtrack my thoughts.
Russia says that if I want to move south, he would be willing to get out of Bohemia so that I get both it and Tyrolia to help against Austria. I told him I'm not quite ready to move south, but I mostly want to keep Austria alive long enough for him and Turkey to be a threat to Russia and draw his attention away from me and England.
Hamilton Brian (686 D (B))
09 Oct 15 UTC
I can't read the latter chapters.
TrPrado (461 D Mod)
09 Oct 15 UTC
Oh, yeah, I actually became secretly pretty anti-Austrian at some point this year.
Hamilton Brian (686 D (B))
09 Oct 15 UTC
You weren't the only one...
domwnec (254 D)
10 Oct 15 UTC
I'm a little ashamed of the notes I submitted. Thanks TrP, this is great stuff.
domwnec (254 D)
10 Oct 15 UTC
HB, I became pro austrian out of total survival mode.
TrPrado (461 D Mod)
10 Oct 15 UTC
Don't worry, my devotion to it dies down considerably with 1904 onwards.

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diplomat61 (233 D)
07 Oct 15 UTC
Roll up, roll up for Classic and AM games
24 hour, PPSC, anon, high RR, 25 D
Classic: gameID=168219
Ancient: gameID=168220
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Espi (338 D)
07 Oct 15 UTC
First Tournament (Tempest in a Teapot)
So the Tempest in a Teapot tournament is happening this weekend. I believe that Valis and TheCaptain will be there, will anyone else be joining us? This will be my first Diplomacy Tournament (and first real F2F experience) so I am excited and horrified at the same time. Any tips for me are appreciated.

I look forward to meeting all who attend!
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Nescio (1069 D)
06 Oct 15 UTC
And another one ...
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Middelfart (1196 D)
06 Oct 15 UTC
Bugs in live games - countdown don't show real time
Hey guys

Lately I've experienced a bug, and I wonder if I'm the only one. When in a live game, everytime it's another phase, the time have already gone almost a minute, and sometimes, the timer can say I have 15-20 seconds left to do a move, but the game have already moved on to the next phase. Am I the only one experiencing this?
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denis (864 D)
03 Oct 15 UTC
Back for a game. WTA 48 Hours
Coming back to the site for a game or two. Set up a game, WTA, 48 hour phases. gameID=168163
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diplomat61 (233 D)
06 Oct 15 UTC
Players wanted: Ancient med
Anon, Full press, 24 hour turns, PPSC, 25 D
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diplomat61 (233 D)
06 Oct 15 UTC
Players wanted: classic game
Anon, Full press, 24 hour turns, PPSC, 25 D
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Ogion (3898 D)
18 Sep 15 UTC
A serious downside to gunboat
When you are playing with a total fucking idiot you can't rant at them.
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Jamiet99uk (795 D)
05 Oct 15 UTC
Hunt admits Tory plan to lower living standards of workers
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Deinodon (379 D (B))
05 Oct 15 UTC
Game for ages 12 and less.
I've got an eleven year old nephew and a 12 year old ex-student that would like to play a game with others their age.
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diplomat61 (233 D)
04 Oct 15 UTC
EOG: Dark days lie ahead / Haiku press
Anon, PPSC, public press only, in haiku
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