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Reliability Rating: 22.3%

Reliability Explained:

What is Reliability?

Reliability is how consistently you avoid interrupting games. Any un-excused missed turns hurt your rating. If you have any un-excused missed turns in the last 4 weeks you will receive an 11% penalty to your RR for each of those delays. It is very important to everyone you are playing with to be reliable but we understand mistakes happen so this extra penalty will drop to 5% after 28 days. All of the un-excused missed turns that negatively impact your rating are highlighted in red below. Excused delays will only negatively impact your base score, seen below. Mod excused delays do not hurt your score in any way.

Live Game: If a game had phases 60 minutes long or less any excused missed turns will only impact your rating for 28 days total. The penalty is the same, 5% long term and 6% short term, except the long term penalty is for 28 days and the short term is for 7 days.
System Excused: If you had an "excused missed turn" left this will be yes and will not cause additional penalties against your rating.
Mod Excused: If a moderator excused the missed turn this field will be yes and will not cause additional penalties against your rating.
Same Period Excused: If you have multiple un-excused missed turns in a 24 hour period you are only penalized once with the exception of live games, if this field is yes it will not cause additional penalties against your rating.

What happens if my rating is low?

Many games are made with a minimum rating requirement so this may impact the quality of games you can enter. If you have more then 3 non-live un-excused missed turns in a year you will begin getting temporarily banned from making new games, joining existing games, or rejoining your own games.

  • 1-3 un-excused delays: warnings
  • 4 un-excused delays: 1-day temp ban
  • 5 un-excused delays: 3-day temp ban
  • 6 un-excused delays: 7-day temp ban
  • 7 un-excused delays: 14-day temp ban
  • 8 un-excused delays: 30-day temp ban
  • 9 or more un-excused delays: infinite, must contact mods for removal
  • Live game excused turns are penalized independently for temporary bans. 1-2 un-excused missed turns in live games will be a warning, and the 3rd, and any after that will result in a 24 hour temp ban. The 2 warnings reset every 28 days resulting in significantly more yearly warnings for live game players then the normal system.

    User relationships

    User relationships serve two purposes:

    • 1. Allow users who have a relationship outside of the server to disclose and register the relationship.

      This lets other players account for possible bias in-game, lets players set their games to exclude close relationships between players, and helps the moderator team ignore otherwise suspicious usage patterns (e.g. a family / school using the same computer / network).
    • 2. Give users a way to register a suspicion that two or more users may have an undisclosed relationship, based on in-game behavior.

      This gives the suspected user a chance to explain before needing moderators, allows users to exclude suspected-cheaters from their games, gives an extra mechanism to help moderators identify cheaters by taking the suspicions of many users together, provides a single place where a suspicion can be discussed directly, and allows repeat offenders to be tracked across new accounts and excluded without requiring bans.

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    Evandark21 (100D)
    dthe01 (100D)
    09 Mar 24 UTC

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    Finished: 12 PM Wed 20 Mar 24 UTC
    3 days /phase
    Pot: 35 D - Spring, 1905, Finished
    Classic, Bot Game, Unranked
    4 excused missed turn
    Game drawn
    Kestas Bot (115D)
    Drawn. 7 supply-centers, 7 units
    Zultar Bot (165D)
    Drawn. 6 supply-centers, 6 units
    Data (165D)
    Drawn. 6 supply-centers, 6 units
    Cortana (150D)
    Drawn. 6 supply-centers, 6 units
    Skynet (165D)
    Drawn. 4 supply-centers, 4 units
    Jane (160D)
    Drawn. 4 supply-centers, 4 units
    Evandark21 (100D)
    Defeated. Bet: 5D