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A place to discuss topics/games with other webDiplomacy players.
DemonOverlord (439 D)
08:51 PM UTC
Sign up here
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Crazy Anglican (112 D)
30 Dec 16 UTC
Word association thread
It has been a while since we did one. Post the first single word that comes to mind when you read the last post in the thread.
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goldfinger0303 (676 D)
26 Sep 16 UTC
Announcing the 2016 WebDiplomacy World Cup!
Come one, come all! This storied tournament is a clash of nations, so gather your pride and some comrades in arms to show this site why YOUR Country/Region is better than the rest!
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WyattS14 (0 D)
03:34 PM UTC
US Election and Aftermath
I did this with my Asia Pacific thread. Let's see if a reasonable discussion on the possible outcome of this election could be. (Articles and counterpoints are more than welcome)
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ssorenn (2563 D (G))
05:20 AM UTC
Thomas Sowell
The worst president ever

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captainmeme (561 D Mod)
08:17 PM UTC
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brainbomb (326 D)
Sun 15 Jan UTC
Why God probably isnt real
I decided to open my imagination
I prayed about something recently. I asked God to give me signs. God gave me all the wrong signs. Therefore I submit this as Exhibit A, God is eother an asshole or doesnt exist. Discuss
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Jamiet99uk (82 D (B))
Mon 12 AM UTC
"Alternative Facts"
Or, you know, what we used to just called "lies".
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captainmeme (561 D Mod)
29 Dec 16 UTC
The Inaugural 1v1 Showdown!
With the addition of new variants comes a new official Tournament! Only one can triumph - and that could be you!
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Jamiet99uk (82 D (B))
03 Jan 17 UTC
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Ezio (729 D)
Mon 16 Jan UTC
aaron rodgers is a god
I told everyone
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Condescension (33 D)
Fri 05 AM UTC
In less than 24 hours, a lunatic will be in control of the nuclear football.
We're fucked.
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sirKristof (2688 D)
07:45 PM UTC
I've been unable to find or create any new 901 variant games for a while now. It's still listed as active though! Anyone else have this issue?
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CommanderByron (328 D (S))
07:22 AM UTC
Let's Keep It Real
Conservatives- Resistant to change, confident in the status quo.
Liberals- Supportive of change, dissatisfied with the status quo.
If we stopped attacking each other for a few minutes these traits could be complimentary.
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WyattS14 (0 D)
Sat 14 Jan UTC
I'm a little confused as to how you would use the word phantasmagorical/phantasmagoria/etc. I understand the words meaning, but would it be used as a negative connotation or positive connotation?
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fiedler (1293 D)
Sat 07 AM UTC
MAGA - what a great speech! Future looks bright.
Must be exciting to be an american today. Prosperity and optimism and winning are so much more fun than divisive bullying and globalist theft and war with russia. Plus Barron is hilarious. Glorious stuff! Good on you democracy.
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Condescension (33 D)
06:51 AM UTC
Conservatives are socially awkward
I think I just figured it out. Conservatives are just fucking socially awkward. That's the only reason you could possibly not figure out that privilege is a thing.
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evanej (75 D)
Fri 01 PM UTC
How are you welcoming in Trump?
It is time!
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JamesYanik (447 D)
04:08 AM UTC
after only 4 hours, #alternativefacts is already being overused, just beating out the previous record held by #fakenews.

we fully expect to endure this for the next few days, until it to dies, or develops into something else (such as #bullshitnews)
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brainbomb (326 D)
Sat 07 PM UTC
I dont believe in the alphabet or languages
I think God did not actually create the alphabet. People did. People also made the tower of babel. Im agaist taxes being used to teach people the alphabet. God didnt create it, so its not important
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WyattS14 (0 D)
Fri 20 Jan UTC
Does math Exist, or is it really JUST an idea?
I found
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CAPT Brad (1109 D (B))
19 Dec 16 UTC
Why I Love The Live Gunboat Games
I have the PC game of Diplomacy and played it to victory pretty much everytime; the few losses from the beginning as i was learning.
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Chumbles (782 D (S))
Sun 11 AM UTC
Only one needed: gunboat, ancmed
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Carebear (100 D)
Thu 19 Jan UTC
Cross-site Diplomacy Tournament
www.PlayDiplomacy.com is hosting a cross-site Diplomacy tournament. We have *eliminated* the paid premium membership requirement to allow us to invite members from other sites. WebDiplomacy players with strong reliability ratings and ratings in the top 10%+/- on this site are invited to participate in this event .
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Valis2501 (3115 D Mod (G))
Thu 19 Jan UTC
F2F Tournament in MA, USA
As above, below
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Peregrine Falcon (1152 D (B))
Sat 04 PM UTC
Friends Game
I'm looking for three more people to join me and three friends for a game. We'll keep the meta gaming to a minimum. Post here or message me if you're interested.
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ghug (3482 D Mod (B))
03 Feb 15 UTC
Advertise your live games here and only here.
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King Of Avalon (10 D X)
Fri 10 PM UTC
Hello i am new
How do i play i need help
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zultar (3900 D Mod (P))
29 Dec 16 UTC
Official Donation Drive and Future Plans
See inside for details.
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Devonian (870 D)
Wed 18 Jan UTC
That would be a great feature. Or a feature that allows searching the forum.
zultar (3900 D Mod (P))
Fri 06 PM UTC
As of today, we have a total of $2,580 (rounded to the nearest ten). The donators in no particular orders are:

Bronze: thatwasawkward, jamiet99uk, peregrine falcon, chumbles, thegatso, kokodarick, lamson, ndwyvern, MadMarx,

Silver: Hannibal76, eturnage, twinsnation, Dshopper, CommanderByron, Pepijn, (anonymous donor)

Gold: MKECharlie, eliwhitney, (anonymous donor)

Platinium: swordsman3003, Doug7878, Hellenic Riot, flash2015, Creigh

Adamantium: zultar, jmo1121109, The Hanged Man

Thank you to those who have donated so far! I am working on adding ways that people can donate.

Please guys, donate as you can. This is our big push to get more features for the site and improve many of the functionalities that we need and want. I think we will keep this drive going until the end of February, maybe mid March.
CommanderByron (328 D (S))
Sat 01 AM UTC
25% of goal in under a month is not a bad rate of donation. Especially if people decide not to one-time donate. I plan on making regular donations so hopefully that helps.

@Zultar (aka Z-Money) When will you end the donation drive? when is our cut off? If i may suggest atleast giving us 6 months?? I know I plan on making monthly donations and I would hate for this to stop before I can contribute my maximum.
CommanderByron (328 D (S))
Sat 01 AM UTC
Also you should consider keeping it open long enough to allow for donations after US players get back their tax refunds. :) I for one will likely put a decent bit of that into webdip.

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oliveskin (25 D)
Fri 04 AM UTC
Canceling CDs in live games
Thoughts to follow (my phone isn't letting me both type everything and post as well lol)
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