New Games Sort Order

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New Games Sort Order

#1 Post by Trigfea63 » Mon Jul 18, 2022 3:55 pm

When looking at new games, they are now displaying in order of descending pot size, instead of descending gameID. I think this ought to be switched back. Before the change, when I opened the New Games tab, I could see right up top the newly posted games since the last time I checked. Now it's a bit difficult to find the newly posted games. When I open the New Games tab, the same high-jackpot games are always at the top, at least until they are filled or expire. I have to scroll through the entire list to see if there might be a new game I haven't seen before.

I suspect this is discouraging people from joining new games. They say 80% of people don't scroll past the first 5 results in a google search.

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