Finished: 07 AM Fri 30 Mar 12 UTC
Un clásico para empezar (Spanish)
1 day, 12 hours /phase
Pot: 70 D - Spring, 1911, Finished
Classic, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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21 Feb 12 UTC Autumn, 1901: bueno, suerte para todos ! Alea Jacta Est!
26 Feb 12 UTC Spring, 1903: L'Italia va bene!
Tras la exultante victoria en la campaña Tunecina, dilata ligeramente por problemas meteorológicos y el cierre del llamado Muro Adriático, Italia afianza su posición como potencia mediterránea.

Enmudecidos han quedado los enemigos de la patria unificada e indivisible. Viva Italia!
06 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 1905: cabrones, no he podido construir tropas!!!!
09 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 1906: El gobierno italiano en el exilio denuncia la destrucción del patrimonio gastronómico italiano. Los austriacos imponen una dieta basada en chuches, chocolate y café americano!
20 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 1909: I will move up to Finland, North sea, Irish sea and Naples... Naah!, forget the last one!

The only thing I need from you is a support. This one:

Warsaw support prussia to livonia.

The rest of my armies and fleets will just follow after.

So hope you can do that support. Then, just good luck, FOR TAE!
20 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 1909: I will click "ready" now, so if you want me to change something, don't click "ready", because then I won't be able to change my orders.
20 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 1909: You are so cute... ^_^
20 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 1909: Lol... :P Turkey, we must talk about your intelligence service... ;)
21 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 1909: I think that small nations (btw, where are Italy on the map) should calm down a little bit!
21 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 1909: Sure you can find italy on the map. Is the boot is occupied by Austria
22 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 1909: What I meant to say was that you have no help by that info. You have been overtaken, and should be quiet or at least write messages with honor when you write to such noble men like the emperors of Austria and Turkey!
22 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 1909: The only honor I can see is the honor of the italian people suffering the oppression of the imperialist invaders.
22 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 1909: and I'm not meaning that to be invaded is honorable...
22 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 1909: They can not even make a decent pizza, always serve it raw
23 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 1909: Haha, you are might right. But one thing, I think that Austria is a good leader for your ex-nation, and now when we will become a whole empire, then you are in the middle with the Turkish fleet around you, which will protect you from all enemies in the world.
23 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 1909: XD