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Finished: 12 PM Sun 22 Apr 12 UTC
Nations and Negotiations
2 days, 2 hours /phase
Pot: 481 D - Autumn, 2016, Finished
World Diplomacy IX, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn
26 Jan 12 UTC Spring, 2004: [Brazil]:Cold, Harsh climate in the frozen south.
26 Jan 12 UTC Spring, 2004: [Oz]:And I'm sure whoever told you that didn't benefit in the slightest from us going to war, Antarctica. ;)
27 Jan 12 UTC Spring, 2004: [South-Africa]:It's odd sitting here alive while other nations have been wiped out. Kind of feel like a pet...or an emergency food supply.
27 Jan 12 UTC Spring, 2004: [Brazil]:Can't they be both? Really though, time to figure out how to make yourself useful and make your grand comeback!
27 Jan 12 UTC Spring, 2004: [South-Africa]:Soon as I figure out how I'd be able to break the blockades surrounding me. Best I can see me doing is distracting someone enough to let a bigger nation swoop in for the kill.
30 Jan 12 UTC Autumn, 2004: [Frozen-Antarctica]:And now it is time for the final phase of my master plan!
30 Jan 12 UTC Autumn, 2004: [Oz]:*Gasp* He planned to be eliminated all along! Brilliant!
30 Jan 12 UTC Autumn, 2004: [South-Africa]:Hey! That's my master plan you thief!
05 Feb 12 UTC Autumn, 2005: [South-Africa]:"On this day the Internet, formerly known as South Africa, disbanded. As many know, the name change occurred when the government realized its primary export was porn. An entire supply center of porn. We hope whoever was responsible for killing the Internet to take all its porn is proud of themselves and gets wanker's cramp."
06 Feb 12 UTC Autumn, 2005: [Near-East]:And /that/ was for the Crusades!
18 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 2011: [China]:Alright, 'you know who you are': hold position! Rest of you, finish off the survivors. =p

Ambiguous enough to make it seem like I planned it. xD
28 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 2013: [Oz]:Since it has been made clear that China/India/Oz will not be attacking one another, that India will not be attacking Near East, that Oz will not be attacking Kenya, and that China will not be attacking USA... I would say that this looks like the point where we vote to draw.
28 Mar 12 UTC Spring, 2013: [Near-East]:At least one of those premises isn't necessarily true, based on recent discussion. I'd give it another turn, at least.
30 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 2013: [China]:U.S.A., I am afraid I must openly declare war on you; my canadian territories seem to be finding your pollution somewhat distasteful as the wind currents have been carrying it over to them.

(I would make a joke about canadian vs. american bacon, but I feel that would be somewhat excessive).
31 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 2013: [India]:Well the debate was long and tiring, with lots of swaying back and forth from all members of the Alliance. But in the end, we decided to refuse the inclusion of USA and Kenya into the membership of the Allied flag. We hope that in time you will both come to forgive us.
31 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 2013: [USA]:I enjoy the fact that you're lying through your teeth, India. We know full well you've been all for yourself and Near East the whole time.
31 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 2013: [India]:Well, I don't enjoy the fact that you only have had a partial part of the communications that were had and that you're passing judgement all the same.

I don't have to take this from you or anyone honestly. It is only a game after all.
31 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 2013: [USA]:I know a fair bit more than you think I do and to be honest, yes, it is bullshit, but it doesn't really change the fact that it's been made abundantly clear that you only want Near-East to survive aside from Oz, China and yourself.
31 Mar 12 UTC Autumn, 2013: [USA]:I know a fair bit more than you think I do and to be honest, yes, it is bullshit, but it doesn't really change the fact that it's been made abundantly clear that you only want Near-East to survive aside from Oz, China and yourself.
01 Apr 12 UTC Autumn, 2013: [Near-East]:The leader of the nation formerly known as the Near East would like to make an announcement! Recognizing the scope of the nation's expansion and calling on the world's history, Near East's capital will be moving to Italy, and from now on it shall be known as New Rome. The new title of the leader of New Rome shall be Caesar. All hail CoF!
02 Apr 12 UTC Autumn, 2013: [Near-East]:The Caesar of Ferrets kindly requests an exchange of Ukraine for Great Britain so that people will stop bugging him about the fact that he doesn't own Britain.
02 Apr 12 UTC Spring, 2014: [India]:Following the Caesar of Ferrets example, the Queen of the nation known as India has also rethought and repurposed the name of her former kingdom, now that it has reached a quite expanded size. However because of her resource's placement as well as no historical evidence supporting such a shape for an empire in the past.

She had to go brand new. Henceforth from this day on, India shall be known as the Empire of Alea. The empire of magic, technology, arts and of course. TF!

By the way, empress Za has relayed the a-okay for the CoF's request.
02 Apr 12 UTC Spring, 2014: [Oz]:Accordingly, our lands shall be known as the Republic of Capricorn, in recognition of the southern tropic line that roughly serves as our northern border.
03 Apr 12 UTC Spring, 2014: [China]:The People's Republic of China would like to note that inevitably the Russians and Americans have warmed up to our culture and wisdom. For this reason the people's republic of China shall be renamed "The Peoples Republic of China with Territories."

Alternatively, we propose the same shall be altered instead to "McMasterland." We have come to the name cleverly for the following reasons:

1) 'Mc' stems from the famous fast food industry that has swept through all our nations during this war time.
2) As our nation has told both Russia and NATO, inevitably, we shall be the new Masters of the universe (okay, it is a he-man reference).
3) It has a cool ring to it and our nation, after leading the world in countless ways, have decided to give a complimentary nod to our newly acquired western territories.
03 Apr 12 UTC Spring, 2014: [Oz]:Are you sure this was not your McMaster Plan all along, China?
03 Apr 12 UTC Spring, 2014: [China]:=) I would say yes because its a pun but I wish it was.
03 Apr 12 UTC Spring, 2014: [China]:The kangaroos are still in your power I'm sad to say.
17 Apr 12 UTC [Oz]:The nations of China and Oz hereby present an ultimatum:

For too long have we stood by and watched while India and the Near East have committed terrible crimes in Africa, the most recent of which have been the occupation of the Kenyan homeland, with the ultimate aim of nothing less than the utter annihilation of the Kenyan people.

The time has come to take a stance against tyranny and oppression. Thus, the nations of China and Oz have set out on a campaign of global liberation. This campaign _will_ be won, by force if necessary.

Should India and the Near East not lay down their arms and join us in declaring world peace, they will soon cease to exist.
18 Apr 12 UTC [China]:Stopping genocide with ultimatums and potential genocide - the People's Republic concurs.
18 Apr 12 UTC [Near-East]:The People's Republic should probably also hit the draw button. :P
18 Apr 12 UTC [India]:India will lay down weapons and wave a white flag.

She also wants the BOTH of you to know that she does not desire to ever. EVER partake in another game of diplomacy. I hate your guts, both of you.

And Tas, don't talk to me on Msn.

That is all.

18 Apr 12 UTC [Kenya]:Thank you both. I have just seen two, of maybe the best every allies a nation could have ever made, stand up for what they truly felt was right. Not only did you both stand by me for the duration. You both also showed me, at least, that this game can be played honestly with honor. I normally do not wear a hat. However, if I did I would be obligated to tip it for both of you. Thank you Tasnica and WarlordoftheWest.

India, please don't take it so personally. I know it seems a little wrong that they have done this. However, you worked well with Near East for some time and wanted them in the draw/alliance. Tas and I also had that same style of relations from the start of the game. In some way, very off scale to your actual advancement, I also helped you get to where you are. Many, many turns ago, I feared you were on your way to eliminate or move on OZ, China, or myself. I spoke to Tas about me attacking you. He stood up and said he was your ally and if I did if would be as if I was attacking him. I understood his point and also didn't want to cause an unbalancing in the alliance. When the time came for the roles to be reversed he has done the same for me. So if anything, Tas has been an outstanding ally to both of us.

Near East, we kind of never really had a chance to work together. I am sorry I blocked you from taking Libya early. However, I was his ally as best I could be too. When it was apparent that you and India was coming into Africa I had to do what I could to slow you two down. I tried many turn not to actually attack either India or you for the sole purpose of wishing to be considered as one of the team members. The block was the only thing I could think to do to keep my chances against you two alive.

China, your willingness to stand behind the plan to force India and Near East to allow me in just as India insisted on Near East being in the alliance. Show true character in my opinion. We had conversations also from the beginning with no true cooperation between us against an opponent. However, you knew of all the standing issues with me being accepted or not. Your willingness to be the enforcer and to make the actually move to force this was the key.

I have to thank all of you in some ways. As you all had a part in this game. Even though it might have not ended the way all of us would have liked. It did end the way it should have. Might have never been seen but we each played a part that lead up to this point. I truly believe we all have the same value of loyalty to our allies. Even though it took what it took to get me in to the draw. I would be honored to play as an alliance member with any of you. Again Thank you all, and especially the People's Republic of China and the Great Oz Nation.
18 Apr 12 UTC [China]:I am happy to hit the draw button but I feel like being an Enforcer for a second thing: Points and pride.

If Oz and India are having problems in real life over said maneuver...then I am more than willng to stall our draw until things are resolved outside the game (I think it's bad to have trouble between friends over this and while I acted out on a curious whim I cannot deny I am the evil enforcer causing the conflict).

In a sense, my actions on India have caused trouble between Oz and India in real life. Since I would rather be eliminated than let this stand can I please convince you to to resolve things?

If not, I shall eventually have to draw to stop holding up everyone (I know you wants ze' points).
18 Apr 12 UTC [Kenya]:Near East has yet to enter Draw also.

However, I too do not wish to destroy a friendship in Real Life over this game. If that is what will happen if I am included in the draw. Then take me out.

@ India, Tasnica was only trying to be a faithful ally to both of us. You were the only one that could be attacked and weakened to possibly get you all to let me draw also. As we figured that the Near-East would not betray you even if we weakened you. However, please don't take it personally against him. All though I did not realize you two knew each other outside of this game. I don't want any type of personal grief for either of you. I am happy to be eliminated it that is the only way to save your all friendship. If the Near East was to try and take advantage and eliminate you (I don't think he would do that, but if he did) I am sure Oz, China, and Myself will do all we can to keep you in also. That is basically how we got here in the first place. Each of us want to see another in the draw for so reason or another. Getting the Near East and you to allow me to join was the only reason behind the attacks. It was not a true stab on you. More of less a pressure attack to force you to allow me in the draw (figuring that Near East would also approve based on his alliance with you). As mentioned before by China and now myself. This game is not worth losing a friendship over.
18 Apr 12 UTC [China]:I shall refrain taking further SC's until things resolve; I hope that is acceptable. I caused all the trouble as the enforcer but I am not appeased with the repercussions of my actions.
18 Apr 12 UTC [USA]:...
18 Apr 12 UTC [USA]:I am quite frankly disappointed by what I have seen and heard here, and that's all I really want to say.
18 Apr 12 UTC [India]:Kenya, you have no right to say those things to me. I will never forgive neither of them nor their actions last night. Never.

We were allies from day 1 too. Me, Tas and China. Near-East truely helped put me on the map. You haven't done much of anything at all. If you hadn't been there, it would have mattered about just as much toward's Tasnica's capacity to win here.

I didn't even care that much about attacking you or not by the end's of the decision the alliance took. A decision that was made on three votes on four, a true democratic vote, a cornerstone of what is diplomacy.

I also only attacked you because I agreed with China's words that attacking USA and not attacking you too, wouldn't be fair toward Maddie. Another one of our friends that we know by the way. Did China step out to defend her though? No, just went down the grind, it didn't matter.

China, you're a liar and a big puppet to Tasnica's game. A big fat fake and a spineless coward that don't care to enforce his very own words and ideas.

You two are truely a scourge of humanity, say things, do another. You're the very reasons why diplomacy fails an fails again when applied to whole countries. You betrayed me, an ally of day 1, over a stranger that had only three centers left.

China, about 80% of the game was spent where I could have swooped on your lands and ran rampant of it, destroying you. That's my just reward for neither backstabbing you, nor doing anything that wasn't already agreed by our four way alliance? No, no I didn't! And I don't think I deserved such a stab, nor just a blatant slap to the face.

My hatred, my hatred for you two. There's not enough words in the human language to fully put out the scope of it. I barely slept and woke up still angry, had difficulties concentrating at work.

Even my previous employer that played me, I don't think received as much scorn and anger as what you've made grow in me with your actions.

19 Apr 12 UTC [Kenya]:I am sorry you felt as If I had nothing to do with your advancing. However, you all realize that it is against the rules of Diplomacy to join a game. With predetermination alliance. Also that if you know each other in real life that you are to make it know publicly before hand to everyone. If someone (not me, because I feel that this is just wrong on so many levels to nark, but I did trust and believe you were all individuals that join the game and got to know some of you a little more personal level) wanted they could turn you all in for Metagamming. Sorry but it is the truth. Here is the proof and you can look this up under the rules.

2. No Meta-gaming
You can't make alliances for reasons outside a game, such as because you are friends, relatives or in return for a favour in another game. This is known as metagaming and is against the rules because it gives an unfair advantage to those involved. If you are worried that you can't stab someone because you want to stay friends, then that's fair enough but you can't join a game with them.

The fact you all even know each other outside the game is a violation of the rule even if you didn't plan to ally together.
19 Apr 12 UTC [Oz]:At the present time, I am only going to reply to Kenya's message.

No rules were broken in this game. The triple alliance between myself, China, and India was formed after the game began, not before. To be sure, it was formed quite early on, but the reasons for its formation were based entirely off in-game factors. At least, they were on my end. I can not speak for the other two, though I will say that India and China did _not_ know each other prior to this game. I invited each of them individually.

I invited a lot of people to this game, in fact. Nearly half the players. Some knew each other. Some did not. Some allied with each other. Some did not. I trusted each of them to play the game with integrity, and I see no evidence that any of them did otherwise.

I should also note, at this point, that merely knowing each other is _not_ against the rules. It is only against the rules to base one's in-game actions on factors outside of the game. I do not believe that this has occurred.

When this game begun, I formed alliances with pretty much every neighbor I had. Antarctica stabbed me on the very first turn, which is why I went after him. Upon finishing him, I attacked Brazil, another of the players I already knew, and formed strong relationships with my other three neighbors, all of whom I have strived to include in the final draw.

I hope that brings this particular subject to a close.
19 Apr 12 UTC [Kenya]:I really don't care. However, all payers, even eliminated ones, can see these messages. I merely was pointing out a fact. Yes to my understanding of the rule. Anytime you know someone in real life you are to make it clear to all players at the start of the game. I only know this because I was banned and lost an account due to this same issue on vdip. I was trying to teach my wife to play. I work nights and she days. I though it would give us another thing in common. She saw where I started some games and she joined. I only work with her as an ally because of random selecting of countries place us as neighbors and she had sent a message to me in the games. Then later on someone said we were meta gaming and told the mods. I was told by the mod that if you know someone in real life, that it must be told to everyone at the start of every game. So it seems if that is true and I was told by their mods and banned for it. Then it might be. I don't know for sure. I just am not sure I would have brought up talking on MSN or knowing them and being friends with Maddie (which I am assuming is the USA). Point is ironically you all are here at the end. Some could read all of this and find it cheating in that stance. Maybe it isn't against the rules to know someone and not tell all players at the start. However, I have been in a couple games that people that did know each other stated it at the start right as they join or the game started. So I am unsure as to how it is view, was all I was trying to say to India. I am not accusing any of you of anything. Sorry if you thought or took it that way.
19 Apr 12 UTC [India]:In response to Kenya:

It's the second time I hear about that known people rule thing. First of all, I don't know them in real life, I know them from the internet. Huge differences sometimes. Second of all. I call serious bullshit on that rule. It's fricking stupid and devoid of any senses, since complete strangers that work together and doesn't backstab. Would achieve the exact same results and wouldn't have any grief about it.

It was probably made by the same kind of people that encourage and promote backstabbing as a way to progress instead of using real strong relationships. Backstabbing of allies only leaves grief and hollow victories devoid of true glory and honors.

About the game itself in it's present state. I had entertained the idea of asking that you two backstabbing monsters for a lack of better term in my current state of mind. That you'd give back what you stole from me.

But a little over a day later, with anger still going strong. I can't even bring myself to go anywhere near asking that. I don't have one iota of caring left for any of this at all. Not the game, not you guys, not the points, not the account. Nothing. I don't care. Fastest it's over. Better it is.
19 Apr 12 UTC [China]:To Kenya: I am not familiar with such a rule, and I met India and the players in this game. True Oz invited me, but I backstabbed him during his victory streak in a prior game, forcing him to truce with the rest of us. ^_^

As a consistent player to backstab people I have met for the sake of 'spicing it up' I find it hard to call anything I do metagame; I simply wish to defeat you all and laugh meniachally over your defeats.

To India: It's a game...thats a lot of hate and spitfire.

And to clarify, U.S. knows India who knows...and so on? Who is maddie and what just happened?
19 Apr 12 UTC [Kenya]:Ok, first off let me start by saying sorry to you all. Wasn't trying to accuse any of you. I think it came off that was the case in some sense. I wasn't meaning to. Again sorry if it was taking that way.

I still wish to work, or would love to work with any of you as an ally if ever I was to get the chance to in the future. Everyone, even you India. I really hope you reconsider playing the game. A draw splits the points up evenly. No matter if China has more the double your centers. You probably already know that. So giving it back would take a lot of time. Doesn't seem like that is what you want either.

China asked me, and I said, I am fine with it. To wait on the draw in hopes the friendship can be resolved. I don't think it is worth not giving it a shot at least. I am not sure were any of you truly live in this world. I live in the states and there is a short phrase said sometimes to lighten the mood. "Can't we all just get along?". You lose tone of voice, smile on your face, and honest compassion in your eyes in typing in chat boxes. However, in ways it kind of fits here. Please don't take that as anything other then trying to bring a small smile to your all's faces.

I don't know what to really say, but wish and hope this would all end well and no friendships are lost over this. However, right now, I am going to go away from this game with a bitter taste, so to say, in my mouth. As if I too played a big part in ruining a good friendship (if you, India, never find a way to forgive them). I am so truly sorry for that. That goes out to all of you. Forgive me, Please.
19 Apr 12 UTC [China]:There is no need too. For you see it is my meniachal scheme all along. I said I would not strike U.S. if Kenya stood (and I was fairly certain OZ would stand by). When U.S. turned a rather harsh tone towards India and Near East over it, I decided to finish them off, no offense meant.

In Kenya's case I saw no problem with taking you out initially. I didn't realize you had a deal with Oz and were coerced to not strike India/Near East.

That said, my main interest was to be mercurial; I found India a bit disconcerting in not taking Quebec as agreed but more over I have/had no intention of defeating India. I suppose I take this game far too lax...I have no problem with stabbing an ally then returning their center and then some to spice up the game and let our foes have a shot. ^_^

As far as alliances, I was and remain leery of you all, except Near East who isn't really anywhere near my centers or vice versa, and as Oz can mention, I've stabbed him in the back before for not agreeing to a treaty with a foe in another game. ^_^

Point is, if there is any trouble or hard feelings, it is because of me. Oz nor Kenya have control over my units nor my actions; they are mine alone. Thus I am to blame for it all.
19 Apr 12 UTC [China]:On a side note, I am perfectly fine with defending India and the other players until this resolves.
20 Apr 12 UTC [China]:...I see. If people will become so frustrated and spiteful over such a game...well perhaps it is better to stick to 'public press' style...
21 Apr 12 UTC [USA]:Okay, just to eliminate -some- confusion, Oz is correct when he said that he knew half of us over the Internet. He invited Near East, India, Libya, South Africa, Brazil, and myself. We had all come to the determination -before the game even started- that he would invite people we didn't know to even the playing field, to prevent those of us who know each other from all forming a massive alliance and destroying everyone else.
21 Apr 12 UTC [USA]:(Although some of us -have- met in real life, but we DO NOT let that influence who we ally with.)
21 Apr 12 UTC [USA]:China: I never said a -word- to Near East. I was merely asking India why she was so opposed to me being a part of the alliance and I do acknowledge getting somewhat frustrated with what I perceived as her hostility towards me. Did you really have to kill me for that?

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

Tasnica (3366 D)
Drawn. Bet: 25 D, won: 96 D
25 supply-centers, 25 units
Drawn. Bet: 25 D, won: 96 D
25 supply-centers, 19 units
KoF (171 D)
Drawn. Bet: 25 D, won: 96 D
20 supply-centers, 19 units
Zalloy (161 D)
Drawn. Bet: 25 D, won: 96 D
13 supply-centers, 14 units
timdcoltsfan (1099 D)
Drawn. Bet: 25 D, won: 96 D
3 supply-centers, 4 units
Urel (1005 D)
Defeated. Bet: 25 D
roragons (709 D)
Defeated. Bet: 25 D
ShivaVK (326 D)
Defeated. Bet: 25 D
Archanon (147 D)
Defeated. Bet: 25 D
MarkedRyan (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 25 D
Defeated. Bet: 25 D
Hidden Sanity (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 25 D
Author (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 25 D
Wu.Method (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 25 D
Defeated. Bet: 25 D
Angrydictator (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 39 D
Defeated. Bet: 17 D
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