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Finished: 08 PM Thu 18 Dec 08 UTC
Private Embers of Capitalism
3 days /phase
Pot: 700 D - Autumn, 1930, Finished
Classic, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Jenny (1327 D)
16 Jan 09 UTC Spring, 1915: This is getting reaaaally boring guys.... Can we maybe speed up the moves? There really isn't much to think about the way the board is laid out, so it shouldn't take long to enter moves...
16 Jan 09 UTC Spring, 1915: Alternatively, if you guys are bored and don't want to play anymore, then please do the decent thing and either surrender or try to convince us to agree to a draw.
17 Jan 09 UTC Spring, 1915: i will let Turkey speak for itself, but i've been travelling the last two days and therefore hard to reach.

rest assured, your destiny is coming. i will do my utmost to accomodate your sense of urgency and accelerate the speed of your demise, once communication is restored!
17 Jan 09 UTC Spring, 1915: hmmmm... I think that's what you said before you lost Holland, Kiel, and Ruhr ;)
18 Jan 09 UTC Autumn, 1915: dude, you might want to use Silesia to support Prussia in case he attacks it with Livonia and Baltic...
18 Jan 09 UTC Spring, 1916: Italy, i know you want this to be over quickly, but there's no need to help us...! or are your fleets in mutiny over their pending destruction...?
20 Jan 09 UTC Spring, 1916: I'm not so sure you don't need help... Besides, my seamen were bored so they decided to help speed your disorganized attempt at moving your fleets along a little - they are eager to do battle.
24 Jan 09 UTC Autumn, 1916: Italy is traveling and had Internet trouble yeterday at home, too. Sorry for the delay.
24 Jan 09 UTC Autumn, 1916: Sorry about the delay guys, I am traveling this weekend so it's been tough to get access
24 Jan 09 UTC Autumn, 1916: no worries. soon there won't be any more Italy ;-)
24 Jan 09 UTC Spring, 1917: You're funny
02 Feb 09 UTC Autumn, 1918: GENERAL QUESTION: can Kiel move to Berlin next move?
02 Feb 09 UTC Autumn, 1918: Yes, Kiel can move to Berlin.
04 Feb 09 UTC Autumn, 1918: Hey Turkey and Austria - any chance you could finalize your moves on the first or second day rather than the very last day? This is painfully slow...
04 Feb 09 UTC Autumn, 1918: BOOOORRRRRIIIIINNNNGGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!
05 Feb 09 UTC Autumn, 1918: Sooo boring! If you're only going to log on once every three days, can't you make that the first day of the round rather than the last day of the round?
05 Feb 09 UTC Autumn, 1918: True - really boring.
But if we put our moves in on the first day then we would have to put in moves every day instead of only having to deal with the game once every 3 days.
05 Feb 09 UTC Spring, 1919: guys, should we wrap this up and call it a fourway? given the state of things it is most unlikely that any of the alliances will shift, so it looks like we are set for stalemate...
not sure if we can ask the moderator to call it a day and we all get some points in relation to our supply points, i will make some enquiries...
05 Feb 09 UTC Spring, 1919: Roland, go ahead and see whether it is possibe, BUT, I am not ready to call a 4-way draw.
05 Feb 09 UTC Spring, 1919: Mr Turkey -- if you enter your moves on day 1, it will still be at least 2 days before everyone is done. So maybe you can try to enter your moves within 2 days?
05 Feb 09 UTC Spring, 1919: Oh, and BTW -- it's only boring for you guys b/c you are no longer able to win the game whereas Germany and Italy now might. And Mr. Turkey, you are being inflexable. You should have turned on Austria by now. The game would be much more interesting for you if you just bit the bullet and turned on him. The idea that you will be a terrible person for turning on poor old Austria is silly. I assume you won't turn on him out of some "honor" system or something, but that is bullshit reasoning. This is, (1), a game and, (2), it's freaking Diplomacy, which means you are supposed to betray most everyone at some point.

Betrayal or blind loyalty, you guys still might lose to us, so good luck and sorry you are bored. Your slowness is what makes it boring for us, but you haven't stalemated us yet. In fact, I'm pretty sure you lost that chance a while ago (shortly after I suggested we call it a 4-way draw -- that's when you could have stalemated us).
05 Feb 09 UTC Spring, 1919: OK, so we keep playing... but save your lectures! everyone has their own gameplan and is entitled to play it out as she/he sees fit!

Turkey might have passed on the chance to stab me in the back; i wonder if Italy will be as kind when she realises the tempting pickings in the Atlantic ocean and the hopelessness of waiting for us to relinquish back her territories.

anyways, looking at the map and going through the years from 1901 - 1918 in fast motion, i can but disagree that this has been a boring game.

on that note, Austria will endeavour to make its moves more promptly.
05 Feb 09 UTC Spring, 1919: Alright. No worries. Overall, it's been a great game. Just the last couple turns have seemed to take longer than necessary. My guess is Germany and Italy are about to the slow pokes now.

I think you would have an easier time tempting Italy to turn on me if you gave a place in Italy to build new units. Until then, nothing to be gained by it. BUT, Nick the Turkey could build new units to use against Austria and-or defend his turf.
05 Feb 09 UTC Spring, 1919: Oh, I've already disclosed to you that I'm a professor of ethics, so, sorry, but lectures come with the territory....smooches.
05 Feb 09 UTC Spring, 1919: shake that ass :-)
08 Feb 09 UTC Spring, 1919: Turkey - have you quit?
09 Feb 09 UTC Spring, 1919: Austria - can you get your allies under control?
09 Feb 09 UTC Spring, 1919: Turkey! We've gone 4 months now and you are quiting at this point! There is more to this game than winning. Trying to stalemate your adversaries is a worthwhile goal. It used to be mine. If something else is keeping you from playing, sorry about whatever it is.

Please finish this out and please stop taking so long. All you have to do right now is disband your army that was in Ber. That shouldn't take 3 days to do.
13 Feb 09 UTC Autumn, 1919: Turkey, please disband your army so we can move on with the game.
19 Feb 09 UTC Autumn, 1920: Oooh, is that a German move against Italy that we're seeing?! just six of Italy's supply points required for Germany to become winner...
20 Feb 09 UTC Autumn, 1920: may i take a moment from hostilities and wish queen of waning Italy a happy birthday!
20 Feb 09 UTC Autumn, 1920: Thank you :)
20 Feb 09 UTC Autumn, 1920: I had no idea. What a terrible ally! Happy birthday!
22 Feb 09 UTC Autumn, 1920: Germany has made monkeys of all of us; regardless of the final outcome. Bravo you horrible little man.
25 Feb 09 UTC Spring, 1921: will Germany now try to go for the kill?!
25 Feb 09 UTC Spring, 1921: Probably. Speaking of alliances, it's really strange that Austria and Turkey are always logging on at exactly the same time... It almost seems as though they are one person! But that couldn't be, cause that would be cheating, wouldn't it?
25 Feb 09 UTC Spring, 1921: Yes, have been noticing that for the last several weeks/turns. Figured you guys lived together. Like Threes Company with Ilana. Has Turkey-Nick ever been playing this game, Roland?
25 Feb 09 UTC Spring, 1921: strikes me that you two are also always on at the same time as well. i find that communicating that way is much easier, wouldn't you agree?
25 Feb 09 UTC Autumn, 1921: Your avoiding the essential quesiton -- have you been controlling two powers and armies all game? Has a separate, thinking person ever played for Turkey or has that been you all game?
27 Feb 09 UTC Autumn, 1921: Hey, Kraut! Would you just shut up! Stop harping on and on about your little suspicions. Jesus, you really know how to get on people's nerves, don't you?
28 Feb 09 UTC Autumn, 1921: Strong words coming from Captain Quitter. What an amusing re-emergence.
09 Mar 09 UTC Spring, 1923: As opposed to the weak words coming from Captain Wanker?
09 Mar 09 UTC Spring, 1923: Captain Wanker. Its funny because its true.
14 Mar 09 UTC Autumn, 1923: Roland, please place Turkey's unit already.
03 Apr 09 UTC Autumn, 1926: Roland, it would be nice if you could make your moves a little faster. You can't bore us into giving up you know...
04 Apr 09 UTC Autumn, 1926: What she said...
04 Apr 09 UTC Autumn, 1926: what an amusing re-appearance!
05 Apr 09 UTC Autumn, 1926: I love you, too, Schmoopy!
09 Apr 09 UTC Spring, 1927: Austria - we've been playing for 6 months, you can't last another few days???
15 Apr 09 UTC Autumn, 1927: Roland, I love you, but stop being a douche. You're being a bad sport. Just finalize your shit and let's be done with this game.

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Jenny (1327 D)
Won. Bet: 100 D, won: 6300 D
18 supply-centers, 13 units
JustinLouchheim (2799 D)
Survived. Bet: 100 D, won: 5600 D
16 supply-centers, 17 units
Mr Shaw (119 D)
Defeated. Bet: 100 D
Desertfox (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 100 D
Marx (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 100 D
MarceloX (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 100 D
Defeated. Bet: 100 D
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