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Finished: 03 PM Sun 02 Nov 08 UTC
Retreats Disband 1
1 day, 1 hours /phase
Pot: 294 D - Autumn, 1914, Finished
Classic, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by XAce90 (377D)
07 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1907: I thought it was clear, a country wasn't obligated to disband their units to a country which has previously refused to do so. If you'll remember England, you were previously not required to disband to France and Italy because they were not disbanding to you.
07 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1907: Since Italy and France chose not to disband, no one is required to disband to them. That leaves England, Austria and Italy disbanding to each other, as Turkey has done, and I have done, to each other. If you can think of something fairer, I'd love to hear it, or lets just have it?
07 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1907: oh shit I just realized that I haven't disbanded that unit like 5 turns ago... sorry!
07 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1908: i think its just getting way to confusing. england is right tho.. because u didnt disband Tunis.. England will suffer.. not france
07 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1908: or italy rather, sorry
07 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1908: Well I find it rather strange that Mr. Austria himself was preaching about the rules a few years ago. "Strange" is an understatement though
07 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1908: Fair = everybody obeys to the rules. France made a mistake but was at least fair enough not to move his units. What you propose is that everybody can break the rules now in a sort of chain reaction. I suggest nobody has to obey the rules anymore, that's less arbitrary than what you propose.
07 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1908: Frankly, I think we're getting f***ed here by Austria. Don't let him steal your points people.
08 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1908: @England - it's all part of Diplomacy :) But do what you want people, i have no power to enforce the rules except by persuasion, which is clearly not working.
09 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1908: I suggest we all go towards Austria and call it a draw if possible
09 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1908: Haha. I must've stirred something in your hearts when I first opposed Austria. Keep it up guys. If you can get everyone to fight Austria, his endless tyrranical rule will end. It's time to put aside your differences and unite under a common goal. United we stand, divided we fall. Austria is using the reverse of that; divide and conquer.
09 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1908: This is ridiculous, coming especially from France, now extinct. Kindly crawl back into the hole history has buried you in, and leave our earthly realm back to the spiritual netherland you were vanquished to! :)
09 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1908: @England, while I admire your last, desperate rallying cries for unity against Austria, in a vain effort to salvage what little remains of your hopes, you must realize that it is only yourself and Turkey you are speaking to, and you are separated by geography. My alliance with Germany is stronger than ever, and I am committed to his success, while I suspect Italy will soon be joining me in ridding the map of your presence.
09 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1908: Since the Situation is so confused on the point of disbands or not, Perhaps we should have a public vote, majority rule, of living players as to whether or not to continue with the disbands policy?
09 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1908: Haha, Austria. You see now why having a special rules game is not a good idea?
09 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1908: I only see the need to password protect the game and keep the points high to keep out the newbies.
09 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1908: Austria, what is so hard to understand that once everybody starts to break the rules as an excuse because someone else did, this will trigger a domino effect. Secondly it was YOU who was so form against this when something similar happened to France, who solved the situation quite fairly, in contrast to you. This is called 'hypocrisy'. Since there is no way back, I reckon everybody has to break the rules now.
09 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1908: I would like to address to Germany, Italy (though they are my foes) and Turkey that this is a 'winner-takes-all-game' so anyone who breaks the rules and profits from this, will also attack you at some stage.
09 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1908: @England, it's quite obvious you've been drinking again, your message makes no sense. Given your current situation, I'm not surprised you've turned to drink.
09 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1908: A vote at this stage would be too late, I hope everybody sees the point of this as well... This behaviour is unacceptable. Next time, put a password on the game, then we are protected against this double-crossing, traiturous behaviour.
09 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1908: Do not get personal Austria
10 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1908: This game has neither high points or a password, both of which are needed to keep out not just newbies, but nearly every other player that is not filthy rich and does not look on the forums. Also, just because someone else did not disband, it does not mean that you can retreat either. You yourself said that whoever does not disband will be destroyed by the others. You did not say that everyone else may choose not to disband as well. That is just a distortion of fairness, as if you weight it out, the positive and negative consequences for all the sides do not match up. We may have broken the rules, though mainly out of confusion, and often not intentionally. You however, broke the rules on false justification and premises, with the intention. This means that you not only broke the rules, you tried to falsely justify your actions with completely incorrect logic, and you broke the rules knowingly, to cause inconvenience to others (you cannot justify this point by saying you did not know it would cause inconvenience; that is unreasonable beyond imagination). Many of us have apologized for our acts and had chosen to revert our mistakes, but you decided to use that to your advantage and to the disadvantage to others, and chose not to disband, arguing that you are doing it because someone else did it (which, as I proved ealier, does not work). You yourself are a hypocrite, cheated, double crossed us, and used false logic.
10 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1908: Your actions were not only dirty cheating, while ours were mostly mistakes that would be common with many people. What do you have to answer? Remember, this is not an offensive statement to you, but rather a statement regarding your actions previously during this game.
10 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1908: Well, I can see this is turning nasty, and I think unnecessarily so. I am, and have always been, willing to disband units to players who are likewise doing so. I am not going to be put at disadvantage to players who do not, however, whether intentionally or not, such as Italy, unless they begin to follow those same rules.
10 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1908: So far as I can see, that means Turkey. Observe that I have disbanded my unit at Sevastopol.
10 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1909: Very good. I praise your efforts to make up for you mistakes.
10 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1909: Very good indeed
15 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1910: I've disbanded yet another unit. Let's see if England disbands as well, or all that moral outrage at some perceived injustice was bullshit.
15 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1910: (at Brest)
15 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1910: (English channel, too)
15 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1910: You're not so clever I see. I mentioned before that there's no point anymore in playing with rules because the damage it's done to the game is impossible to compensate.
15 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1910: Therefore I DON'T disband anything anymore, something I've declared long ago if you can read..?
15 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1910: I see that your own rules aren't exactly working out for you, Austria. Ah, the price one must pay for one's mistakes. I am sure you must have learned that lesson, after forgetting to set a password on the game.
16 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1911: FUCK YOU BOTH.
16 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1911: Oh my. I think that you fear to admit your mistake. That is being immature in itself. We are trying to resolve this argument. The point of an argument is to arrive at a point where we agree with each other, or when we both agree to disagree. Since neither of this has happened, the conversation is not finished. Do you or do you not agree with my last statement? Do you agree that your mistake should not have been made, and do you resolve to make sure that it does not occur again? If you do, then the argument would be finished, and we would agree with each other. This is the correct way of ending an argument. Please do not resort to name calling and profane language, as this is very impolite, especially for this argument, where at least I have refrained from doing so. If you wish to let this argument continue further, you will obviously not agree with my statements. Thus, if that occurs, we will continue to argue. My only statement that no one can deny is that you are slowly dying in this game. I think that had you not been cheap in the beginning of the game, by telling others to disband while you yourself did not disband. Even though you had tried to fix that breach of the rules by disbanding a while ago, your original mistake should not have been made in the first place. Thus, I conclude that you should take into account my advice and set a password on a game like this. Do you agree with me on this?
16 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1911: I agree! Good luck defending Vienna ol' chap
17 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1911: Won't happen.
20 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1912: Nice moves, Germany!
21 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1912: My, my. We are getting desperate, aren't we? Congratulations to Turkey, who will most likely be the winner of this game. I condemn Italy for remaining an ally of Austria, although you must have learned your lesson, given that he stabbed you anyways. He intends to wreak as much havoc on you before he leaves.
21 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1912: Thank you.
21 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1912: Congratulations to Turkey for taking my St. Petersburg and Warsaw. Throwing the game to you has been most satisfying. You and Germany consistently played fairly, disbanded units (as did I), and were polite in your press. (Sorry I couldn't help you more Germany. )
21 Nov 08 UTC Autumn, 1912: I praise Austria's show of good sportsmanship. We have all learned something from this game.
22 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1913: GameMaster: gabgirl15 has taken over England.
27 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1914: without Italian existance this game has lost all meaning..
27 Nov 08 UTC Spring, 1914: i meant to say resistance lol.. but existance too
28 Nov 08 UTC Congratulations on your soon-to-be win. I hope you enjoy it. I've never seen Turkey win before.
28 Nov 08 UTC i've won a couple times as turkey.. i think this may be my forth.

of course, I got lucky this game when the whole world put pressure on Austria and forced him to back down.. but the trick to playing Turkey is organization.. if you deploy your units properly then its hard to stop you.. and really only Italy can hit your homeland
28 Nov 08 UTC I see. You seem to be an excellent commander.
28 Nov 08 UTC GameMaster: AdmiralofJapaneseNavy has taken over Italy.

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XAce90 (377D)
Won. Bet: 30D, won: 294D
18 supply-centers, 15 units
LordDylan (188D)
Survived. Bet: 30D
9 supply-centers, 6 units
Survived. Bet: 30D
3 supply-centers, 3 units
Survived. Bet: 81D
3 supply-centers, 8 units
gabgirl15 (100D)
Resigned. Bet: 6D
1 supply-centers, 1 units
Prefect1 (145D)
Defeated. Bet: 30D
Anshikuu (100D)
Defeated. Bet: 30D
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