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Finished: 01 AM Sun 13 Dec 20 UTC
Private seren-vs-pyxxy--a-training-montage-4
3 days /phase
Pot: 10 D - Autumn, 1906, Finished
1 excused missed turn
Game won by jasnah (0 D X)
10 Dec 20 UTC Autumn, 1903: Put me out of my misery
10 Dec 20 UTC Autumn, 1903: Hmmm. You might have got me.
10 Dec 20 UTC Autumn, 1903: Hmmm. Thought you would cover LIV again.
10 Dec 20 UTC Autumn, 1903: Would make for one time..
10 Dec 20 UTC Autumn, 1903: Convoys to Lvn are super overrated, convoy to Sweden every time instead
10 Dec 20 UTC Autumn, 1903: Which says something if I felt a need to block a Lvn convoy that you would have supported in anyway..
10 Dec 20 UTC Autumn, 1903: Fat F minus that one
10 Dec 20 UTC Autumn, 1903: "Convoys to Lvn are super overrated"
In this situation where the middle is lost for me, yes. But idk, sneaking around the back to SEV seems like a great way to buy time to pick up TUN/StP. Always a place for everything, I guess.
10 Dec 20 UTC Autumn, 1903: Kie-Swe is so aesthetic though. Look at the convoy line
10 Dec 20 UTC Spring, 1904: You make a good point.
10 Dec 20 UTC Autumn, 1904: Hmmm. Yeah that might be game.
10 Dec 20 UTC Spring, 1905: Ought to be if I don’f misorder..
10 Dec 20 UTC Spring, 1905: You have me checking everything 3 times
10 Dec 20 UTC Autumn, 1905: I really didn't think MAR -> SPA was that bad in S03. But I think it absolutely killed me.
10 Dec 20 UTC Autumn, 1905: You think that was the deciding move?
10 Dec 20 UTC Autumn, 1905: I'm not sure. Looking at this, I'm learning how the south really is ruled by armies. I overestimated my ability to use fleets to break into Italy once I gave up on Germany.
10 Dec 20 UTC Autumn, 1905: Actually. Maybe just building F MAR was the mistake.
10 Dec 20 UTC Spring, 1906: There's one last guess here right?
10 Dec 20 UTC Which? It was at least forced draw for Austria I think, but I could be wrong
10 Dec 20 UTC GGs, first of all.
10 Dec 20 UTC Maybe I didn't think it through far enough.

I debated TUS -> ROM supported by TYS. GoL backfills TUS.
10 Dec 20 UTC Ah, but I don't think I can hold ROM through a stalemate line.
10 Dec 20 UTC Rom retreats to Apulia, while Venice bounces Tus, so Austria then has 3 to retake Rome
10 Dec 20 UTC But I think you have play on Pie then and if you got Pie suddenly you have play on Munich because Austria is ridiculously short on units
10 Dec 20 UTC Yeah, that's why I sent this last fleet to the channel, because I wondered if I could force something around Munich if I convoyed BUR (moved to BEL) over to DEN or something else weird like that. To let me attack Munich with Kiel and two supports.
10 Dec 20 UTC This was about as anti Rush as possible. You make me work for it. Im legit astounded how you beat me handily without knowing the ins and outs of the strategy. Really there some element of raw talent there. But yeah you need armies to successfully invade Italy. A great insight for GB as well. Why top players always prefer to attack england as france given the choice
10 Dec 20 UTC Den would be irrelevant - Pie cutting Tyr before Austria can place a unit in Sil is the key
10 Dec 20 UTC Always appreciate compliments. I'll go ahead and create the next game, but I've got to eat dinner soon and I also want to stew on this for a bit.

Currently I'm stuck at...well, if I opened to MAO in S01, that's the best counter to this? Which might be true, but I want to look at 1903 more.

I think the thing for me is, I look at W01 and 1902 and go...what else could I have done? I felt trapped to make the best moves, but the best moves were already going to give up some advantage to you. Sure, I guess wrong in S03 with BER, and maybe a convoy to LIV shakes things up...but idk. This is hard.
10 Dec 20 UTC Yeah, beating the unit to SIL. Not sure that's possible.
10 Dec 20 UTC Austria starts with the advantage, so, no big deal there.. generally vs the Italian, this opening I did you prefer to open Pie Bur MAO
10 Dec 20 UTC I also think the correct builds 01 vs this, given that you opened north are F Mar F Bre. But you played me super evenly with two armies both times so maybe I reconsider
10 Dec 20 UTC I think the argument for two fleets is "you've already lost Germany, that means you need to make up a center somewhere, and that's probably going to be in the south".

I came to this realization after I lost the S03 Kiel guess. Next time I will try the double fleet build and see how it feels.
10 Dec 20 UTC With double fleets in W01, then my moves are BUR -> MUN to bounce again, BEL -> HOL/RUH (maybe prefer RUH? the value of delaying you getting MUN and me getting KIE is....maybe more than I thought?)

MAR bounces PIE then goes to...GoL? Because I've looped BRE -> MAO -> SPA? I still get two builds from DEN + SPA, three if I take KIE and give you MUN. You get two builds from TUN + WAR...this is interesting.

That leaves me weak to a MOS -> StP continuation, but doing that would probably let me take MUN and/or BER. Hmmm.
10 Dec 20 UTC Okay, I see the value of double fleets.
10 Dec 20 UTC And to bring it back around, the value of double fleet is that MAR -> GoL in A02 is great for threatening Italy. Forces you to decide if you want a second fleet, or if you'll gamble and try to out-guess me with one ship. Let's me contest WES and SPA and TYS.

Which is why...moving to SPA in S03 was bad! If I went to GoL instead, then I'm one turn late to the power of GoL, but it's close enough that...well maybe it's still too late. I'm not sure. But I feel more certain that S03 to SPA was bad.
10 Dec 20 UTC Even if you outsmarted me and support POR -> SPA in A03 (assuming I bounce in SPA to cover it), which denies me a build...I postponed that build anyway to focus on fleets. So it's a similar board state, except now I get to have a fleet in GoL.

Or it's even better than that. You might decide to cover TYS instead. Or I might use GoL to bounce PIE in A03, which leaves it more open to taking in the future. Lots of power from GoL here and yeah double fleets in W01 would enable that.
10 Dec 20 UTC Ty for letting me work through this :)
10 Dec 20 UTC If F Mar bounces Pie in spring it can go Spa in autumn, while MAO goes to West Med. Tunis will fall in two years then
10 Dec 20 UTC Ah. Interesting.

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jasnah (0 D X)
Won. Bet: 5 D, won: 5 D
14 supply-centers, 14 units
pyxxy (622 D)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
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