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Finished: 06 AM Sun 24 Jan 21 UTC
Private 2020 World Cup Group A Public Press
1 day, 12 hours /phase
Pot: 35 D - Autumn, 1905, Finished
Classic, Public messaging only, Anonymous players, Unranked
3 excused missed turn
Game drawn
24 Jan 21 UTC For the rest of the players, I just went on everyone's profile and read whatever press was available there, and simply matched it up haha. Haven't played with nor particularly interacted with any of you four (England, France, Germany, Italy)/
24 Jan 21 UTC If I recall correctly, I actually identified you (gimix) next :D

it was the occasional uncapitalised "i", and syntactical quirks - I'm not good enough to identify them specifically, sorry. The ":)" at the end of sentences common enough.
24 Jan 21 UTC For Merigar (Italy), it was similarly the grammar quirks combined with the blunt aggression.
24 Jan 21 UTC mschwartz was the one with a specific, instant tell: "the wine fields of Piedmont" is a phrase that he uses.
24 Jan 21 UTC At this point, it was process of elimination, and England's press here read similar enough to Brinbino's that I was pretty sure he was it.
24 Jan 21 UTC Probably don't need to offer anything on how to ID myself lmao, since anyone can see that.
24 Jan 21 UTC I did not take notes when going through to ID each nation, so apologies for not being able to offer more detailed reasons for everyone else. I'm sure there were specific instances and sentences where I could match up press, but can't recall them anymore.

Hope this helped @gimix :D
24 Jan 21 UTC To be fair, I did probably put a lot more trust in Turkey than I would've if I hadn't known who he was, so I think it worked out for you lol.

And yes, I do have approximately two personas that I tend to switch between depending on context and how I'm feeling and what the content of my messages needs to be. It's funny because I greatly dislike Shakespeare, and to a lesser extent dickens, and I am also a teenage essayist when assessments require it of me, but I never go to thesaurus for those words. I feel like I use commas fairly frequently though, as well as ellipses... but other than that, very little
fancy punctuation, you're right ;)

I didn't bother trying to ID anyone, emc just came out and said it though basically. Perhaps I should've pushed for a smaller draw, the 45 extra points may prove sorely missed (especially since we're losing every single 1v1 lol), but I was a bit worried about my exposed rear and the fact that by the time I came around everyone but Italy had already voted draw, and I was worried attitudes would not be in the right place to push for less. But also it seemed like fun to just draw hehe.
24 Jan 21 UTC Moderator: (goldfinger0303): And that's the advantage certain teams have from the tournament being semi-anon :)

If you put in the effort, it's possible to break it with reasonable accuracy. As countries start to get eliminated in the other matches, there are behavioral tells you can look for in others to see who is who based on results needed to advance. It's also why I allow teams to anonymously shuffle rosters for the Finals, so it has juuuust a bit more guesswork there to do.
24 Jan 21 UTC Moderator: (goldfinger0303): I remember in past years Cascadia would log when they received messages from each country, and use that to build a reasonable guess for timezones (and before it was fixed look at user login times....I'll repeat that has been fixed due to this tourney).
24 Jan 21 UTC I'm not sure anyone worked out I was in fact in an Aussie timezone, but I was also in a slightly odd position of being active from like 11am to 3am each day instead of at reasonable hours.
24 Jan 21 UTC Btw, I'm totally up for another public press game with emc and yigg and whoever else wants to join in, and I'd love to throw a fun little gimmick of some kind in too, whatever that may be.
24 Jan 21 UTC emc you are a genius
and yes, "i" don't like using the capitalized "I", so you were totally right about that
24 Jan 21 UTC the funny thing is i was born "in the wine fields of Piedmont", or very near to them since i am from Turin :D
24 Jan 21 UTC Lol what a coincidence
24 Jan 21 UTC Oh haha, that's cool.
24 Jan 21 UTC >For Merigar (Italy), it was similarly the grammar quirks combined with the blunt aggression
Excusez-moi, but which one of my finished games contained all that? And what do you mean by grammar quirks, I wonder? Just interested
24 Jan 21 UTC Yes, you were harder to ID because there was not many messages to compare to at all. I think I mainly used the ending message in "Trial-40" to compare, when you were Austria.

You had a sense of indignant offense in your tone, and seemed to be more solo and tactically focused than the other players (in this game). Carried over to here, you were clearly the one player that was most interested in playing for a win - compared to myself, who spent most of my time and messages on happy chatting.
24 Jan 21 UTC I'm not good enough with grammar to say the exact differences for you, but generally when people speak in a language they do not think in, they directly translate it - which causes certain grammatical "quirks" because it's following the structure of the original language instead of English. I believe it's called language transfer.
24 Jan 21 UTC For example, "There is a red apple on the tree" can be said several ways.

"On the tree, there is a red apple"; "There's a red apple on the tree"; "The tree has an apple that is red" just to name a few.

Yours was unique and different from gimix's (naturally, as you have different native language), as well as being identifiably different from all the rest of the players. Or at least, different just enough that I could tell :)
25 Jan 21 UTC Sorry I can't be more of help, haha
25 Jan 21 UTC (Well, that sentence above would be example: A different person might've said, "Sorry that I couldn't be of more help" or "Sorry that I couldn't help more" or "Can't help more, sorry :D")
25 Jan 21 UTC I'm surprised you didn't pick up on my passive-aggressive rants in Autumn 01 and use that to ID me or confirm your ID on me. That tends to be a pretty huge giveaway for me, as you have presumably seen in mafia and could probably find in a few of my finished games.
25 Jan 21 UTC Lol I didn't really look for extra validation for you, since it just felt right off the bat and the timing of the messages seemed to fit.
25 Jan 21 UTC It's the same way you just knew Turkey was me ;p
25 Jan 21 UTC The only person I was able to identify was emc as Turkey due to his CNC comment. I had one of my teammates ask about it in the Discord as not to give myself away, but I guess that was all for naught ;)
25 Jan 21 UTC Hah! Do you still need an explanation? Gold said I wasn't allowed to respond due to issues with breaking anon, but that point is moot now.
25 Jan 21 UTC Thanks for answer! You seem to be experienced in identifying and de-anonimization, but does it profit you in game? Or is it just for fun and telling the others about it afterwards? :)
25 Jan 21 UTC In our own server, we used to deanon each other during every blitz game. That was fun)
25 Jan 21 UTC I second Merigar's question and also if you don't mind a quick explanation on CNC that'd be great thx
25 Jan 21 UTC If I were a better player it would profit me, but in this case it was mainly just for fun :D
25 Jan 21 UTC "To darlin' Russia, I'd love to hear your sweet voice once again. Let me know what I can do to defend you from unwarranted contact - CNC is the way to go, and there was certainly no proper discussions beforehand on that front with Germany."

CNC = consensual non-consent. This was just myself playing coy and asking Russia if he was still okay with throwing to me an SC or two, while I fobbed off the German unit(s) for him. Given the current response from everyone, no idea if he actually got it or not lol.
25 Jan 21 UTC @Yigg, we shall all patiently await your AAR :)
26 Jan 21 UTC Sorry guys, I'll try to get to it soon. Having serious work issues again. I promise I'll chat here when I can.
09 Feb 21 UTC Still waiting lol.
09 Feb 21 UTC The Group B public press game is just dissing us, awful. Our board is obviously the superior one.
09 Feb 21 UTC Incompetent, unqualified people who don't see the perfection when they meet it :D
09 Feb 21 UTC *looking down at group B*
10 Feb 21 UTC Uncultured swines. Can't understand the value of peace or artistic vision. Or trolling.
10 Feb 21 UTC We are simply artists unappreciated in our time. In years to come people will look back at this majestic vision with the reverence it is due. I am honoured to have been a part of the creative team behind such a magnum opus
10 Feb 21 UTC This marks the second revolutionary work of art in which I have been involved on this glorious art gall- I mean website.
10 Feb 21 UTC I wonder what the first one was?
10 Feb 21 UTC I'd assume this right here: https://webdiplomacy.net/board.php?gameID=242215
10 Feb 21 UTC Also, in the full press games 3/4 is just Austria absolutely dominating the board. If it wasn't for the 3-country rerand rule I'd be wondering if all three Austria's were the same team lol
10 Feb 21 UTC Turkey is correct in his assumption. There was originally a team that drew 3 Austrias, although it was reshuffled. Good on those people showing the world that Austria can. Unlike me lol.
10 Feb 21 UTC We definitely shouldn't take anything from the name of that previous 7wd being ""Test" Bad Strategies Here"... right?
10 Feb 21 UTC Draw? DRAW??? That game will continue to eternity! Or until the website goes down, whichever comes first.
10 Feb 21 UTC My apologies, I was comparing that masterpiece to your other and became confused. I meant 237155: Test Bad Strategies Here

You have a grand history in the arts, and undersold how often you produce such fine work
10 Feb 21 UTC Of course, that was another wonderful, albeit less revolutionary and subsequently surpassed, work of art. I am deeply thankful to all my collaborators over the years, especially the 20+ people who have worked on "Test" Bad Strategies Here by now.
03 Mar 21 UTC I've gotta to admit, I'm still patiently anticipating Yigg's AAR lol

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

Brinbino (208 D)
Drawn. Bet: 5 D, won: 5 D
7 supply-centers, 7 units
gimix (1522 D Mod)
Drawn. Bet: 5 D, won: 5 D
6 supply-centers, 6 units
BobMcBob (170 D)
Drawn. Bet: 5 D, won: 5 D
5 supply-centers, 5 units
e.m.c^42 (197 D)
Drawn. Bet: 5 D, won: 5 D
5 supply-centers, 5 units
Merigar (181 D)
Drawn. Bet: 5 D, won: 5 D
4 supply-centers, 4 units
mschwartz (171 D)
Drawn. Bet: 5 D, won: 5 D
4 supply-centers, 4 units
Yigg (2446 D)
Drawn. Bet: 5 D, won: 5 D
3 supply-centers, 3 units
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