Finished: 10 PM Wed 06 Jan 21 UTC
Mid-tier gunboat at an affordable price-20
1 day, 1 hours /phase
Pot: 84 D - Autumn, 1919, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring, Hidden draw votes
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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05 Jan 21 UTC GG Everyone!
05 Jan 21 UTC Russia: Sorry for beating up on you in the beginning. You had some bad luck with Austria's early capture of Warsaw, and I took advantage of that weakness in a major way. But well done on making it into the draw; you played the endgame quite well, surviving in Scandinavia like that. For Russia in Gunboat, that's hardly a bad result.

Austria: Sorry for that backstab. To be fair, I think it was more Italy's fault than my own. When he attacked you, it forced you to turn your attention away from me until it was too late. I don't know if there was much you could have done besides what you did. Either way, it was a pleasure being your ally for as long as it lasted.

France: Excellently played. You realized I had the potential of going solo and you did what you had to do to stop me long before I made it over the stalemate line. Very well done.
05 Jan 21 UTC GG All.

I agree with Turkey about Russia. Great endgame. I definitely saw an opportunity for a 3 way draw, with A very narrow chance at a solo (mistakes had to be made) if Italy was the 3rd. So I gave it a shot, and Russia defended it thoroughly.

Turkey - it was nice working it down to a 3 way draw with you. I wasn’t sure it was going to happen, and then you vacated Munich. I believe we’ve played together before. Funnily enough, I believe I was Turkey and you were France. In that game, I was hoping England would whittle down the draw by attacking Germany. But all signs were flashing hold. I decided to draw and England was really upset. Said I wasn’t patient enough. Ever since that game, I’ve been super aggressive (and very patient) in trying to whittle down the draw size. So my apologies to Italy, and for a long drawn-out game... but gotta compete to the end.
06 Jan 21 UTC GGs. I wasn't thrilled about the draw whittling, but if I want to complain, then I should have had a stronger backbone about it.

@Turkey, I had no issue with your early conquests. That's the gamble of opening north, which I like precisely for this sort of situation, where I make a draw as a northern Russia. Although I would have guessed that it would have been Italy in Trieste that motivated you, not Austria in Warsaw? One could argue that a Juggernaut here would have given you a better chance at a solo, since it's capturing TUN/MAR/SPA that generally puts Turkey over the edge into 18+, combined with stabbing Russia in the mid to late game.

But if anything, my self-critique is that throwing to Turkey as Russia (in order to secure a place in a draw) is ineffective unless Turkey can threaten a solo by taking StP/Ber/Mun. I think I believed I was much more irreplaceable than I really was (for quite a few years) and whittling Germany proved how wrong I was.

One other thing, I'm reviewing my notes on this game (if anyone wants them it's a few pages, so not posting here), did building A SEV make you move to ARM to attempt to bounce me in S02? I was worried about building there, but I didn't want to invest further in the north since I already had NWY + SWE along with no wanting to spook Germany.

On the other hand, once Germany was whittled, I didn't think that Italy deserved to live ;) but my draw was in since 1910, I swear.

@Germany, it's disingenuous of me to say I didn't want to whittle you...when I clearly went ahead with it. But I didn't mind getting revenge for you attacking me :/

Did my W03 F StP nc build antagonize you or were you already planning to go after Sweden in 1904? I figured we had a decent chance to G/R while E/F were entangled, given you could have taken BUR in S04 and NTH in A04, setting up yourself for large gains and stabbing me in a few years (since really I would only get EDI at most). It didn't help that I got lucky taking centers from England.

@Italy, this game is yet another example of what happens when Italy attack Austria in 1901 (in gunboat). They're your buffer against Turkey and/or the Juggernaut, and so they deserve to enjoy the game for a bit longer than two turns ;)

@Austria, good job grabbing Warsaw in 1901. I was somewhat hoping you might accept an A/R, which is I supported my fleet into RUM, but you put the build to better use than me :) no real critiques of your play, you played the hand you were dealt. I think staying in Greece in A04 might have been more prudent, but that was a decision made right before Italy relented their attack, so....tough one.

@France, wow I was mad when you tried whittling me. Glad I got a few years after that to cool off before writing this AAR. And I was mostly mad at myself for giving in to whittling Germany, which is the only reason I was at risk of being eliminated. I appreciate that you disbanded Norway in S15 instead of retreating, that was a very clear signal. And then I thought it was cute to trap your fleet in BAR ;)

@England, a few unlucky guesses on your part that all went my way :/ that said, I think it was ambitious to attack Norway with only two fleets, given Germany let me into Sweden. I actually think you could have tried an E/F or even E/F/R. I was trying to signal relative peace between us by not building a northern fleet.
06 Jan 21 UTC To answers your questions, Russia:

Yes, the Italian attack on Austria also factored heavily into my decision to go after you. Perhaps it was even more important than the Warsaw capture. For the first few turns, I was actually rather afraid that an Italy/Russia alliance would form, and I would be crushed between it. It seemed plausible, given the Italian attack on Austria and the fact that you were undoubtedly going to fight Austria for Warsaw, at the very least.

So, no, the build in Sevastopol did not provoke me into an attack--I would have attacked anyway. I considered an attack on you to be my best path for progression, as I knew Austria would leave me alone while dealing with Italy. But I also saw it as essential to my survival--whether you intended to attack me or not. If Austria did go to pieces too quickly, you and Italy stood to gain more of the spoils, and I would inevitably be the next target.

Had I performed more poorly against you, I probably would have persisted in my alliance with Austria for a lot longer--it could have turned into a protracted I/R vs. A/T war. Thankfully, I guessed correctly in Autumn 1902.

Also, I totally would like to see your notes from the game! If you're willing to share, PM me.
06 Jan 21 UTC France: Yes, I knew your username looked familiar! I looked back and found that old game. It is kinda funny how our countries were reversed in that one.

Yeah, England really chewed you out in that one (unnecessarily, I think). But the point about being patient to whittle the draw is, I think, a good one.

And as for that Munich grab... it was a rather greedy move. I thought there was a slight chance Russia's NAO fleet would go grab one of your home centers, you would be forced to disband somewhere, and there would be an opening somewhere in your line where I could still solo. It was an extremely long shot, but I figured it was worth a try. I appreciate your willingness to still work with me after I gave Munich back.
06 Jan 21 UTC @Russia, ya, I would have been mad too. Help to whittle Germany only to be turned against. It was a very bold/jerky move. I didn’t do it lightly. I weighed the odds of what I thought was close to a toss-up battle with you. The kicker was knowing I had control over the Mediterranean and you couldn’t easily build any gains you may get. As much as the pending battle was a toss-up, I was betting that you wouldn’t take yourself down just to spite me. Based on your strong play, I thought there was a greater chance you’d maximize your result as opposed to taking revenge. And regarding Barents: yes, I actually smiled to myself and thought “I bet that cheeky Russian trapped me there purpose.”

Turkey - gotta take the long shots. As much as it didn’t have the intended effect, it did prevent me from getting a build, and stopped my attack against Russia.

I see that Russia has registered for Nexus Gunboat Trophy II on Discord. Look forward to playing, maybe we’ll meet again there. To anyone else; you should check it out (or perhaps you’re already registered with a different handle).

Until next time, may your games be interesting and engaging.