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Finished: 11 AM Tue 03 Mar 20 UTC
Yo gunboat
1 day /phase
Pot: 350 D - Spring, 1912, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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02 Mar 20 UTC So many mistakes. So little talent.

02 Mar 20 UTC Austria played like total shit.
02 Mar 20 UTC GG anyway. I should have finished England before trying to solo.
02 Mar 20 UTC You should have built another northern fleet in W08 and pushed a second fleet into NTH in 09. That would have been enough to secure the solo, I think, especially since England did everything he could to help you.
02 Mar 20 UTC and turkey was moving armies to con instead of Armenia and Austria threw the game earlier for absolutely no reason at all.
02 Mar 20 UTC France, what do you mean by "England did everything he could to help [Russia]"? I'd say I made one big mistake in early game (F Liverpool in Winter 1901) but otherwise I think I played fine. I agree that Turkey and Austria were bad and I think you [France] didn't allow Germany to put up a proper defense
02 Mar 20 UTC Germany messed up in 05 and 06 and had 0 probability of surviving the Russian attack after that. It was only a question of how much of Germany would fall to Russia and how much would fall to you and me. And you decided to support hold Belgium _and_ allow Russia into NTH. That was a major fuck up on your part. And then you continued with giving him London for no reason! Insane. If it weren't for the fact that Russia messed up afterwards this would have cost us the game.
02 Mar 20 UTC Please do not be harsh and insult. I think that many of my moves and Germany’s were heavily influenced by the fact that you were hostile. It looked a lot like your strategy to stop Russia was to take my centers and Germany’s centers before Russia did. Which is legitimate: but then it should not surprise you that me and Germany did not prioritize resisting Russia anymore. The reason is clear: if we only resist you and Russia gets closer to winning there is a chance you change your strategy. If you don’t, well we have nothing to lose.

More specifically, in Spring 1907 it looked a lot like you were going to attack English Channel and/or go for Liverpool. My choice was to not defend North Sea (after two failed attacks, it was reasonable for Russia to change strategy as he did), use Clyde to contrast you, use North Sea to contrast Russia. Only decent choice for English Channel was to support Belgium: a message for you to stop being hostile and take us into the draw. I didn’t care if Russia took North Sea: I was already barely surviving, I needed you to be desperate.

Maybe repeating the same moves in Autumn 1907 was not a great play... but again you were not helping. Now, it is true that losing London looks like an oversight. It is a risk I took because I reckoned that if things went bad, you and I could easily win London back. At that point, I was assuming that you were finally on my side. In fact, I repeatedly tried to attack London and get your support, which never came.

Many moves were suboptimal, but it was partially due to your hostility: do not blame incompetence
02 Mar 20 UTC I made no hostile moves against you whatsoever. I made the moves that were necessary to prevent Russia from taking all of the British isles.

It's not about centers. It's about stalemate line.

Just count the regions and how many units you need to stalemate. With Russia in Norwegian Sea you need units in NAO, Clyde, Edi, and NTH, and a fifth fleet is needed in ENG to support hold NTH. You only had three fleets. Where do you expect the other two fleets to come from? Turkey?

After you gave up NTH we needed six units. What am I supposed to do? Sit back and let you implode?

You also seem to be clueless about how important NTH is. Supporting you into London from NTH, allowing Russia to retreat to Wales or Yorkshire _and_ with a second Russian fleet backfilling NTH, a Russian army in Norway that would have been convoyed to Edi or Yorks... that would have been an immediate solo for Russia. You should thank me for _not_ supporting you.
02 Mar 20 UTC yeah, England, stop taking, France is right.
02 Mar 20 UTC now, shall we talk about moronic Austrian play?
02 Mar 20 UTC spring 1901, Italy makes the MOST PEACEFUL possible opening move towards Austria, vacating Venice, screaming out loud, let's be allies!

Austria responds by moving to Adriatic, a hostile move towards Italy.

Italy bites his tongue and ignores this and goes for France. Austria, just gives away Serbia and Greece to Turkey.

Finally in spring of 1903, turkey makes an error, and Austria makes a great move to retake Serbia, but then promptly blows in in the fall trying to futilely hold the obviously impossible to hold Rumania, when all he needed to do was support hold Serbia and cover Bud and Vienna, giving up Rumania to achieve a solid 5 SC position. but alas, Austria fils to cover Budapest and Russia walks in...

then, Austria kamikazes on Italy??? another futile move, as I saw it coming somehow, eh? Actually, I didn't, I moved to defend against an expected Turkish fleet move to Ionian, which didn't happen, but this move set me up to totally block Austria's suicide move, and Russia is handed virtually all of Austria, for free, but why?

And not a single Italian SC fell to Austria, and Austria promptly died for absolutely no reason at all. I mean, sure I understand revenge, but revenge against your best most friendly ally? hmmmm....
02 Mar 20 UTC I meant to say Serbia had to support the fleet to Greece while the other two armies covered the home SC, a basic and obvious 100% move to grow back to 5 SC and get back int he game..
02 Mar 20 UTC France, I have skimmed quickly through your answer and your arguments about the stalemate line sound legit. However, I am still convinced that you should take more into account what your moves communicate to other players.

I may elaborate on this tomorrow, but your arrogant and condescending tone does not make this a pleasant conversation. That's a shame, I am willing to learn but an angry rant is not worth it. This extends to you Italy, with your "England stop talking, France is right" and your insults to Austria. I understand you all are angry but please, control yourselves.
02 Mar 20 UTC Fuck you England, you suck. Better now?
03 Mar 20 UTC If you would have spent some time thinking about what was necessary to stop the solo, then you would have realized that the move to NAO in 1907 was the most friendly move I could have played. Germany was a lost cause already and you needed fleet back-up to protect UK.

I'm not angry but you'll have to excuse me if I don't have the wherewithal to dress my criticism in rose petals.