Finished: 09 AM Sat 22 Jun 19 UTC
Friday night gunboat again
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 140 D - Spring, 1914, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn
22 Jun 19 UTC lol
22 Jun 19 UTC I understand. Was really just hoping that a few extra points weren't worth extending the game that much longer.
22 Jun 19 UTC GG all

Russia, the two things you did left Austria unchecked early, which made my life sorta miserable as he devoured everything

and did not set yourself up well at the end to be in position for the draw

Once I saw how germany was moving, I figured he would be up for carving 1 more out of the draw

I missed a golden chance mid-game, and wished England had hung on a little longer
22 Jun 19 UTC Anyways, glad I was lucky enough to pick up this game - and get to this result.

England, there were a couple times where you played way too passively - for example, in Fall 1907 (when Austria was in Silesia), instead of support holding everything - that was your chance to take Denmark from me. You should of made a move for it, even if you lost Sweden, you would of definitely gotten Denmark.
22 Jun 19 UTC don't be sorry, it happens all the time, and I have started taking my Gunboats a bit more serious now, since in tourneys they would 100% do that to ya
22 Jun 19 UTC Note to self, Armenia definitely doesn't work without direct backing from Austria
22 Jun 19 UTC If England had played for his life, it either would of been a 4 way draw, or Italy would of soloed... Happy he decided to get eliminated quickly...
22 Jun 19 UTC I remember that move I was soooooo angry...I even thought about letting Austria keep that 1 army there, to make trouble up

Turkey had WAY WAY too many fleets, and in all the wrong places (Bulgaria NC and Rumania)
22 Jun 19 UTC Ugh, for being Austria in gunboat my early game actually went well. I just did not have the luxury of aid from another side at all in the midgame, and I made a handful of enemies in my conquest. Well played, I was expecting that if I could hold out for a little longer, Germany and France had made up and possibly I would get some help, but France played the patience game and seems to have ended out near the top.
22 Jun 19 UTC Again, well played all.
22 Jun 19 UTC Left Austria unchecked? Turkey came at my with all 3 units in the Spring. Then in the Autumn England convoyed to Norway. I never had a chance to check anyone.
22 Jun 19 UTC your early move to venice pretty much made up my mind for me

IN gunboat, Austria has to 'hope' Italy is with them a move into venice isn't your best play there
22 Jun 19 UTC @Italy, I completely understand that. I just play all of my games with ruthlessness, tournament or not, to maximize my webDip points and/or maximize my tournament points.
22 Jun 19 UTC yeah, I fought for Sevastopol way longer than I should have
22 Jun 19 UTC yeah, I fought for Sevastopol way longer than I should have
22 Jun 19 UTC yeah, I fought for Sevastopol way longer than I should have
22 Jun 19 UTC austria was all up in Romania like 1901 and since he did his 'push venice' move, I was just peeved at you all
22 Jun 19 UTC oops
22 Jun 19 UTC <3
22 Jun 19 UTC I was just gambling on a standard southern hedgehog, and was anticipating Rome->Venice, gaining a bounce, and then in F01 at least I can move away to show intention.
22 Jun 19 UTC @germany

I never used to , but I have started recently I figured everyone left could count to 17, and knew where stalemate lines were, and I had no path to 18, but saw an easy way of carving Russia out of it without any risk to me getting a solo
22 Jun 19 UTC This was also my first game past 1902, so I'm just glad I didn't die first
22 Jun 19 UTC tueky, you had a far too many fleets

There was also a time you slipped into Romania, but destroyed that army...whew that one scared the crap outta me
22 Jun 19 UTC I held Rumania until 1903 while fighting on two fronts. :)
22 Jun 19 UTC Great game, Italy
22 Jun 19 UTC I think that was probably my best moment of the game
22 Jun 19 UTC @austria When I play austria I honestly hope that Italy isn't an idiot, and lets me move vs Turkey and Russia which is what I was gonna let you do, but you moved to venice, and then when I got to Aegean, I saw a good chance at hurting you badly
22 Jun 19 UTC Not often you see a quality Italian victory
22 Jun 19 UTC maybe im an I kept seeing austria all over the damn place over there, made me stab him a turn too early probably
22 Jun 19 UTC I was considering keeping the game going a couple more years just so I could paint out the pink with brown in England. I drew though because I thought that, since I'm not sure about France's experience level, he might mis-interpret that as a stab and blow up the whole stalemate position.

Glad that France & Russia were both experienced enough to know when and how to create a solid stalemate line to stop Italy.
22 Jun 19 UTC My little dance with the English fleets to end up in Channel was entertaining. GG all and nice working with you, Germany.
22 Jun 19 UTC why did Russia not move to ukraina and keep that army in Livonia....
22 Jun 19 UTC I probably would not have tried so hard to carve you out of it, cuz that would have been 2 more turns....I don't think I had the patience for
22 Jun 19 UTC When you got Aegean I knew it was gone in that Fall, I just let it happen. Was hoping you'd see it as a chance to take Turkey, but that was a pipe dream lol. In your shoes I do the same.
22 Jun 19 UTC @Italy
22 Jun 19 UTC ya, I could not resist at that point I was still pouting over the venice move, and you were trying to gobble up all of the Balkans, so I said "wtf, not gonna get a better chance"
22 Jun 19 UTC Yea, Russia had several turns to move to Ukraine (from Sevastopol) and set up a solid stalemate line. In the end though, it probably didn't matter - considering I still would of weaseled my way into Livonia and backstabbed him.
22 Jun 19 UTC lol, well Im sure I made it so much more tempting when I started supporting you and france, and moving stuff that way...

I just helped speed up the process
22 Jun 19 UTC austria, you were so in love that that dang fleet

I was so very tempted to leave you 1 center down in Serbia or something, so you could wreck havoc up there, but I didn't get that chance

It certainly has in my mind 1ausrian army running around in germany may have been enough
22 Jun 19 UTC I felt pretty sure you were looking for a 3 way draw when your draw vote didn't come up when we had a stalemate position (w/ Russia).
22 Jun 19 UTC Moderator: (Magnetic24): Thank you all for your patience in this game. I've never had to do a 5-minute pause as I said... kind of odd.

Regardless, gg to you all
22 Jun 19 UTC Yes, seeing that I would have been in Trieste all the same. Shame France didn't hop in and join in the fun :'(
22 Jun 19 UTC again, had he moved to Ukraine, I may have changed my mind, but he didn't so I figured what was the worst thing that could happen...
22 Jun 19 UTC I love wrecking havoc, it's truly my specialty. Nothing like leaving someone an SC and releasing the hounds!
22 Jun 19 UTC Well, I'm happy that I was able to finish with a very good result in Gunboat (my expertise is Full Press) - especially since things looked to be sort of in the gutter when I took over.
22 Jun 19 UTC my biggest scare about that was you getting a center up there, and building down here in the middle of my undefended area...
22 Jun 19 UTC It's the same stalemate whether I'm in Ukraine or not. Just a question of whether Germany wanted to include me in the draw.
22 Jun 19 UTC there was also the few years you guys could have pushed me from galacia which never seemed to even get into the pic (thankfully)
22 Jun 19 UTC Well, anyways, good game y'all! Happy that I was lucky enough to decide to look at the 'Open Positions' page when I did!
22 Jun 19 UTC gg, thank you for getting the game rolling!

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Stressedlines (1559 D)
Drawn. Bet: 20 D, won: 47 D
16 supply-centers, 16 units
ChippeRock (2564 D)
Drawn. Bet: 0 D, won: 47 D
11 supply-centers, 11 units
90kicvesb (4056 D)
Drawn. Bet: 20 D, won: 47 D
7 supply-centers, 7 units
Defeated. Bet: 20 D
Kylo (463 D)
Defeated. Bet: 20 D
MytharGT (85 D)
Defeated. Bet: 20 D
Emmaline (129 D)
Defeated. Bet: 20 D
Civil Disorders
Duaner02 (1367 D)Germany (Spring, 1903) with 6 centres.
Carl Tuckerson (589 D)Germany (Autumn, 1901) with 3 centres.
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