Finished: 09 PM Thu 25 Jul 19 UTC
Out of the Frying Pan
1 day /phase
Pot: 70 D - Autumn, 1913, Finished
Classic, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by EyesofEmber (352 D)

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21 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1901: Good luck everyone.
10 Jul 19 UTC Autumn, 1907: This is all getting very "Relationship Status: It's Complicated"....
13 Jul 19 UTC Autumn, 1908: Man Turkey, I’m sorry Italy and I weren’t fast enough to rescue you. Thanks for being a good sport and playing all the way to the end.
13 Jul 19 UTC Autumn, 1908: Gg all!
15 Jul 19 UTC Autumn, 1909: To Austria, Germany, and Russia,

Your alliance has failed but you are in luck. Italy and I have been talking and we would like to draw this game with one of you. We’ve clearly got you beat at this point as evidenced by year after year of builds.

The thing is we don’t know who we want to draw with. So, we’ve talked, and decided that whomever of the three of you is the last one standing that is who we will draw with. Best of luck.

15 Jul 19 UTC Autumn, 1909: What exactly is to stop you from going for the solo or two way draw once the three of us duke it out?
15 Jul 19 UTC Autumn, 1909: A gracious gift from President Snow
15 Jul 19 UTC Autumn, 1909: Please think about it, it is your last chance to survive...
15 Jul 19 UTC Autumn, 1909: I did not hear an assurance or rules. Are we allowed to attack you? Will you both stand by or just decide on a winner.
15 Jul 19 UTC Autumn, 1909: Are there rules in a free for all death match? Fine, here are a few rules.

No hitting below the belt.
Silesia is off limits
And you can only build fleets on odd numbered years

May the odds be ever in your favor
15 Jul 19 UTC Autumn, 1909: Oh and Jokers are wild. Almost forgot that one.
15 Jul 19 UTC Autumn, 1909: "Silesia is off limits" might be the most absurd rule for a Germany-Russia-Austria war I've ever seen
15 Jul 19 UTC Autumn, 1909: Hey you guys asked for rules and I delivered. If you don’t like them then don’t follow them.
15 Jul 19 UTC Autumn, 1909: No items, Turkey only, final destination?
15 Jul 19 UTC Autumn, 1909: I sent a message to the mods asking for a replacement.

I don't find this type of game fun. You will eventually win and I wanted to see if France would go for the solo. However this set up has really turned me off and I don't want to play this game any more. I don't have any ill will toward anyone here but I am taking my ball and going home. I didnt ask for any kind of reprimands or bannings. I don't want that. You aren't breaking the rules.

I hope everyone has fun. I truly do. If I stay I fear I will spoil the game for everyone and you all should have fun.
15 Jul 19 UTC Autumn, 1909: Listen man we weren’t being serious. We were just joking around. No need to fetch the mods
15 Jul 19 UTC Autumn, 1909: Alright sorry. I tend to get over sensitive sometimes.
16 Jul 19 UTC Autumn, 1909: I mean, this proposal sounds fun and all but it has problems. Namely that if you guys continue to push for "last man standing" France is going to end up with the solo win faster than Italy just naturally over the course of the fight.

Also, if instead of playing the game I just give ground then that also puts one of you in an advantageous state for the solo win.

Your ploy in and of itself basically says you can't not solo-win unless we turn on ourselves.

So I guess we'll see how this plays out either way.
16 Jul 19 UTC Spring, 1910: To finalize, Austria's position is as follows:

I will make no move to support any of my holdings. If you can bring to units, you can take my SC. I have 4 SCs. That evens the scales on who has the stronger position in Italy/France, or gives one of my allies a big boost to their own ability to hold out.

So by all means, come and take Austria. Whoever wants it. Just, y'know, watch your back while doing it.

Those are some nice "ally facing" new armies you guys are building btw.
16 Jul 19 UTC Spring, 1910: This game went really off the rails