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Finished: 04 AM Thu 04 Jul 19 UTC
Private Victory - 6
2 days /phase
Pot: 700 D - Autumn, 1910, Finished
Classic, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by The Belgian Bulldog (1593 D)
10 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1908: It seems many of us are busy, my pause vote is in.
10 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1908: (And I was sure Magnetic was in the game)
10 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1908: I can continue playing now if you wish: so do you want to pause?
10 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1908: Moderator: (Magnetic24): If desired, I can reset the phase.
10 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1908: We gonna ready up gents. I’m ready to accept my fate
10 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1908: I agree
10 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1908: But I agree with everything :-)
10 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1908: Let's see this through.
13 Jun 19 UTC Autumn, 1908: With an idle Germany, essentially - congratulations to Russia for breaking the bank of 700 points o7
14 Jun 19 UTC Autumn, 1908: I'm not even the center leader.
14 Jun 19 UTC Autumn, 1908: After this turn, you will be rocketing. And Germany will be.. <searching for the word..... searching>... still trying to ... <searching for the word> - Germany, help me, how would you describe this what you've been doing?
14 Jun 19 UTC Autumn, 1908: Searching?
14 Jun 19 UTC Autumn, 1908: And the French throw has just escaped your mind? Not to throw Germany under the bus, but it's not as if I'm objectively stronger than them.
14 Jun 19 UTC Autumn, 1908: Yeah. It’s a bit of being between to dragons for us small powers
14 Jun 19 UTC Autumn, 1908: Which is why you strike a deal. :)
15 Jun 19 UTC Autumn, 1908: What to destroy, what to destroy... Russia, any preferences?
19 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1909: Germany has woken up? Can't be, my screen must be malfunctioning <bang, bang>
19 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1909: Lusthog then. I will not be voting for a draw. Period.
19 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1909: Actually, let me revise: congrats on the solo Germany. Ain’t no chance you don’t win. But hey, At least russia got Trieste. Woo hoo!
19 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1909: I even warned Russia lol. O well
19 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1909: Yes, you absolutely called it right
27 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1910: My apologies; I had some real life business I needed to deal with and was inactive as a result. I'm back, however
27 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1910: Welcome back
27 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1910: Welcome back. Did you mean to cast a cancel vote?
28 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1910: And Russia gives away the game
28 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1910: Gg germany. Me and italy both suggested moves to you russia that would have prevented this
28 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1910: Well played, Germany... I lost the game.
28 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1910: Hmph. Good guess. Congrats
28 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1910: It always remains a guessing game in the end. Gal-Sil S by Boh would have stopped this move but it was characterized by its own flaws. I got lucky (on several occasions): you guys played an absolutely great game, until the very end. Unless I am missing something this is indeed the last turn.
29 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1910: Can we just ready up then?
01 Jul 19 UTC Germany... you know you can draw now, right? ;)
01 Jul 19 UTC Computer says ‘no’
01 Jul 19 UTC On the draw button that is; I readied up 42 hours ago.
02 Jul 19 UTC Congrats Germany. Nicely done
02 Jul 19 UTC I readied. 1525
02 Jul 19 UTC Ignore that last number... meant to send that somewhere else. Regardless, nicely done Germany!
02 Jul 19 UTC Well, better me than Metsuke, I would hope?

Regardless, you deserved this one, TBB. I had hoped that you were willing to trust me a little bit more... but I didn't make it clear with you the difference in press between you and Italy. I'm not sure you would have stabbed otherwise... but, not sure.

I can write a longer EoG tomorrow. A lot to unpack here.
02 Jul 19 UTC That was quite a game. Really great group of players top to bottom. I am sorry Szoiti, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it work
02 Jul 19 UTC Very good game all, and thanks for playing! I apologize that I haven’t been writing a lot of messages anymore. A wedding coming up in 12 days is much fun, but it has contaminated my games here:-) I am playing only one (non-anon) game still and I have never been more silent as in that game as Magnetic will have experienced.

Magnetic, I also enjoy your reference to Metsuke as I assume you are referring to a game here with themooch, Metsuke and roragons, and definitely did not enjoy playing with Metsuke. Themooch may raise that I am just a sore loser, and he is probably right:-)

But back to this game: there is indeed a lot to unpack. It all started with the sea lion suggested by Magnetic. Themooch answered that he did not know that one, although he was probably misleading me so that I would consider him the less experienced player? It worked: I thought you indeed were, and I never guessed it was you, despite this being our third game together if I am counting well. It influenced my choices later on.

Anyhow, the sea lion was the path - England, you came across to me as considering to attack me first, so that did not really help - and it worked : there was not much roragons could do. At that stage, I planned to focus on Russia after England, just because I considered Russia the more experienced player and because Russia risked to grow too quickly with a sea lion north and a juggernaut south.

That plan was expedited when Russia built F StP. That build could only have been directed against me despite Russia claiming otherwise.

The result was needing to trust France 100% to get me to edinburgh while attacking Swe. The plan worked. England got in good defensive moves slowing me down a bit but Swe was a certainty. It was also not a big issue since I did not want to outgrow France (too quickly) risking a balanced alliance.

After that there was a lot of talking with Russia to smoothen things out. I demanded a disband of the second fleet up north to renew our partnership. Russia agreed.

In A04 I had to choose between moving against France or Russia (again). I chose France for three reasons despite there still being a juggernaut: Russia showed he could be trusted with that disband and he promised to break up the jug, I wanted to get the entire of England to avoid having to dedicate three units to two SCs, and France had surprisingly become a little more silent.

I worried over France and Russia getting together, but they luckily didn’t.

France and I then started talking a lot again, and time after time I considered changing course to go after Russia. Turkey was certainly asking me to do that, but I also worried over a Russia that would grow too strong, and I was aiming for a solo and preferred a path via Mos and War.

But each time France and I could not connect the last dots and I chose to continue my path via France, although I thought the chances of a solo were slimmer.

Magnetic: just so you know, as soon as I got England, my endgame was always a solo. I enjoyed playing with you a lot, as always, but a 17/17 draw is for me only an option if The other player and me have had an impeccable cooperation: the F StP got that off the table for me. I realize I can come across as easily agitated, which - again - is probably correct:-)

My chances of a solo, however, were decreasing I felt with Italy and France finding each other. That was something I did not count on from Italy’s side, as France had gone for a full blown attack on Italy and was only stopped since I turned against him in A04. I also felt I was nowhere near a solo. I tried explaining Italy and finally in A07 was able to convince him. Curious about what triggered you Italy? My guess would be Russia growing quickly and me as a necessity to contain him, while also discussing heavily a three way draw with you as partner?

In any case, Italy supporting me into Pic was great even more so because it angered France and broke their bond indefinitely, or at least until A09.

France continued to try to deceive me and I anticipated certain but definitely not all deceptions. The most important one was in A08 where France promised he would get rid of Italy and throw me Bre. I chose to disband Italy myself (playing this towards Italy as a gesture to him, as he once raised this and got a little silent that turn), and prioritise BRE over Por. It worked although I had not anticipated France leaving Mar open: I knew I needed Mar so did not want a retreat for Italy from Bur to Mar. But there was little I could do: I cheered to Italy that Mar was him, but Italy missed that spot when he chose to disband if I understand correctly and that was key.

The last dots were Spa, Par and Nor, StP and particularly War so I had to move again against Russia. I played it as if I feared a stab and only anticipated that, but the goal was a solo for sure.

To reach that end goal, I think it was key that France disbanded Par, and Italy Pie. I would otherwise have lost Mar for sure, perhaps even Spa, and it would have taken me a couple of years to get more units in France to back up that attack.

The last move that was key came from Russia with letting me take Boh while keeping Sil.

So from my perspective, I think the three of you all made choices that helped a solo. I don’t think it Russia was the sole one to blame just because of the final Sil move.

Long EoG debrief, but I wanted to make up for my silence and absence in a part of this game, and also thank you all this way for playing. I think this is clearly one of the stronger set of players, and it is definitely a solo I value highly.

Thank you themooch and Magnetic for the great players you are, the elaborate chats, and for the ability to set up and honor long-standing alliances. We have good ones in the past, sorry for breaking them up in this game. Thank you also to Ogion for again a great game: you were a little brief in correspondence but what was necessary was always in there. Your unpredictability is definitely a strong power. Thank you also Szpoti for the continuous pushing to stab Russia: even to the point where you asked me in global what the hell I was doing:-) sorry roragon for not leaving you a chance in this game with a sea lion from the start. And sorry JMB22 for not having chatted with you more.
02 Jul 19 UTC I've never survived homeless on one unit, and have even consulted the manual if that's technically possible. Accidentally, discovered that the original Avalon Hill manual is inconsistent in that regard, messing up even the basic definition of 'turn'.
For the most part of the game, I was just a bystander trying to stay above the surface. Not intended as a correction, but merely as an enrichment of you EoG, the Jugg was broken as soon as Russia received all possible advantage from Turkey, that is, GRE. I should have struck that very moment but I was wanted the Jugg to work far too much even beyond the reality; the north fleet disband was a red flag flying right before my eyes, but I must have thought that committing a catastrophic error of attacking JMB22 was the key to success. I must've been Magnetic's sweet talking - well, love is blind, as always. The rest was only an accelerated rolling downwards without emergency break engaged.
Magnetic, that convoy from RUM was a perfectly executed ninja leap. I had BUL move into RUM that very turn, but not enough guts to keep that order till the end of the turn.
Ogion, no hard feelings at all, at that point I had no illusions, and I would have been stunned if you hadn't taken that chance.
Themoch, cheers for having been my therapeutist absorbing my venting.
JMB22, I can only say Austria and Turkey seldom find their happily ever after.
Roragons must be by far the most unlucky ruler. Don't worry mate, I'm right behind you.
And finally, TBB, congrats on this solo. I couldn't foresee that you would be able to pull that on off, but apparently you were a few steps ahead or me in your plot, and you saw the shore through the haze, whilst I was a child of the mist. Certainly something to be proud of.
A final note: I wish to propose that we make this ephemeral society into something more scheduled than just only occasional. After all, where else can you find no NMRs, no hatred outbursts, no rage quits, quality stabs in one package, and press exceeding phatic slaps in the face in form of 'that sounds good'?
02 Jul 19 UTC My 'cancel' vote is in.
02 Jul 19 UTC That might to work here...
02 Jul 19 UTC Ok, let me just give a quick rundown on why I did the moves I did. Once germany stabbed it was very clear to me that I needed to patch things up with italy. Since I hadn’t officially attacked him at that point I thought I might have a chance, but it was very up and down in the first couple phases after the stab.
Germany I tried to provide options and reconcile whatever mad you choose me over Russia. Truth be told, I was actually seriously considering striking you in 1905. You struck first and it was a good decision by you.
From that point on I was relatively confident with italy that I could hold you off by just being kind of unpredictable and giving myself a window to deceive by patching things up in chat. In truth I never would have actually aligned with you after the stab, so it was a good choice not to work with me again, whether that was really what you were considering or if you were just patronizing me haha.
Once italy helped you with pic, I knew that my path to the draw was got extremely narrow. I figured it could really go 3 ways. 1. Germany and Italy slowly cut me down and I wither until I die
2. Russia plows through turkey and now is on italy’s Doorstep. At that point I would have made a deal with Russia, to help dispose of italy and posture to be the 3rd member of the draw
3. I throw my centers retreat to tunis, and alert Russia, so he would protect st. Petes, Warsaw and Moscow. I would mask it to others as just giving up, but then italy/Russia/turkey would come to me asking for help to stop the solo.

I went with 3 lol
02 Jul 19 UTC There were definitely a lot of different moves that had an affect on the outcome. It was a fun game with good players, germany well done. Italy I’m glad we at least ended on the same page haha. Russia sorry if I was being an ass, it really did come down to a guessing game at the end and you played a very strong game all together. Turkey, my venting buddy!!!! You also played well, but after the Russian and German stabs we both knew our time was limited. England you got screwed plan and simple. Austria, I was pulling for ya, but in a game with this strength of players, hard to maneuver with austria
02 Jul 19 UTC Haha love the messages and the looking forward to a next game:-) Thanks for the nice words: it is still a lot of luck. You can have a solid plan but you need reliable partners to work that out.

And I just noticed that Metsuke was the one that got replaced after nmr’ing in Victoria 5. Indeed very happy you were here Magnetic: very happy!

France, I really believed that we could patch things up yes. After all, it is what Russia and I did after he built F StP and I took Swe. Imo, (stable) flexibility is one of the key assets for this game.

As for a next game: I am definitely all up for it but I will take a break for at least a month, not restarting new games apart from the new round in ODC 2019.
02 Jul 19 UTC I've just realised that you've managed to double your points, and injected yourself into the elite!
I also need a break, I've been experiencing a weird streak of misfires. I just hope we can keep this club here together for future games.
02 Jul 19 UTC No doubt! Very strong players in here. Was thinking of getting back into it a bit. I have had a bunch of cds and missed turns recently because of real life. But starting to get more free time so might be more active. We will see!!
02 Jul 19 UTC For my part, I had started seeking a Lepanto but then switched to working with Russia Early, hence th convoy to Venice. Of course France’s attack of me (while saying “no, I’m sending all my fleets your way to help you, honest! Go attack Turkey and Russia!” As if there was a snowballs chance I’d believe that placed all that on hold. Thus Russia ran rampant. Also, it meant it was absolutely critical for me for Germany to attack France. That retreat to Gascony was designed to entice Germany into attacking France to get those fleets out of Tyrrhenian. That helped. I simply didn’t trust France to back off unless necessary

The subsequent decision to help Germany into Piedmont was probably my worst of the game, but Frances Stan in Tunis really once again convinced me France absolutely couldnot be trusted at all. This, i was harboring notions of grabbing Iberia. However, when France suicided into me, that ended that. I was imploring France almost immediately to protect the southernmost centers to block the solo, but obviously we went through a couple rounds of France insisting he’d rather support Germany into Tunis. At that point I’d kind of given up. I handed Russia and France a bunch of centers to ensure we could grab Warsaw, which meant Marseilles was off the table. (In retrospect we should have just stopped trying to eliminate Turkey and recruited that fleet to cover Tyrrhenian.

Of course, by then it was down to the right guess in Bohemia.

Good game Germany!
02 Jul 19 UTC Just to be clear, I moved into tyrr when I saw a potential jugg with turkey having fleet superiority. The goal was to get italy into marseilles and destroy the unit so he could build another fleet, plus my hit to Naples was coordinated at his request. Then I would leave to fight germany with a really strong trust with italy. The end goal was to have italy completely trust me, so an attack on germany would be possible. Italy would be all but stalemated by Russia/turkey, then I could swoop in to stab italy to attempt a solo. Italy was having none of it and his retreat to Gascony and germany’s Stab in the same turn were devastating
02 Jul 19 UTC In the end I don’t blame italy for not trusting me. They really would have just had to taken my word, which is impossible to do alone in a diplomacy game

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

Won. Bet: 100 D, won: 700 D
18 supply-centers, 13 units
Magnetic24 (0 D X)
Survived. Bet: 100 D
11 supply-centers, 11 units
Ogion (4009 D)
Survived. Bet: 100 D
3 supply-centers, 3 units
Themooch (2309 D)
Survived. Bet: 100 D
2 supply-centers, 3 units
Szpoti (1446 D Mod)
Survived. Bet: 100 D
0 supply-centers, 1 units
roragons (700 D)
Defeated. Bet: 100 D
JMB22 (2063 D)
Defeated. Bet: 100 D
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