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Finished: 04 AM Sun 16 Jun 19 UTC
Private ODC 2019 - R1 G23
1 day, 12 hours /phase
Pot: 35 D - Autumn, 1915, Finished
Classic, Anonymous players, Sum-of-Squares Scoring, Hidden draw votes, Wait for orders
1 excused missed turn
Game won by ali2542 (752 D (B))
13 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1915: That is very generous of you. I will not take MAO, nor Brest, as agreed before and agreed again. From your message I gather you would like me to bounce you in Ukr by cutting Gal with Sil and supporting myself into Ukr? If you have no problem with that, I don't mind putting that in and readying up. The 16-16-1-1 is absolutely agreed as always.
13 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1915: Yes. That works.
13 Jun 19 UTC Spring, 1915: Okay then.
13 Jun 19 UTC Haha.. Nicely played Turkey. I'm guessing that 16-16-1-1 is off the table? Or are you willing to back peddle? Haha..
13 Jun 19 UTC Well, I'm going to bed and I'm entering:
Den - Kie, Sil - Mun, s Ruh, s Ber. Russia units sh's. French units sh's. Yor - Lon, s Wal. NSea - Bel, NAO sh MAO.
I'm readying up as well, all completely according to our agreement Turkey! And that with England! Talk to you all in the morning..
13 Jun 19 UTC And there we have it. Congratulations to Turkey! Commiserations to Germany.
13 Jun 19 UTC Good game all. I'll share my thoughts here.

I still am not certain if Germany needing 16 units to succeed to the next round was a truth. I cannot say for sure it was or wasn't. But for the purpose of the game and my own benefit I believed the latter. Greed/ignorance can explain Germany's failure (I am darn sure they will disagree with me! Otherwise they would not be where they are now).

For the most part of this game my draw vote was in, that is true. Did I ever give up on thinking about soloing? NO. Did I only act upon the ambition of a solo? NO. Did I see the risks involved in going for a solo and accepted the draw at some intervals? Yes.

At so many stages of the game I genuinely offered Germany a draw, and put my draw vote in. Did Germany take it? NO. Why? Because they thought they can have a little bit more while I stay static. Well, I didn't stay static. I kept growing throughout the game and Germany thought I would never get to 18, not taking into account that the same way someone may be willing to throw them 3-4 dots for free they may do the same for me! And not only ignoring that, lying to the very people that were throwing dots to them! Not lying once, but a couple times.

Earlier in the game Germany offered England an absolutely unequal alliance! Why England accepted that I don't know, I wouldn't ever. I remember at one point Ger was at 12 or so points with great position, while England was at 7 I think with sever exposure to Germany and even me in Turkey. Greedy Germany thought they can continue taking advantage of England, not knowing they will need an ally against a growing Turkey. Afterall Turkey is secured in a corner and very hard to attack. I also had way too many fleets for Turkey. That alone should have convinced Germany to not betray their alliance with England who was the holder of the water borders against me.

Germany betrayed England earlier in the game, then I allied with England and took as many dots as I could in that short period. Germany pleaded to England until they approved to let them get to 16. At that point I was looking for an opportunity while staying open to a draw and letting Germany have it. Germany handed me that opportunity by lying to France and England. At that point, although the moves Germany put in were the right ones tactically, i.e. taking the three English dots over two years, their strategy and negotiation was not effective. Lying to allied that are throwing dots is not a great idea. What they did was right, but it should have been negotiated and laid out. England feeling betrayed by Germany twice had no reason to help!

Afterall, bad luck and the order events was also a factor in Germany's destiny, but greed/ignorance will win my vote for MVP in the league of German failure.
14 Jun 19 UTC Wow.. That is a large declaration of 'why I failed'. If I were I would put 'Germany on vacation for four weeks' a bit higher than 'greed'. Well played for convincing England I was 'the bad guy', but as I said I had no choice. I absolutely did not enjoy the last years of this game, having to try to negotiate for a couple of sc's more. I think I said around a 1000 times I would draw in heartbeat were this a regular game. And had England just taken any of my many draw offers, he'd be looking at a six sc draw, instead of a loss.

I needed the 16 sc's (or be board leader) I could not draw at 13, which was the only time you offered a draw and maybe had your draw vote in, else I wouldn't advance. It had nothing to do with greed, and if so, the exact same greed you displayed. Things could have gone very different for you. Apparently, you wouldn't have advanced even had you taken the 16 draw. Which was quite apparent on the board. For the record, I only lied once to England that was in 1910 when I stabbed them once. I always moved truthfully after that.

I lost this game at completely different moments than you think though Turkey. First, I did not talk enough to England in 1905 apparently, causing him to turn around all of a sudden, else I could have two-drawn with him - or a very favorable three way for the both of us. We had everyone beat on the board, his turnaround allowed you to grow. Second, in spring 1909, for some reason Russia may explain, Russia went with your moves instead of mine, while you were killing him off. Then, I was forced to stab England in 1911, as his 1905 turn around meant we couldn't get into the Med anymore and stop you. I had to do this stab on holiday, and couldn't reach Russia in time with the 'correct move', which would have destroyed Englands army in StP and guaranteed my solo. Then finally, fourth, France promised me help, but didn't block MAO. If that was to get himself into a draw, well played, but.. he didn't take England into account.

And now that we're on the subject of England, dear Mapu, now you can read in Turkey's own words that he wouldn't have drawn. It was impossible to take your three sc's in one year, as it destroyed our stalemate line (thanks France, for not backing me up on that then..). If taking two turns to set up a stalemate line is 'overthinking things' for you, I'd suggest you find another game that uses a little less mental capacity, like Connect Four or something. You are a petulant child and a horrible judge of both character and game situations.

Okay, this was it for me, all the best in the semi-finals ali.
14 Jun 19 UTC (note: this is all from memory -- I'm not going back looking through specific years and phases) At the beginning of the game, Germany and I got off to an amazing alliance. We were both on the same page, to the detriment of France (whom I remember being afraid of participating in our proposed northern triple).

At one point, Germany asked if he could take a center that originally was supposed to be mine. He said he needed it for growth or some such. I agreed, but then he ended up getting 3 builds and I got 0 or 1. He never offered to give the center back or propose how I could get more even. I took that as a slight to my generous nature and, in conjunction with my growing relationship with Turkey, decided to make a small move at Germany in a spring move.

He talked me away and promised he'd hold no grudge (I know this is typically B.S. but I did like working with him) so I backed off my move toward a stab before any units were dislodged or centers changed hands.

I started moving south again (Turkey was telling me every turn that Germany was a solo threat, and Germany was telling me every turn that Germany was the solo threat). Germany and I got on well again for a couple of years and we were about to eliminate all other powers and get a three way draw with Turkey.

In the phase he was supposed to support me to Portugal to finish France (again this is from memory I could be off by a turn or two) and get a couple of builds, he instead stabbed me and I went either +0 or -1. I was far less than pleased not only because I felt the stab was premature and we should have eliminated the other powers first, but also because I was the only one who could keep Turkey bottled up.

After that stab, I went full in working with Turkey and let him out of the corner and into every part of the Med. Germany seemed to realize he stabbed too soon to reach his stated goal of 16 centers and pleaded with me over an over to reconsider and help him stop Turkey.

I had told Turkey during my time of anger over the German stab that I'd help him win to teach Germany a lesson, but Germany again did a good job smoothing things over.

Turkey and Germany were never on the same page the entire game and each thought the other was lying to them every turn. I got along well with both of them and worked hard to negotiate an agreement whereby Germany and Turkey would get 16 each (I wanted to help Germany get through to the next round and knew I was done in the tournament so was willing to give 3 of my centers to Germany to get this agreement done). France and I would finish with 1 each.

The caveat of this agreement was that it had to happen quickly -- we all just wanted the game to end. Germany kept pushing for a multiple year plan whereby he would protect against every scenario where Turkey could stab, but I was confident Turkey would keep his word and insisted that Germany stick with the quick plan. Turkey kept asking me in private press why I wasn't throwing him the solo anymore like I had "promised" several years before. But he was being reasonable about the proposed game ending.

In the spring of what was supposed to be the final year of the game, all remaining players did exactly as they were supposed to do, and we were within hours of the game ending. Then for the autumn phase (we had all switched to public press to make things 100% clear), the moves were outlined and agreed to by all.

Alas, when the phase went through Germany must have gotten cold feet or paranoid as he did not make the agreed upon moves to complete the game and instead moved as if Turkey was going to attack (Turkey did not attack and did everything he was supposed to). At that point, I had destroys because Germany still took my sacrifical centers, and having grown tired of Germany's on again off again schtick, destroyed in such a way that Turkey could solo the game.

I am very happy for Turkey and hope this allows him to move on. I am also sad for Germany, who came within real time hours of cruising into the next round. I really like him as a player and seemingly as a person. But an agreement is an agreement and he broke one too many.

Good game to all and thank you.
14 Jun 19 UTC I just read Germany's message -- we cross-posted. My draw vote was up pretty much the entire game.

And I'm not sure why I would owe you anything when Turkey did nothing but keep his word to me the entire game. No games, no switching moves, no paranoia, no over-analyzing.

If anything, you are the poor judge of game situations given that instead of having a 16-16 draw two days ago and actually participating, you will now be following the rest of the tournament in a Google Spreadsheet because you judged the game completely wrong.
14 Jun 19 UTC "who came within real time hours of cruising into the next round." Yeah that's what you don't get or something, had I done what you said, I still wouldn't have advanced, as Turkey would have an almost guaranteed shot at a solo and at the least board leader. I saved our draw by only taking two. It is really completely beyond me why one year extra was such a big problem.
14 Jun 19 UTC Turkey would have drawn.

It's not about the extra year it's about you categorically agreeing to a move set in the public press area and then me waking up to see completely different moves.
14 Jun 19 UTC No Turkey wouldn't have drawn, read his message. Of course Turkey held his word, you only gave him sc's and you were on the other side of the board. You and I were in a 10 year alliance as neighbors, there's bound to be some friction. You were the first one to turn on me, and then I did one you, both once. We could have easily drawn huge together.

As a final note, I did not categorically agree to the one year thing or any moves in specific that autumn turn, the turn before yes. That turn no. You maybe think I did, but I didn't. And then I didn't move completely different, I changed ONE UNIT and I changed it favorably, saving our position. You know ironically who didn't do the moves he said? Turkey, as he kept attacking Ma and Ukr. What you did was childish and against your, mine and France's best interest. This is your prerogative of course, there's no defensive against throwing a game, congrats you succeeded!
14 Jun 19 UTC Germany, first of all you misquoted me about England, which may explain why you didn't quite see my other points. This is an opportunity to see the events of the game from someone else's perspective. No need to defend yourself. But what I said is food for thought, not allegations against you. Greed/ignorance sound heavy, not my best choice of words. But with a grain of salt, the notion and logic stand.

You lied to me and England over and over again. England still was willing to help until they were lied to again when they were literally throwing home centers to you! How would you feel if you were in their place and your gain was none?

I swear this last round I almost messaged you to see if I can advance without soloing and was thinking about giving the draw to you. But remembering how stubborn and arrogant you were about not taking the draw I gave up. I thought to myself why help him, given his approach during the game. You also picked on my English speaking at one point (not sure if it was intentional).

The moves you were thinking of doing for getting up to 16 and keeping the stalemate line were good moves. But you should have coordinated with everyone IF POSSIBLE. If not possible at all, then you did the right thing by begging for forgiveness instead of asking for permission. But your unbalanced alliance with England, your betrayal of your ally with all the fleet and your stubborn attitude in taking a draw with a lower number gave the game to me.
14 Jun 19 UTC FYI, if Germany did the moves as agreed there was at least a 50% chance I would have taken the draw. TBH my draw vote was in, but once I saw you did things differently I saw an opportunity and cancelled it.
14 Jun 19 UTC Afterall, none of us were playing to get you up to 16. We were all trying to win/enjoy ourselves. You took a risk to go up to 16, that's understandable. But you should have been more honest about that for us to work with you. Before betraying England you lied about drawing. Then you stabbed England and the idea of 16 started from there. Later you also suggested we take 17 each. Given the context that was hard to believe and you are lucky England gave you the benefit of the doubt this much.
14 Jun 19 UTC BTW, how did you know exactly how many points you need to go to the next level? Can you explain that? The scores on the board are not final for R1
14 Jun 19 UTC First off, I don't recall picking on your English. Could you point that out (just out of curiosity), as that was completely unintentional. I am an English as a second language speaker myself. And playing a language based game on a website dominated by americans, brits and aussies feels like a big handicap for me, and I would never attack someone else on this.

To respond further, it's a bit easy to claim after you solo-ed that you ever considered to give me a draw. I pressed the draw button on many occasions, and the game never drew. You and I had a lengthy agreement in global just before the end and you violated that agreement in every way possible. That was very well played and I commend you for that. On the board, I never ever violated any agreement made in global (did I take MAO, Brest?), I just violated the timeline ensuring you wouldn't solo.

I really don't like playing a you lie more, and I lie less game. The is no moral superior party in Diplomacy. There's just different perspectives and the moves on the board that tell the truth in the end. My perspective of things, for your enlightenment, is that I only lied once to England this entire game. I think I lied once or twice against you in the mid game when we started to clash. But in all honesty, where I have pulled back from you and tried to make deals with you, you never reciprocated and never let an opportunity forego to attack me, again well played! However, that does mean there is zero proof on the board that you would ever draw if we would give you a shot at increasing in size. And that strengthens me in my belief I made the right call. Conversely, I gave up multiple territories willingly, intentionally putting myself at a disadvantage, to gain the trust of my fellow players. The entire game I have never see you do any of that, there is no proof whatsoever you'd ever back off.

Your continued hammering, was the reason a stalemate line was needed (as you also so aptly pointed out: "...the moves Germany put in were the right ones tactically...". The blame of your solo is 100% on England, who threw a tantrum because I only did 95% of what he wanted instead of 100%. Both France and me did our utmost to keep stalemate and end this in a draw. A player can always, for whatever reason, throw a solo. That's impossible to defend, and I can only fault myself for not communicating well enough. However, my time is limited and there are boundaries to my willingness to talk to a tantrumming toddler about stalemate lines. Apparently my sincere grovelling wasn't enough, it is what it is. In retrospect I had to make a bigger point of you retreating NA in spring, thereby guaranteeing we could do it in one year, and if you didn't, clearly exposing you to England as the liar you were. What held me back was that I was asking for a lot to begin with, and I didn't want to offend the English toddler too much.

Then on England's deal offered to me, in essence he offered me this:
I will give you what you need to get to 16, but you MUST do it in such a way that you can't get there, and if you do it only minutely differently I punish you by destroying what you need.
I guess this player Mapu takes pleasure in waving food in front of a dog's face, threatening to eat it himself if the dog doesn't prance around in an anatomically impossible way, and then when the dog tries as best he can, but of course is incapable, eats the food and blames the dog for his failure.
14 Jun 19 UTC This postgame analysis seems to have become a game of its own. I don’t recall ever having seen such discussions before. It is too long for me to dissect and comment on and I am not sure anyone would be interested, either.

Anyway, my view of the game. Germany approached early on with the idea of a western triple and I immediately got the feeling that the plan was for him and England to take me for a ride. That’s why I pretended to play along to begin with, but it never really worked out as Germany found an endless stream of excuses for making moves that were detrimental to my hopes for success in this game. England and Germany played well and eventually I decided I’d play along at exactly the wrong moment to do so. England and Germany attacked and there was nothing I could do. I ended up in Portugal and sat there for maybe half the game.

Right about when England and Germany made their decisive moves, Turkey started communicating more actively and I worked with him the best I could. To his credit, I do not remember him ever not being truthful although I may have misread his intentions. My cooperation with Turkey didn’t yield much for me but he did allow me to survive with my final centre and I am thankful for that.

There was some talk about my support (or not) for MAO. This was when I was very busy with other things and didn’t pay any attention to the game except get my moves in. Turkey, Germany and England had publicly discussed eliminating me to end the game in a three-way draw, so I thought I need not bother much with the game, anyway.

After England and Germany struck, I reached out to Germany and told him I wanted him to solo because that would increase my chances of advancing in the tournament. That might have had an element of truth to it at the time but it was never really my intention – I wanted to lull Germany into a sense of superiority so he’d drop his guard against me and perhaps others. That came to nothing as my knives were all taken from he and I never got the chance to take a stab at him.

Good luck with the next round, ali2542. The rest of us will have to suck it up and wait for the next tournament.
14 Jun 19 UTC Well played turkey. I am not sure whether turkey or russia has done some good talk to make italy attack me since start. Self destruction
14 Jun 19 UTC Rest assured, Austria, that was all Italy!
14 Jun 19 UTC All of the irrational after-the-fact name calling is showing your true character. It tells me my gut was right that you think you are smart enough to just manipulate people in this game to suit your needs. If you make a mistake, you can just fake-talk your way out of it. I am sure it worked for you all the time in the past -- and it even worked for you a few times with me this game -- but it's a technique you leaned on too many times.

By the way -- your English is perfect and I never would have guessed it isn't your first language.
14 Jun 19 UTC Austria, Italy was planning on attacking you. When I realised that I started coordinating with them while keeping Russia as an ally. Russia played conservatively against me, given my position was better. As a result they missed out on opportunities to take more dots, which played to my advantage. I gained Russia’s trust by never dot-grabbing from them even tho I had the opportunity. I waited for the moment and stabbed Russia and took a couple of their centers in one year. At that point I had crippled Italy so they couldn’t work together against me either. Around the same time Germany stabbed England which helped me focus on expanding in the corner.
14 Jun 19 UTC I always liked Austria. He was kind.
14 Jun 19 UTC England, I'm obviously not smart enough to talk myself out of these things, else I would have drawn or won this game. And the last year I absolutely didn't bank on talking anything straight. However, I'm also not going to let myself be coerced into jumping through hoops for made up reasons, like 'we have to finish this year', foregoing a stalemate line, because 'you feel like it'. Turkey was never going to draw. Show me one time in this game Turkey didn't advance and encroach? Something like I did with you (allowing you to get North sea in 1912) or with Turkey (leaving Austria, spring 1913) hoping to arrange a draw.

I think after the pretty cruel joke you played on me, I'm allowed a bit of name calling. I abided to every agreement made in global on the board, moving away and completely surrendering myself to you by opening up all my vulnerable seas. Even though those global agreements only had rules for me and not for the power that was actually soloing (Slightly weird right?). The only thing I didn't want to do is give up stalemate of the three of us. Apparently you then find it funny to then troll the game or something, blow up stalemate positions, take back what you promised to give, because it's fun? And then question my moral code? Whatever.
14 Jun 19 UTC Yes i saw turkey plan. Well played. I am just curious why italy would choose to attack Austria.
14 Jun 19 UTC Yes i saw turkey plan. Well played. I am just curious why italy would choose to attack Austria.
14 Jun 19 UTC Italy did not seem to be an experienced player. They made mistakes
14 Jun 19 UTC Germany- I am going to tell you from the horse’s mouth: for the most prt of the game I was willing to take the draw, not for all of it tho.
My draw vote was in for a good chunk of the game. I was also willing to put it in if you agreed at some point. There were also parts of the game I claimed I would take the draw and I didn’t mean it. These are all true at the same time. I’d take the draw more likely if your approach was different. In my opinion, you relied on deception and excuses too much. Either take this feedback or leave it. But that’s what would make me more likely to work with you AFTER you stabbed England the first time.
14 Jun 19 UTC You know, none of this would have happened if England and Germany never attacked poor old me ;)
14 Jun 19 UTC Turkey, I hardly talked to you, much less deceive you. I think you might be mixing games up in your head. Don't play coy with sentences like "But that’s what would make me more likely to work with you". You didn't work with anyone, the only country you had some neutrality with Russia, was scared shitless of you. I think I have seen you support someone else into an sc only once this entire game. You only took sc's from everyone, including England, never supported them in any way. That's why you were the last person on the board I'd ever work with and I don't believe for one second you would have drawn without everything being massively in your favor. And our last agreement in global completely proved this. I've worked with Italy, Russia, France and England in this game, trying to manage my middle position. Germany is a pain to play. It's nice for you that you solo-ed, but it's not your victory, there was a stalemate. It's a tantrum throw by England, who argues it was 'my moves who made him do it', although I only upheld stalemate and did not attack him. If I were you I'd send flowers to him. Keep your feedback, but enjoy your next round!

NB: where is that passage you claim I made fun of your English?
14 Jun 19 UTC When you said “i think the phrase you are looking for is ...” in global. Like I said i wasn’t sure if that was intentional and now i know it wasnt. I am ESL too
14 Jun 19 UTC No that was a joke, a reference to the X-files.
14 Jun 19 UTC Re your game comments, I don’t think you are open to accepting an view different than yours. For example, instead of asking why you think i deceived anyone, you categorically deny it. We have said our pieces. It’s food for thought if you decided it to be so. Otherwise it is just an opinion
14 Jun 19 UTC Ha. I don’t know xfiles, thats why!
14 Jun 19 UTC Sorry if that came across as me correcting your english
14 Jun 19 UTC No worries. It ain’t matter a bit now
14 Jun 19 UTC Well the only thing I vehemently deny is that you soloing this last year is in any way attributable to me lying or being deceitful. I only protected the stalemate and took an sc less than I was supposed to. Then England wanted to punish me for not abiding to his impossible rule. What really pisses me off is that England's tantrum is then marketed as my fault. No! England was just being completely unreasonable and independent of me threw the game. I did not decide that, nor had a hand in breaking stalemate or ruining a draw.

Any other feedback about years before is more than welcome and I always value any input. It's quite valuable to hear what others think of your play. Maybe you can also read my story carefully for your benefit.

Lastly, I really did not enjoy the end of this game, i would have drawn years before had it not been for this tournament. Then having to beg for some sc's to continue, being promised that, and then for someone's trolling pleasure being denied was not fun. If I invest this much time in a game, I hope for some proper play, not petty bullshit. Please stab me, like you did Turkey, make it glorious, I love that stuff. Not this childish English finale.. I mean come on, you throw solos for your own benefit, like France did, great stuff on getting so close to that draw!

You all probably noticed I'm pretty pissed about this ending. If this is supposed to happen in online Diplomacy, I think this might not be the game for me. I really don't enjoy irrationality and petty revenge. I can get that on other places online. And I'm here to have fun. It was fun trying webDiplomacy though. I think this is farewell for me on this website, at least for a long time. Thanks for the game everyone and again, enjoy your next round Turkey!
14 Jun 19 UTC If others found you deceptive and as a result did not work with you, it won't matter what you think, vehemently or not! Others' perception of your attitude determined their actions, including myself.

I can see your genuine conscious openness to the discussion from your tone. However, you may be subconsciously rigid in your thinking about this matter and not see how someone else's different perspective may have resulted in how the events unfolded. Yet it did.

From my perspective, a turning point for you was when you 1) involved England in a v unbalanced alliance (Eng at 7 and you at 11 or 12) and 2) subsequently backstabbed them when you needed them to stop me from dominating the south with my strong fleet. From there anything could be perceived as lies and excuses, whether they were or not.
14 Jun 19 UTC I agree with Germany for the record, I don't think England made a decision humans can understand here.
14 Jun 19 UTC I really don't know why I owed anything to you, Germany, after you ruined my tournament and Turkey was a great ally the entire time. Revenge in this case sucks for you and is part of Diplomacy.

I don't give a damn what your spring moves were in the final year. They weren't what we all agreed to and I had enough of your empty talk, manipulation, and bullshit apologies.

I had Turkey agreed to a specific plan and did not want to negotiate on your behalf again as he had less patience with you than I did.

And we all spent the same amount of time on the game. Only one player is happy. That's how competitions go. We even probably spent more since you were on vacation for part of it.

The more you bitch and name call, the happier this result makes me. Sorry you have never experienced a bad ending in Diplomacy before. It was so close for you and now you're quitting the game. Crazy.

And Russia sorry you don't understand. Although I'd think you would as you've fucked over more than your fair share over the years.

Have a great summer all... I'm heading to Belgium, Amsterdam, and France in July if anyone wants to grab a beer. Or punch me in the nose.
14 Jun 19 UTC RUSSIA- to speak for the entire humanity is a stretch lol. I agree that what England did by throwing the game to me did not benefit them. It brought them from 1 point to zero! It also gave me a score advantage. But given Eng was lied to by Germany at least a couple times through the game and received the very short end of an alliance, why would they care and not wrk with me?

You don’t know of my private conversations with England. Maybe there we developed a relationship that was worth giving up to 1 point and letting me advance. Afterall Eng was in a position to give a favour, whether to Germany and me. I didn’t lie to Eng. Germany did a couple times. Even tho Eng stopped talking to me for a while. Who would you pick to do a favour for in that situation?
14 Jun 19 UTC You ALL have a great summer. This was a challenging and fun game.
14 Jun 19 UTC GERMANY- why would someone dismiss an entire platform/website for a lost game?! I don’t understand.
15 Jun 19 UTC How would one know how many points they need to advance to the next round?
15 Jun 19 UTC Can someone tell me this please: how would one know how many points they need to advance to next round? Im asking for myself
15 Jun 19 UTC I think you can ask the mod
15 Jun 19 UTC Durga will know. Theres also a table which you can access from the main page.
16 Jun 19 UTC How did Germany know?! The scores of second round were not finalised!
16 Jun 19 UTC I think enough players have gotten solos and high scores from their first game that it is reasonably clear you don't have a great chance of going through without a solo or two good draws.

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ali2542 (752 D (B))
Won. Bet: 5 D, won: 35 D
19 supply-centers, 16 units
Odo the Great (100 D)
Survived. Bet: 5 D
13 supply-centers, 13 units
Mapu (362 D)
Survived. Bet: 5 D
1 supply-centers, 2 units
gjdip (634 D)
Survived. Bet: 5 D
1 supply-centers, 1 units
robodirge (615 D)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
Eric1984 (3639 D)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
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