Finished: 01 PM Mon 18 Feb 19 UTC
Live games
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 140 D - Spring, 1904, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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17 Feb 19 UTC I strongly dislike 6-way draws, but I think I was losing on all fronts here..
17 Feb 19 UTC I didn't vote for a draw. I canceled my vote! Why did we draw?
17 Feb 19 UTC Well done outguessing me around Sweden last turn :-)
17 Feb 19 UTC Apparently I voted to draw before you managed to cancel, Germany ;-)
17 Feb 19 UTC I canceled in 1902.
17 Feb 19 UTC You voted for cancel instead of cancel draw lol
17 Feb 19 UTC I thank the German support.
It was accurate and wonderful :)
17 Feb 19 UTC Maybe I don't understand how the cancel button works.
17 Feb 19 UTC I'm really sorry folks, signed up for the game, answered a phone call, got off the phone and forgot I had signed up for the game.
17 Feb 19 UTC Then what did I vote to cancel?
17 Feb 19 UTC Thanks for playing all.
17 Feb 19 UTC Cancel means cancel the game
17 Feb 19 UTC It was quite tough to fight you guys. Also made sume subpar moves, but it was fun.
17 Feb 19 UTC No worries Austria it happens.
17 Feb 19 UTC Draw -> Suggest a draw. Press again to retract your vote.
Cancel -> Suggest to terminate the game and remove it from all records.
Pause -> Suggest to Pause the game.
17 Feb 19 UTC Russia, wish you'd seen my supports the turn earlier and reacted to them, we could have taken Turkey. Thanks for the game everyone.
17 Feb 19 UTC Wow. I never knew you could vote to cancel the game. Well, my mistake. I agree with Russia, this should not have been a six way draw. We had France and Russia on the ropes.
17 Feb 19 UTC Supports? In what turn? I saw your attack on Bud.
17 Feb 19 UTC Yes, I was basically dead.
17 Feb 19 UTC Germany, out of curiosity, what would have been your order for the north sea?