Finished: 09 AM Thu 14 Mar 19 UTC
1 day /phase
Pot: 100 D - Spring, 2018, Finished
Fall of the American Empire IV, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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12 Mar 19 UTC GG, mates. Thanks California and Texas for your cooperation and maintenance of our peace for the whole game.
Thanks everyone.
12 Mar 19 UTC GG all ... although I can only speak about the last few moves. What happened to your original Texas? They left a pretty sweet spot for some reason.
12 Mar 19 UTC Ain't got a clue
12 Mar 19 UTC GG everyone. I feel sorry for Peru; he played well & did nothing wrong, but the map eventually steered him into elimination. For me the key decision of the game was breaking a good alliance with Peru--I had NY breathing down my neck early; I was able to create a log jam around Ten & Virginia. At that point NY & Quebec also had an alliance, and I felt that if I stayed with Peru as an ally, two things would happen: (1) my gains would be minimal (I didn't see much opportunity to pick off much against NY), and (2) I'd be strengthening the Quebec/NY alliance by continuing to bang up against NY. So I decided to attack ally Peru instead & get out of the logjam in the north. Fortunately I think NY saw the same thing as me and reciprocated the gesture, attacking Quebec. From that point it was going to be me or Peru surviving, & in the end Peru's undefended Mexican territory because too easy for Texas to pilfer. I didn't play my best game here (Peru had a couple of nice moves against me), & feel I was lucky to make the draw. Again, gg everyone.