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Finished: 02 PM Wed 27 Feb 19 UTC
New Year New Game -2
1 day /phase
Pot: 350 D - Autumn, 1911, Finished
Classic, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by The Belgian Bulldog (1593 D)
18 Jan 19 UTC Spring, 1905: Agreed.
20 Jan 19 UTC Autumn, 1905: Why turkey is king making Austria is so Strange
20 Jan 19 UTC Autumn, 1905: You give me too much credit. My one little army isn't doing much.
20 Jan 19 UTC Autumn, 1905: Hey all. I'll be going on a trip with my folks starting this wednesday, and I won't be able to check in at all in that time. Can we vote to pause for a week until I get back?
20 Jan 19 UTC Autumn, 1905: Of course
21 Jan 19 UTC Autumn, 1905: Yeah that’s fair
21 Jan 19 UTC Spring, 1906: Can England and France pause following Italy's request?
21 Jan 19 UTC Spring, 1906: he asked for it to be paused on Wednesday
21 Jan 19 UTC Spring, 1906: Oh sorry - missed that!
22 Jan 19 UTC Spring, 1906: Thanks for the pause, everyone. I’ll be back to my normal setup on Feb 5, so you’re not kept guessing about when we return to play
05 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1906: Hey all, Thanks for your patience, I'm back
05 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1906: Welcome back Italy :-) It seems like it has been for ages.
06 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1906: Yes indeed. I was playing Germany, right?
06 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1906: Whew! It';s been so long!
08 Feb 19 UTC Autumn, 1906: good luck. see y'all on the next one.
08 Feb 19 UTC Autumn, 1906: NO

Skagerrack misordered and support held Norway instead of North Sea.

I am so mad at myself. :(

Well that's probably it for me.

11 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1907: Germany. :'(
11 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1907: On a brighter note, I am happy to see Russia and Turkey's colours surviving side-by-side in the middle east. ;)
11 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1907: I'm very happily retired by the sea in Beirut.
20 Feb 19 UTC Autumn, 1909: The french are happy to live out their days in HOL. It may not be our homeland but we will make do. I hope the world powers will show us mercy and let us live peacefully
20 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1910: I applaud Germany not even having put a draw vote in : cheers to that, Germany. It is a pity we can't assure your colours surviving somewhere on the map.
20 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1910: Germany is like a honey badger.

He doesn't give a ***.

21 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1910: I'd rather get a survive than an elimination. Happy to help either of you at this point.

Otherwise I'll see myself out. :/
21 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1910: Sorry, England. I know and really understand you prefer to stay in this game.
22 Feb 19 UTC Autumn, 1910: Here comes the Austrian solo.
22 Feb 19 UTC Autumn, 1910: I think that was your last chance Italy.

You had an opportunity to avoid losing.
23 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1911: My god you guys are tiresome...:-) I don't blame you (although I don't see Turkey's objective) but still...
24 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1911: I was right though..
24 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1911: I have doubted it over and over, but eventually you weren't wrong indeed...
24 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1911: Congrats Austria.

No congrats to Italy, though no hard feelings.

You clearly value different things than me. :P
24 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1911: I think, when you look at Italy's history, he values solos as well and he is actually pretty good at it. But he seems to like solos balanced with some 17/17 draws, as do I :-)
24 Feb 19 UTC Spring, 1911: I don't think Italy is a bad player. Not at all.

But I think he clearly prioritzed staying friends with you over avoiding losing the game.

I know I will be blamed for not stopping you, but I really would have at any point if Italy stopped attacking me.

I also don't think going for 17-17 draws is waaay too risky when you are weaker than your ally and the third country is threatening to throw if you try to cut them out of the game. :P
25 Feb 19 UTC Italy is a terrible nation with terrible growth potential, and I was constantly complaining to Austria about "if I only had one more fleet to make that convoy" and the like. Such a tricky nation to play. Given the circumstances, I thought teamwork would be my best way to succeed. And it worked, to an extent. I only blocked France's move to Piedmont in the beginning at Austria's observation, so it would have been Red or Blue to claim the peninsula. At least i survived a bit longer this way :P Bit of a letdown, to be strung along like that for so long, but you don't deserve points for being a neighbor, especially if I wasn't actively helpful for much of the game. No hard feelings here for anyone in the game, well done, good times had by all
25 Feb 19 UTC I think you're a fool if you didn't see this coming. And even more of a fool for letting it happen. I get that you played to survive with Austria but the writing was clearly on the wall as was when I attacked you. Never trust anyone to not go solo when they have a chance at it
25 Feb 19 UTC Different players, different truths France : see for instance
25 Feb 19 UTC I think the best play as Italy (in a vacuum) is alliance with Russia. Grab as much of the Balkans as you can early, then when Austria is knocked out work with Russia against Turkey. But you need France to leave you alone and focus north..
25 Feb 19 UTC Well, Turkey, you are on the same page as Italy. If I understand correctly, SirThursday also considers that (without any further info on allies) Italy's best move is to go after Austria.
25 Feb 19 UTC In my opinion, every game is different and depends on allies. All statistics about best alliances are helpful but not nearly as the talks with all players and taking into account positions on the board. I have had a game recently where I worked together with Austria for more than 5 or 6 years. It eventually failed because Austria was unwilling to let me move north, west or south. Being Turkey, I had not many other options than to stab... :-)
25 Feb 19 UTC *I apologize: I feel like I kicked in an open door there when stating every game is different
25 Feb 19 UTC I have zero issues with Italian strategy if the goal was only survival and never hurting Austria.

But by any other metric I find the endgame strategy that was taken to be confusing, and frankly, mistaken.
25 Feb 19 UTC With hindsight, you can say that his better option would have been a three way draw, but that is my fault. I was the one asking for that, and not giving credit where credit was due.
25 Feb 19 UTC *asking for a 2 way draw
25 Feb 19 UTC I know you were asking for it, mate.

I am *not* saying this with hindsight, also. It was clear to me that unless I sacrificed myself to Italy entirely, you would be able to grab a solo. Not wanting to be party to a 2-way draw I tried to draw attention to the problem to Italy and simultaneously get you to pull the trigger too early.

My goal during all of that was to get Italy to change behaviour and go for the 3 way.

During this time Italy had many opportunities to simply not attack me and set up a stalemate in the Mediterranean, as I suggested, while I blocked you from St Petes & Denmark, limiting you to 17.

So again, I don't think it was inevitable or simply due to your good play Austria (though I obviously credit you with a great game!)
25 Feb 19 UTC That is what I mean: if I would have kept my end of the bargain, the analysis would have been different. In any event: all water under the bridge now:-) perhaps you can also ready up England?;-)
25 Feb 19 UTC Ah yeah my bad. I'll do so now.
25 Feb 19 UTC Bastard : kicking me out of Burgundy... That was where I wanted to spend the holidays...
25 Feb 19 UTC Thanks for a good game all: it was a really fun one!
25 Feb 19 UTC Good game.

Sad that Framce didn't survive. After a rocky start he was the only true ally I had until the Italian brought him down.

Germany I could never get to properly agree to anything, even with Austria at the gate.
25 Feb 19 UTC You steal 3 of my centers and have the nerve to call me a bastard?! Officially never trusting a Belgian again :P
25 Feb 19 UTC I am a Belgian : irony runs through my veins...:-) But I agree that I did not need to steal those last two centers...

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

Won. Bet: 50 D, won: 350 D
20 supply-centers, 14 units
SirThursday (907 D)
Survived. Bet: 50 D
11 supply-centers, 14 units
Survived. Bet: 50 D
3 supply-centers, 4 units
Locke- (1285 D)
Defeated. Bet: 50 D
Garagenpunk (671 D)
Defeated. Bet: 50 D
Heffomite (452 D)
Defeated. Bet: 50 D
fgrip (121 D)
Defeated. Bet: 50 D
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