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Finished: 05 PM Wed 30 Jan 19 UTC
Featured Gunboat-805
1 day /phase
Pot: 840 D - Spring, 1921, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring, Hidden draw votes
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn
29 Jan 19 UTC Nice game!
29 Jan 19 UTC Excellent cooperation Italy
29 Jan 19 UTC Congrats winners!
29 Jan 19 UTC Sadly I had hoped for compassion from Tugster
29 Jan 19 UTC hmmm...
29 Jan 19 UTC good game all

Austria, it would have been easier and faster for me to eliminate France had you pulled back a bit to another stalemate line, instead of right on my border.

some very strange things in the beginning of this game.
29 Jan 19 UTC I made a costly misorder in fall 04
29 Jan 19 UTC I was voting for a draw with four
Never expected you to eliminate France
29 Jan 19 UTC Good game, all! And, yes, nice cooperating/staying-the-hell-out-of-each-other's-way with you, Austria!
29 Jan 19 UTC He is that kind of guy, lol!
29 Jan 19 UTC All over 60 points too
29 Jan 19 UTC England, your strangest move was in 1901, convoy to Holland to bounce me, when Belgium was totally wide open, so weird..
30 Jan 19 UTC I mean, France and Russia opened favourably so I figured I would limit where you could build
30 Jan 19 UTC well, okay, but you cost yourself a build also, when we both could have each easily had one, and you would have had an army landed in the continent. It mostly helped France, hurt England, and ended up being neutral on Germany, as I got it the next year anyway.

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

Tugster (13048 D)
Drawn. Bet: 120 D, won: 280 D
14 supply-centers, 13 units
ksako8 (1433 D)
Drawn. Bet: 120 D, won: 280 D
13 supply-centers, 13 units
thebullmoose (2140 D)
Drawn. Bet: 120 D, won: 280 D
7 supply-centers, 7 units
Defeated. Bet: 120 D
sweetwatersam (6256 D)
Defeated. Bet: 120 D
JimBobV (172 D)
Defeated. Bet: 120 D
Rampage (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 0 D
Civil Disorders
Musimus Mussolini (0 D X)Russia (Spring, 1907) with 5 centres.
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