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Finished: 06 PM Wed 19 Dec 18 UTC
Featured Gunboat-798
1 day /phase
Pot: 840 D - Autumn, 1909, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring, Hidden draw votes
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Tugster (13048 D)

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18 Dec 18 UTC well played tugster
18 Dec 18 UTC well played tugster, and just truly awful work from italy. basically started the game trying to fuck me, and then refused to lift even a finger and caused the russian solo by playing like a lazy idiot all game. glad you got your SC tho, definitely worth it.
18 Dec 18 UTC I am curious, Italy, did you think this was points per SC's? Because you really did play to just let Russia steam roll. A solo by 1909? Crazy.
18 Dec 18 UTC I was in position to stop Russia until Germany supported him into Sweden. That was what gave him the solo. Germany, you forgot that your purpose was to be absorbed into the mighty British Empire!
18 Dec 18 UTC GG all especially Tugster, who showed patience since he was behind early and took advantage of the situation when it presented itself.
18 Dec 18 UTC well, I think it's pretty big stretch to somehow try to pin this on Italy or Germany supporting me into Sweden. To be honest, it was a very unusual sleeper sort of surprise move that broke the game open, it even surprised me, I had not planned it at all. But if you want to toss blame around, go for it.

No builds at at all for Russia in 1901.

in spring 1902 three people, all attacked me, including a strong Germany invasion, I thought I was dead. inexplicably in the fall of 1902, both England and Turkey did not press the attack, and I prioritized defense against Germany and it worked, but I was still stuck in a very weak start, just barely playable at that point. Blame England and Turkey for not killing me in 1902, if you want.

Then England pressed into Germany hard, so when Germany responded a bit later by supporting me into Sweden, this was totally justified at the time.

Italy was playing pretty normally all this time, gaining SC in France, harassing Austria a little, defending some against Turkey. Normal. Russia was very weak and certainly not a solo threat.

I was waffling with no clear idea of what to do. I shifted a triangle move to place two armies facing Austria, and he responded, then I went for Turkey full bore, and Austria shifted back away from me, but turkey was able to defend, and then...

In the fall of 1905, I saw a chance at the last minute to shift across the black with a convoy.

No one saw it coming, even me. I had not planned it, Austria didn't see it, and then BOOM, Sweden and Norway fell and I was in Budapest and Vienna wide open. Three builds and Austria hopelessly out of position. .

Now, Russia suddenly went from having a very weak start to being a serious threat.

Thereafter, there were mistakes made, but coordination of 6 people to defend in gunboat is never easy, is it?

Austrian disbanded out of anger towards Italy and gave me a free pass.
Italy should not have taken Liverpool.
England continued to fight Germany for many, many turns.
Turkey did his best, but just got outguessed in the end, which is inevitable in that situation, to eventually guess wrong on the defense.
France had little chance other than to try to not let Italy kill him
Germany, same thing, England was still trying to kill him, so what could Germany do? England was still attacking Kiel while a Russian army landed in Edinburgh!

So, there goes it, a very unusual game, with a very out of the blue chance opened up, that I took a shot at and it worked.
18 Dec 18 UTC Good analysis and a great win
18 Dec 18 UTC and let's not forget the English NMR in spring of 1906, where England channel should have shifted to Wales, which could have protected either London or Liverpool from the Italian. Of course it's easier to blame Germany for supporting me into Sweden in response to a massive English assault on Germany!
18 Dec 18 UTC Yeah I screwed the pooch with the NMR. Too much real life that day I guess. My primary goal was always Germany, I figured to ding France and hope Italy neutralized him (that worked too well) and then that Russia would counter against Germany while I attacked him as well. The Sweden thing killed me good.
18 Dec 18 UTC It didn't help you, but what really got you good was your 1906 where you forced the matter with me instead of setting up a defense.
18 Dec 18 UTC England, your attack on Germany was flawed from beginning to end, you can never conquer Germany with fleets only, it's impossible and not sustainable, if you really want to beat Germany, it must be done with Armies, not fleets.

And Germany is right as well, all of 1906 and 1907 you continued to attack Germany while ignoring the Russian marines that had just landed in Scotland.

Well, also, you act like so surprised that Germany supported Russia into Sweden? Like that somehow was the only thing that spoiled your game? You attacked him in Holland, Belgium and Denmark, what did you want him to do, just let you take him out and do nothing in response?
18 Dec 18 UTC I was just noting that the Sweden move out me in an unwinnable position. At that point my only option for taking centers was the German coastline, and then hope for Italy to finish France quickly. The Russian attack was far too quick as it turned out. Had I not lost Sweden then I had another build coming. Could have further pushed into Germany then. It didn't matter once Russia was in England, Italy had already hit Liverpool. At that point I was preparing to abandon the island and try to wedge into the center to be part of the draw. Never could get the army I built off the island anyway.
18 Dec 18 UTC Well won, Russia. I recognize that, having been attacked by both England and Italy, my judgment may be a bit clouded here, but I'll give my 2 cents. It really did seem to me from the mid-game on that both of their plans depended on the wishful thinking that Germany and I would just lay down and die so they could have a smaller draw with Russia. Germany and Russia have covered most of what I thought about England, but Italy's moves seem even less rational: persisting in attacking me (and even England??), not helping Turkey or Austria, and (worst of all) not even making a play for Tyrolia to keep Munich out of Russian hands. For instance, in spring 1908, with Russia everywhere, Venice just held and Rome supported its hold, despite there being only one hostile unit even bordering Venice?! I just couldn't fathom how all of that adds up to a win or a draw for Italy. It's just a game, and I don't mind losing, but that was a real baffler for me.
18 Dec 18 UTC I appreciate the rationality tugster but it is extremely frustrating to play a gunboat with an Italy that keeps fucking you over every single fucking turn
18 Dec 18 UTC Esp when he wasn't ever going to win this game by doing it
18 Dec 18 UTC true France, I was surprised as well to never see Italy make a play for Tyrolia.