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Finished: 07 PM Sat 03 Mar 18 UTC
GvI live 1005
7 minutes /phase
Pot: 10 D - Autumn, 1905, Finished
Classic - Germany vs Italy, Anonymous players, Unranked
1 excused missed turn
Game won by dipperjay (2070 D (G))

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03 Mar 18 UTC Good game, thanks for playing.
03 Mar 18 UTC you crushed me lol
03 Mar 18 UTC I haven't played one v one before but it was fun! even tho I lost
03 Mar 18 UTC I have a better idea for how to play now!
03 Mar 18 UTC I enjoyed it too. Key with normal dip is that it’s largely a rush to 18, so you have to focus less on strategy and more on tactics. Often it’s enough to be able to hold centers for one or two years to win the game.
03 Mar 18 UTC SHIT true -- thanks for the advice!