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Finished: 07 AM Mon 07 Aug 17 UTC
1 day /phase
Pot: 70 D - Autumn, 1907, Finished
Classic, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn
18 Jul 17 UTC Autumn, 1901: Turn one Austria broke a dmz good luck forming future alliances
18 Jul 17 UTC Autumn, 1901: Five people on at once? What Sorcery is this?
18 Jul 17 UTC Autumn, 1901: Slow workday...
19 Jul 17 UTC Autumn, 1901: New England here... I doubt I'll miss a turn going forward haha
19 Jul 17 UTC Autumn, 1901: Welcome.
24 Jul 17 UTC Autumn, 1903: My plan is:

F Norwegian Sea to Barents
A Norway support A Finland to StP
F Irish Sea to MAO
F English Channel support F Picardy to Brest

Any thoughts?
24 Jul 17 UTC Autumn, 1903: Just kidding everyone ahahah
24 Jul 17 UTC Autumn, 1903: Site Rules - Forum Rules - Moderator Policies - Tournaments - Contacting a mod/admin

Site Rules
1. No Multi-Accounting
You may only have one account, second accounts are not allowed under any circumstances, and will be banned. This may also lead to your first account also being banned. If you forget your password, use the lost password finder here. If you are still unable to log in, contact the mods.

2. No Meta-gaming
You cannot play a public game with players that you know outside of the site. In doing so, you create an unfair environment for other players by giving yourself the opportunity to form alliances for reasons outside the game. This includes playing public games with family, friends, relatives, coworkers, or even joining a game with any player of a previous game with a predetermined intent to ally with or attack certain players. Additionally, you cannot make deals based on any factors outside of the game.

Because Diplomacy is a social game, we always encourage playing with friends. However, you should always do so in a private, password-protected game and make sure that every player knows about any real life connections before the game begins.

3. Don't work around game messaging/press rules.
If you enter a game with limited press/messaging (such as global-only) then you can't use other methods such as the forum, email, or PM to bypass this.

If you are playing in a gunboat (no press/anon game) do not post anything about your game in the forum and refrain from posting in any threads you feel might be referencing your game.

Using the Pause or Cancel buttons as signals to other players is violating the press rules. For example, voting pause to signal the desire for a smaller draw is not allowed. If you need a pause in a gunboat game contact the moderators (see below for the contact details) and explain why.

Posting in the forum about an ongoing gunboat (no press) game or a limited press game is not allowed for anyone. This includes offering advice to game participants or predicting the outcome of a game. All questions about a gunboat game must wait until the game is completed.

4. Do not use the software or moderators as a diplomacy tactic
Lying is fine in Diplomacy except when it gives mods/admins unnecessary work to do!

Falsely accusing someone of being a multi-accounter/meta-gaming to rally others against them in a game, or claiming that your orders didn't come out the way you entered them to cover up your motives, means mods/admins spend time looking for cheaters/bugs which were made up.

All accusations against other players must be made directly to the mod/admin team directly as specified below, in private, for this reason, and software bug claims must be genuine, even if only told to another player. Avoid making cheating accusations in game, via pm, or on the forum.

5. The Pause/Unpause feature is not a diplomatic tool
The pause is there to stop players from missing their orders, but is not part of the game. As such pausing or unpausing should not be used for diplomatic gain, such as refusing to unpause unless other players will draw the game. If it is being abused staff may step in to sort it out.

The pause button cannot be used as a diplomatic tool and should not be used for anything other than indicating the need for a pause. If you need a pause in a gunboat game that was not agreed upon before the game, email the moderators before voting to pause. The moderators will post in the global press asking for a pause. The other players are not obligated to pause in this situation, and force pauses will not be granted except in emergency situations until the moderators can find someone to watch your account. Please try to plan ahead and avoid the need for pauses if possible.

6. You may not access another player's account without permission
In general, account sitting (getting someone you trust to log on as you and issue orders when you are unable to) is encouraged. However, you must not get a sitter or sit for somebody you share games with. Also, anything done by the sitter whilst on your account is your responsibility, so make sure you're happy with that before you give them your password.
It is also your responsibility to change your password after allowing someone to use your account.

7. Do not spam the forum or private messaging system
You are welcome and indeed encouraged to join in with the community but be sensible. Try to keep replies relevant to the conversation and don't start too many threads at once. Before posting a question relating to the software please read the FAQ.

8. You must answer communication from site staff
You must answer any warnings or other messages sent to you by the moderators, because if you don't reply it will be assumed you have something to hide, and your account may be closed. As part of this, you must make sure that the email address provided is one you still check, because this normally how staff will communicate with you.

9. Follow common sense
The rules above are mainly ones which might not be obvious; just because a specific rule isn't given here doesn't mean moderators can't stop people ruining the server for others!

Forum Rules
1. Do not make personal threats on the forum
This is a Diplomacy site, and no members should ever have to worry about actions being taken against them in real life. The forum will always remain a fun and welcoming part of webDiplomacy where discussion is encouraged, and it should always be safe for members who participate and post in it.

2. Do not make threads or posts that are abusive or degrading toward another member, group of members, or other groups of people.
Creating threads or posting replies that target a member, group of members, or group of people is prohibited. While some discussions on our forum can become heated, attacking another member is not permitted on the forum. Players who post a reply in a discussion attacking another player may be warned and/or silenced depending on the severity of the offence. Consistently harassing another player or going out of one’s way to attack another player, instead of contributing to discussion, may also classify as grounds for a silence or further action depending on the surrounding circumstances.

Likewise, bigotry toward another member or a group of people is not permitted. Our site hosts players from around the world and is intended to be a welcoming and open place for all. Sexism, racism, homophobia, and other forms of bigotry both hamper discussion and also threaten our reputation; as a result, they carry only negative consequences for our site. We will take a zero tolerance approach to any examples of such behaviour.

3. Do not post or make reference to another member’s personal information
Each and every member has a right to privacy and to remain as anonymous as they wish. As such, posting any personal information of another member, including but not limited to: their name, address, picture, phone number, email, social media information, etc., or making reference to their personal information is prohibited.

Of course, you are welcome to post as much or as little of your own personal information on our forum. Please be aware that our forum is public and can be viewed even by those who do not own an account and are not logged in. Once you hit “post,” your post will not be deleted.

4. Do not spam the forum
Posting multiple threads on the same topic, advertising an irrelevant product or service, posting threads in order to help another user bypass a forum silence, reposting threads that have been silenced, and posting appeals of moderator decisions on behalf of oneself or on behalf of other players on the forum all classify as spam. Please try to keep replies to a thread relevant to the intended topic of discussion and please do not start too many threads at once. Using self-restraint is critical.

Please consult the FAQ before posting a question relating to the site’s software.

5. Do not attempt to circumvent press restrictions
Because press in gunboat games, rulebook press games, and public press games is restricted, discussing them on the forum while they are being played can jeopardise the fairness of the game and, if done by a player in the game, can classify as working around press restrictions. Even in an effort to draw or cancel a game, posting about an ongoing gunboat game is prohibited. If a player is stalemated and refuses to draw or refuses to unpause a paused game, please email the moderators at webdipmod@gmail.com.

6. Do not make public cheating accusations
Cheating accusations should not be made publicly on the forums, in games, or via PM. Instead, reports of potential cheating should be sent directly to the moderators at webdipmod@gmail.com with a specific summary of the situation and the players you believe are working around the rules.

7. Exercise self-moderation and use your common sense
While the moderators reserve the right to take an active role in forum moderation, we are not babysitters, and our priorities are catching cheaters and making webDiplomacy the best Diplomacy site around. As such, a user-driven approach is generally recommended to forum moderation:

You can mute any other user that you do not want to see in the forum or receive PMs from.
You can mute any forum thread that you aren’t interested in or do not wish to contribute to.
You can participate on our forum constructively instead of aggressively.
You can be as open or restrictive about the content that you see as you like.
While a user-driven approach to moderation is generally sufficient, the moderators will step in as they believe is necessary in accordance with these rules.

8. Do not evade silences
Silences are a last resort for forum moderation and should not be worked around. If a thread has been silenced, do not create a new one to follow on from where it left off. If a thread had gone off topic before the silence, you may request permission from a moderator to start a new one with the original topic.

If another user has been silenced then you may not work around their silence by posting messages for them. Silences are designed to force users to cool off; allowing them to post via proxy negates that.

If you have been silenced, you must wait out your silence. Evading a silence via creating a new account would be a violation of the multi-accounting rule and would likely result in your ban from the site.

9. These rules are not exhaustive
The moderators reserve the right to lock or silence any thread or user that is consistently breaking any of these rules or otherwise disrupting the regular flow of the site on the forum. The webDiplomacy community at large is always our utmost concern and we may have to take action in certain scenarios that are not covered by these rules. Furthermore, all forum rules also apply to PM's or any other form of communication on the site.

The forum is intended to be fun and open, but that ultimately depends on what you make of it. By following these rules, the forum should operate smoothly, but in the end, that responsibility falls to all of the members of webDiplomacy.

Forum Moderation:
While the moderators always exercise appropriate discretion and discuss various options with one another prior to acting, there are sometimes no other options than to take immediate action on the forum. The moderators retain the right to issue varying penalties including shorter or longer silences based on the severity of the offence.

Upon a first offence, a user will either receive an official warning OR a 48 hour silence. Subsequent offences may result in further and lengthier silences. Constant or more severe rule infractions could result in harsher penalties at the discretion of the site moderators and the site owners. The moderators will record each action taken on the forum with an email to the offending user’s registered email. As usual, any moderator action taken against you can be appealed by emailing webdipmod@gmail.com and the results of that appeal are final.

Silences can apply to a user or a thread.
The details can be viewed on the forum page, when the "New thread" button is pressed.
Thread silences last indefinitely, but user silences expire after a brief cool-off period.
Silenced threads / users can still be viewed, however no more messages may be posted.
Silenced users can still play in games; a silence only affects the forum and pm's.
When in doubt about whether posting something is allowed, remember your first responsibility is to use common sense and respect other players.

Moderator Policies:
Cancelling games
We will consider cancelling games when there are two or more cheaters in the same game. We will encourage the remaining players to cancel on their own at the conclusion of an investigation; and give them 24 hours to do so before doing it ourselves.

Pausing/Unpausing Games
The players should take care of this themselves as much as they can. If they have agreed to pause, then they should have agreed when to unpause. If the unpause doesn't happen by said date, then they can email us and we will look into it.

If a player has to leave at short notice then they may email us and we will pause the game for them - however, if anyone objects to such a pause then we will unpause the game, and let the requester know. This is also how pauses should be requested in limited press games where they cannot be otherwise arranged.

Drawing Games
We do not draw any games due to cheating. We will only force games to draw if they have been at a stalemate for at least two years with no SC's changing hands and no possible sign of a breakthrough. If alerted to such a scenario; we will email the player(s) holding the game up and ask them how they plan to break through. If we deem their plan to be unrealistic, or it includes hoping for misorders or for players to miss phases, then we may force a game to draw.

Appealing decisions
As users have their own set of responsibilities, so does the moderator staff. As representatives of the WebDiplomacy users, the moderators will be held accountable for disciplinary decisions. While judgement regarding forum rule violations remains at the sole discretion of the moderator staff, users will be provided with a clear warning regarding rules violations in either a forum post or private message. Users can appeal any moderator's decision by sending an email to webdipmod@gmail.com specifying the grounds for the appeal. The appeal will be dealt with by one of the admins who was not involved in the original decision or by the site owner. Appeals made on behalf of other members will not be considered. The outcome of an appeal is final.

Please keep all appeals to email. When multiple forum threads are made about a moderation decision the resulting confusion becomes a frustration for members and moderators alike. There may be a formal explanation and discussion on moderator decisions in the forum, but the moderator staff will never disclose information that may contain personal information about members or about the methods used to enforce the rules. In situations where multiple threads are opened on a specific topic the site administrators may close the duplicate threads and open an official thread to explain the issue and give the final determination on the appeal.

See below for more on mod and admin contact details.

Tournaments & Feature games:
There are two types of special games on the site. If you're interested in starting or running either type please email the mod team (see the contact details below) and explain your idea to the moderator team.

1. Feature Games
These are special rule games like Chainsaw diplomacy, Pacifist diplomacy, or School of War games. They may involve violating some site rules so a predefined set of rules must be agreed upon by every participant.

No more than 14 players (exception being a world game)
May require shuffling players by the moderator team
Must email webdipmod@gmail.com for quick approval, this email should include participants, pause agreements (if any), end game requirements (if any), and alteration to press rules (if any).
2. Tournaments
These are larger series of games with unique scoring rules to determine a winner. These games will have a Tournament Director (TD), who will oversee all aspects of the tournament. This person will be responsible for making decisions relating to the scoring, pauses, and anything affecting game play.

Potential TD's must request approval *before* advertising. The moderator team reserves the right to deny tournaments or tournament directors.
TD's must include a set of rules for potential participants to agree upon, that all participants must agree too. Mid-Tournament rule changes are discouraged and require new permission from the moderator team.
The moderator team will enforce site-wide rules in tournaments as they do other games.
Players within tournaments must accept that the TD moderates their own tournament decisions. Please choose which tournaments to join carefully.
TD's may not play in their own tournaments.
TD's may request the list and position of players in their tournament even in anonymous games.
TD's may request the moderator team pm or email any player with questions or warnings regarding the tournament.
TD's may request a message be posted in every games public messaging, including anon games, to remind participants of tournament rules or for tournament scoring updates.
As with all mod / admin decisions if you disagree with a decision you can appeal it. See below for the mod / admin contact details.
Please e-mail the mod / admin team at webdipmod@gmail.com if you want to start a tournament (see the contact details below), and you will be asked to fill out an application form that will help us set the tournament up.

Contacting a mod/admin:
Why contact a mod/admin:
Mods can:

Pause/Unpause/Draw games when a player is unavailable to vote.
Access months of server logs and the software to detect/analyze possible multi-accounters based on a range of criteria.
Ban/unban users, reset user/game passwords, give/take points, change game settings like phase length, etc.
For these issues use the info below to send reports. For other issues such as bug reports, general questions, etc, you should go elsewhere (e.g. the built-in forum or the developer forum).

Where to send
Email the moderators at webdipmod@gmail.com, not their personal addresses.
A Co-Owner can be contacted at zultar17@gmail.com, if you want to appeal an admin or mod decision.
What to send
Always try to have some clear reasons when contacting and do not mention it on the forum. In your report/email text you should include:

If making a general request (e.g for an unpause):
Ensure that you make the subject line useful (e.g. "Unpausing help" or "Phaselength change") so we know we can quickly deal with it in a spare moment - if you don't it might not be solved for some time.
In cases such as drawing/pausing a game, standard practice is to check the global chat of the game before acting, so please get other players to post their agreement.
You don't necessarily need everyone to agree, and we will post back into the global chat when we change these settings letting you know.
If reporting a multi-accounter:
Links to the accounts of the players who you suspect.
Link(s) to any specific game(s) that raised your suspicions.
Any relevant information that you have noticed.
If reporting via email please make the subject line more useful than "multis?" Something like "Multis: Username1 and Username2?" is more helpful for the moderators
We will try to reply to you quickly, but be patient: investigations can take quite some time. If a week or two after we still haven't got back to you then please feel free to follow it up.

Thanks for reading,
- The Mod/Admin Team
24 Jul 17 UTC Autumn, 1903: ^^ above those are the rules of this website in case any of you are newer and would like to read them, they're at this URL: http://webdiplomacy.net/rules.php
24 Jul 17 UTC Autumn, 1903: This is the Hall of Fame for players on this server:

42189 D - #2 Barn3tt
33877 D - #3 The Czech
31199 D - #4 MadMarx
27150 D - #5 josemurc
26982 D - #6 Babak
18688 D - #7 rokakoma
18622 D - #8 BESM
15042 D - #9 dagabs0
14544 D - #10 peterwiggin
13041 D - #11 Nikola Maric Eto
12867 D - #12 MarekP
12263 D - #13 chluke
11052 D - #14 Yaleunc
10754 D - #15 Partysane
10688 D - #16 el_maestro
10151 D - #17 Rait
9787 D - #18 kostas71
9388 D - #19 Silver Wolf
9025 D - #20 anlari
9007 D - #21 NoFog
8870 D - #22 curtis
8731 D - #23 cspieker
8366 D - #24 sweetwatersam
8009 D - #25 CSteinhardt
7814 D - #26 xorxes
7683 D - #27 Gen. Lee
7680 D - #28 Maettu
7545 D - #29 Ivo_ivanov
6979 D - #30 swordsman3003
6816 D - #31 BoG75
6718 D - #32 tektelmektel
6457 D - #33 DipperDon
6094 D - #34 Treefarn
5899 D - #35 Dunecat
5753 D - #36 Argento
5553 D - #37 Perry6006
5551 D - #38 dangermouse
5514 D - #39 Salmaneser
5364 D - #40 TheWizard
5173 D - #41 MichiganMan
5159 D - #42 Yoyoyozo
5034 D - #43 FloatingLakes
5032 D - #44 seth24c
4896 D - #45 Spell of Wheels
4890 D - #46 superchunk
4659 D - #47 Sylvania
4552 D - #48 dave bishop
4469 D - #49 DingleberryJones
4464 D - #50 martinck1
4417 D - #51 MajorTom
4403 D - #52 Amwidkle
4401 D - #53 sereginss
4278 D - #54 bo_sox48
4240 D - #55 jmeyersd
4191 D - #56 rhino86
4088 D - #57 mcbigski
4064 D - #58 dgibson987
3996 D - #59 SohDjinn
3934 D - #60 slyster
3900 D - #61 zultar
3899 D - #62 naked
3878 D - #63 The Lord Duke
3845 D - #64 IKE
3783 D - #65 admiralnelliott
3779 D - #66 guy~~
3752 D - #67 V+
3720 D - #68 quarryman
3718 D - #69 fulhamish
3705 D - #70 Valis2501
3702 D - #71 josunice
3683 D - #72 0k0k0
3679 D - #73 alamothe
3672 D - #74 Zarathustra
3639 D - #75 Bugger
3632 D - #76 giorgio.
3572 D - #77 ghug
3555 D - #78 guak
3525 D - #79 Vampiero
3512 D - #80 Sh@dow
3511 D - #81 gantz
3491 D - #82 TheMasterGamer
3490 D - #83 sean
3471 D - #84 Luke Miller
3471 D - #85 sswang
3407 D - #86 Indybroughton
3405 D - #87 The Hanged Man
3405 D - #88 laurence208y
3400 D - #89 Ogion
3395 D - #90 Antracia
3384 D - #91 Strauss
3366 D - #92 Tasnica
3326 D - #93 Tusky McMammoth
3269 D - #94 stratagos
3263 D - #95 thehamster
3251 D - #96 ag7433
3224 D - #97 Centurian
3203 D - #98 Gerry
3186 D - #99 ckroberts
3180 D - #100 arcticfox
24 Jul 17 UTC Autumn, 1903: What the fuck England
06 Aug 17 UTC Thanks, everyone! I was sweating bullets.
06 Aug 17 UTC Good game all, again I'm most sorry to Germany but 14:7 SCs was a ratio just a tad too out of hand... shouldn't have let it get that lopsided
06 Aug 17 UTC It was a very good game, I'm sorry for Austria, getting crushed by three players at the same time. He was a good player but Austria always seems to get screwed.

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

Drister (847 D)
Drawn. Bet: 10 D, won: 18 D
14 supply-centers, 14 units
fourofswords (440 D)
Drawn. Bet: 10 D, won: 18 D
7 supply-centers, 7 units
Drawn. Bet: 0 D, won: 18 D
7 supply-centers, 7 units
ncalphawolf (149 D)
Drawn. Bet: 0 D, won: 18 D
6 supply-centers, 6 units
Halberd63 (170 D)
Defeated. Bet: 0 D
Taco-Rex (119 D)
Defeated. Bet: 10 D
Berkut (114 D)
Defeated. Bet: 10 D
Civil Disorders
jinx42 (100 D)Russia (Spring, 1904) with 2 centres.
Luisbreaksbuttz (100 D)England (Autumn, 1901) with 3 centres.
Great_Echspectations (100 D)Italy (Autumn, 1903) with 3 centres.
denonskull (100 D)Russia (Autumn, 1904) with 0 centres.
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