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Finished: 07 PM Tue 06 Dec 16 UTC
Small Pot 20 Gunboat
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 140 D - Autumn, 1909, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Alexander Suvorov (0 D X)

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06 Dec 16 UTC austria. i should have stabbed you when i had the chance. you and italy just gave the win to germany
06 Dec 16 UTC gg germany. this entire game was just me saying "Italy. could you MAYBE CHILL?!"
06 Dec 16 UTC GG WP all
06 Dec 16 UTC scotty and marze who are these clowns?
06 Dec 16 UTC if only russia had moved to warsaw i could have supported it and worked up galicia to attack germany. austria not only were you no help by attacking me and not supporting me you just hastened the end. you better learn about the stalemate line.
06 Dec 16 UTC the game was taking way longer than it should have. i sped it up.
06 Dec 16 UTC if that is your attitude then you should have resigned in 1904
06 Dec 16 UTC XD
06 Dec 16 UTC you shouldn't be upset. i'm the only reason you even made it this far. besides he would've taken england. there's no way we could stop that. you need to calm down.
06 Dec 16 UTC I had 2 other easily accessible paths to victory. England and also the Mediterranean.
06 Dec 16 UTC no i would have muscled my way in. i was the reason you were able to stay so long. my support in bulgaria kept italy from taking you out. i should have ganged up on you with him!
06 Dec 16 UTC i was the only reason you even got into bulgaria
06 Dec 16 UTC i would have gotten into the black sea and then pushed in on my own. go back and look at the maps
06 Dec 16 UTC i don't see how you could with russia there
06 Dec 16 UTC he couldn't fight you and me. so eventually i would have slipped into ether sev or the black sea and that would be that. but my being in bulgaria was a benefit to you and you were not getting it on your own
06 Dec 16 UTC but i didn't have to help you. we could've just teamed up on you.
06 Dec 16 UTC or i could've just sat there
06 Dec 16 UTC you couldn't; italy was all over you. go look at the maps. you just speeded it up like you did for the german solo!
06 Dec 16 UTC yeah. i did. why is that bad?
06 Dec 16 UTC i don't owe you anything.