Finished: 01 PM Mon 14 Nov 16 UTC
The Last Chance Saloon
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 70 D - Autumn, 1913, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by OffensiveRealismSuXXX (240 D)
13 Nov 16 UTC No dude, the role of Austria isn't to sit and do nothing. I was actively supporting you to maintain Greece, while putting myself into position to Lepanto. YOU, and YOU alone squashed that. You kept forcing my hand. For example, I moved to Tyrolia, NOT Trieste, because I was trying to help you should you need support for Vienna. I get that it's a GB game and you can know my intentions, but I was never in position with two units to take from you. All I wanted to do was get into Spain and Marseilles and Lepanto against Turkey. I just never could get traction because you were always threatening Venice with two units.

Then, you finally it AND Tunis needlessly
13 Nov 16 UTC no, there are many bad losers. When tell me transport in the movement 8 for justified her defeat....
13 Nov 16 UTC ok, yo defeat me because YOU INTERESTED IN for contained the turkey, you dont occupe trieste because YOU INTERESTED IN because you attack france or turkey.... i play for occupe points, not for your victory, men
13 Nov 16 UTC what
13 Nov 16 UTC Sometimes you can't go for the win, Austria. Sometimes you have to recognize that the best you can do is settle for a draw instead of a complete loss, which means cooperating with people you'd otherwise not cooperate with.
13 Nov 16 UTC Sorry, I don't understand what you're saying there.

Look, it's simple. In GB games, especially as Austria, you have to take some leaps of faith. When you saw me support hold you in Greece, it should have been pretty clear to you that I was going to try to help you weather the storm as BOTH Turkey and Russia were attacking you and the Balkans. You kept back tracking and causing me to backtrack, despite never posing a threat. That was failure number one.

Failure number two came when you KEPT ON ATTACKING me and Turkey when the threat was Germany. You had the units to solidify the middle, and failed. Not because I was attacking you, but because you were attacking ME!
13 Nov 16 UTC If that means giving up points to someone who needs them more (eg Italy), so be it.
13 Nov 16 UTC no, you think austria dont play, and support others... and no, i dont play that way.. and survive very well
13 Nov 16 UTC You lost.
13 Nov 16 UTC That's an interesting definition of "survive"
13 Nov 16 UTC ok guys... austria play for the victory of other players... ok ok
13 Nov 16 UTC What you just explained is EXACTLY why Germany and I are telling you that you don't yet understand the nuances of this game. I don't blame you. It's similar to chess. Newbies think take take take. While masters will have protected pieces sit turn after turn after turn. Stop arguing with us, and learn something.
13 Nov 16 UTC yeah germany, but you win because france and russia is out soon, not for me
13 Nov 16 UTC Actually, that's exactly what you did. You played for German victory. So I don't know, is it supposed to be ironic or what?
13 Nov 16 UTC Italy's not asking that you back him in a bid for victory; he had voted for a draw and would've been more than happy to end the game with a draw. He would rather nobody win than one person take the entire pot.

If Italy achieved a board position that was threatening to achieve victory, he wouldn't begrudge you if you stabbed him.
13 Nov 16 UTC No, Austria, I won because you had 3 fleets, failed to defend any of your starting points, and sabotaged Italy while was trying to contain me.
13 Nov 16 UTC not similar to chess, guys, there are 7 gamers
13 Nov 16 UTC come on german, come on... if france attack you?? or england attack in north sea??? you win??? come on...
13 Nov 16 UTC You don't play that way because you selfish, shortsighted, and stupid -- sorry to say. You play like a hack, like someone who doesn't understand that losing with a few extra SC's is STILL LOSING. Are you really that thick, dude? At the end, in most game, we all play to stop the most powerful player from winning. Otherwise, you're going to lose. But hey, keep playing and keep on losing if you choose.
13 Nov 16 UTC You're hopeless dude, seriously hopeless.
13 Nov 16 UTC ok, i lose..... because AUSTRIA ALWAYS LOSE, i admit.... but we think if austria lose is good for others dont win ... and i will never recognize
13 Nov 16 UTC ok, i lose..... because AUSTRIA ALWAYS LOSE, i admit.... but we think if austria lose is good for others dont win ... and i will never recognize
13 Nov 16 UTC It's EXACTLY similar to chess insofar as your individual actions
13 Nov 16 UTC France *did* attack me- for Chrissakes, he supported himself into Burgundy turn 1- and you do have a point that England bears some of the burden for allowing the stab to happen. But me attacking you was telegraphed as all hell; you *should* have seen it coming and you *should* have done something about it.
13 Nov 16 UTC 7 players, 7 opportunities to win
13 Nov 16 UTC german, you support france, but when italy occupe spain and england goes tu english channel and irish sea.... too difficult to france... and you attack russia
13 Nov 16 UTC Do you know what percentage of Diplomacy games actually end in a solo win?
13 Nov 16 UTC and north sea free...
13 Nov 16 UTC I do not care, German. I play to win, not to tie.
13 Nov 16 UTC and you?
13 Nov 16 UTC I play to win when possible, and when not, I play to tie to avoid losing.
13 Nov 16 UTC You're wrong, players win with Austria all the time. Yes, it can be the most difficult country to play at times, but when you have an Italian friend to your west, it's a lot easier. Which, by the way, is why, as Italy, I almost always try to create an alliance with Austria. More times than not, Russia and Turkey unite, and if Italy attacks Austria along with Russia and Turkey, Austria is dead quickly. That is no good for anyone, least of all Austria and Italy.

Just admit that after 60 games you've yet to come to a complete understanding of how to cooperate with other players. It's ok, it's not readily intuitive. Most players start playing this game thinking it's a "back stabbing" game. What they fail to realize though is that its a game about cooperation, and especially about cooperation between two (or more) nations in situationally difficult situations. One has to have a micro AND Macro view and know how to react appropriately to each, and when one takes on more importance than the other. You don't get that yet, apparently by your actions and post game words
13 Nov 16 UTC If you had killed off Turkey and Italy, you can bet your balls that I would've allied with England and Russia to fight you, and we would've come out with part of the pot.
13 Nov 16 UTC No, i have an italian friend when italy conquest france and turkey..... and then? im the next, men....
13 Nov 16 UTC Say that your war with Italy went well- say that you took all his SCs. What then? How would you deal with me after that, if I'd swallowed up England+Russia+France?
13 Nov 16 UTC no, you think that you play 60000000 games, your ideas are the best and other ideas no...
13 Nov 16 UTC *Then* you reevaluate and consider if he's likely to come for you next; who knows, maybe he'll be too busy fighting England. An alliance made at the beginning of the game isn't binding.
13 Nov 16 UTC ohhh its true, if i win italy i died... ok, austria must die always, and italy win or turkey or russia or the USA or the mongols....
13 Nov 16 UTC i see bad loser and bad winner
13 Nov 16 UTC Nobody was asking you to die. Nobody was really threatening you, *except me*.
13 Nov 16 UTC It's not a win-lose situation. You don't automatically lose if you don't win. If you don't understand that, well, I hate to break it to you, but you'll never really understand how to play diplomacy.
13 Nov 16 UTC No, you said that, guy
13 Nov 16 UTC So your idea is to fight everyone around you, even those trying to be your friends, and even when you're getting swallowed up by another power ... brilliant. Again, look at the map. Germany didn't take a single SC from me, nor from England ... He took from France, Russia, and Austria ... you lost your entire nation to him, AND the Balkans. But, at least you got Tunis and Venice... cuz you play to win, right?
13 Nov 16 UTC wft? i dont understand anything.... diplomacy is attack everyone to everyone always.. if you dont understand that, you really dont thint how to play
13 Nov 16 UTC I've forgotten more about this game than you'll ever know.
13 Nov 16 UTC Post game discussion has officially entered troll mode
Good game, Italy, hopefully next time around you won't be forced to play with someone like this
13 Nov 16 UTC You're either delusional, or a troll. Which is it?
13 Nov 16 UTC yes Germany, well played!
13 Nov 16 UTC Adios Austria, better luck with your excessively aggressive strategy next time.
13 Nov 16 UTC Forget all of you. for the third time in a row i have had three or more players attack me at once in the beginning, first russia, then germany and now as france. i am beginning to suspect that i am not anonymous and that my orders are broadcast to other players. THREE F+++ing TIMES IN A ROW!!!!!!

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Won. Bet: 10 D, won: 70 D
20 supply-centers, 17 units
MichiganMan (5136 D)
Survived. Bet: 10 D
5 supply-centers, 5 units
The_Spanish (100 D)
Survived. Bet: 10 D
4 supply-centers, 6 units
Bystry (302 D)
Survived. Bet: 10 D
3 supply-centers, 3 units
weaverfever (98 D)
Survived. Bet: 10 D
2 supply-centers, 2 units
CAPT Brad (40 D X)
Defeated. Bet: 10 D
eliwhitney (107 D (G))
Defeated. Bet: 10 D
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