Finished: 05 PM Tue 08 Nov 16 UTC
Live Gunboat Please
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 105 D - Autumn, 1909, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by whaskell (90 D)

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08 Nov 16 UTC GG
08 Nov 16 UTC thx England for throwing a perfectly drawable game
08 Nov 16 UTC sorry Italy. had too. France, wow, surprised you didnt want the draw...respect
08 Nov 16 UTC Thx Russia for having a crappy early game, especially knowing Italy was gone. You and I needed to work against Russia. Your stalemates in Black Sea cost everyone the game--eventually.
08 Nov 16 UTC i was going to say
08 Nov 16 UTC work against *Austria
08 Nov 16 UTC about enland i mean
08 Nov 16 UTC @Jeff: Ithought game was going to be canceled. And precisely because tyhere was no Italy yoiu needed to send your fleet west and let me take Black Sea to help you. Also, I gave you a pretty good chance to recover, and you just kept blowing your moves.
08 Nov 16 UTC if england werent attacked me i was sup mov sles into munich from kiel
08 Nov 16 UTC everybody worked reat execpt england that move away st pie and norw and continue attack me form den making austria win easier, by the way good work austria
08 Nov 16 UTC It was an easy draw from spring 08. All England needed to do was support hold St Pete with Norway and move Denmark to Baltic Sea. That's all we needed for a solid stalemate line.
08 Nov 16 UTC Turkey needs Black Sea way more than Russia does. You kept bouncing me despite showing an early support into Rumania from Bulgaria.
08 Nov 16 UTC right
08 Nov 16 UTC Come on now. Black Sea borders 2 Turkish home SCs vs 1 for Russia.
08 Nov 16 UTC Thx bud!
08 Nov 16 UTC @Jeff: not when there is no Italy. You need to send both fleets West and trust me to help you recover Bulgaria. My fleet is useless against Austria if I am not in Black Sea, and having fleets in Aegean and Eastern Med is more important than ever with no Italy.
08 Nov 16 UTC And anyway, that early start did not affect the outcome of this game. The Austrian solo came because you abandoned the game and did not properly defend, and because England downright threw it in the endgame.
08 Nov 16 UTC No, I need you to take Rumania and park yourself there or in Sevastopol. Get yourself an extra SC and build!

*THEN* I can send fleets west. Your order of events is wrong.

08 Nov 16 UTC Keep on dreaming, guak. ;)
08 Nov 16 UTC I was not getting Rumania after spring moves if you didn't notice (and I did not know we had no Italy before spring). Learn to read the board.