Finished: 12 PM Wed 25 May 16 UTC
Excuse me-6
14 hours /phase
Pot: 140 D - Autumn, 1933, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring, Hidden draw votes
1 excused missed turn
Game won by d-rock (650 D)

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24 May 16 UTC Good game Turkey.

Russia what in the world were you thinking? You had to know Turkey was going to stab you.
24 May 16 UTC Overambition in 1910 or thereabouts did for me. Taking on Germany, Italy and Russia at the same time was fatal. Should've left Tunis alone...

Gg though, well played Turkey.
24 May 16 UTC Yeah I was really disappointed by your stab France. We could've easily ran on to a 3 way draw. Though it certainly made for an interesting game
24 May 16 UTC Wow, this game so many faces I cant even begin to imagine how to summarize it. I'll give it a go when I find a suitable timeslot tonight or later this week. Either way, thank you all for one of the most spectacular games I've played. Well played all.
24 May 16 UTC Early game: Interesting opening by Italy. I was really proud of my decision to save Austria by cutting the Italian support. I was very content to let France deal with England while we maintained peace on our border. I was a little shocked when France immediately came after me once England was dealt with (with my help).

Early mid-game: I was on the ropes around 1908. France had made a serious dive into my home centers and I was over-extended. Fortunately though, I had the rogue unit in Burgundy. This proved to be critical. I believe France made a mistake by convoying to Norway in '09. This spread out his armies and gave me an opening. I drove back French armies, but Russia started to become a threat again (after he was on the brink of extinction). I was trying to communicate peace with Russia once we had stalemated and I got the build in Berlin, but he was having none of that. Around 1915, once I had control of the French centers, I knew France was no longer a big threat. I was very surprised by the Russian disband of the fleet in Wales. Gave me a lot more peace of mind. At this point, I was content to eliminate France and draw four ways because I felt everyone deserved a share at that point (I was still harboring a grudge against France). The distribution of the Turkish/Russian centers at this point was truly amazing. I was expecting a major stab soon, but continued to be disappointed.

Late mid-game: Italy was being pressed on all sides though he managed to land in Munich which honestly probably prevented me running away with the game. Losing my line in 1926 crippled any momentum I had. I finally eliminated France (though at this point, Italy was down to a couple centers so I held out on the draw vote). But unfortunately, Russia managed a unit behind my lines and I was in trouble.

End game: Italy was finally eliminated and it seemed a three-way draw was inevitable so I voted draw. Was honestly very surprised the votes weren't already in place and the game didn't end immediately. I pressed on though. At this point, I knew a stab would happen eventually. Turkey swapped the fleet in Sev with an army in 1931 which I thought signalled his intentions clearly. However, he continued to surprise me by bouncing his units and working around the Russian centers. At this point, I started to grow very mad at Russia (and still don't agree with how he played). The complete focus on pushing the attack on me and disregarding Turkey lost us the game. I thought we had a chance to set up a stalemate, but it didn't happen.

I certainly played far from a perfect game. Lots of interesting dynamics in this map and I really enjoyed how quickly we were able to move through phases. Great game everyone! Particularly impressive play from Italy, in my opinion. Bid his time well, attacked at the right moments, he just never was able to form an ally and eventually crumbled. Turkey's resilience is always amazing. Such a strong defensive position and hard to crack. Once you got going, there was no stopping you. Russia, way to stick with it, even though you were almost out. I swear I'll eventually get over my ill-feelings about the EOG ;)
24 May 16 UTC This game was full of an amazing number of twists, turns, and come-backs. Impressive all around.
24 May 16 UTC Good game all.
24 May 16 UTC Good game for everyone except for me, hehehe.
It was a super game changing, I had only two centers in 1907, due to betrayals of Germany and Turkey. And I got to be 14 in 1930s.
But after my amazing recovery, it behaved Turkey as an ally and thought it would not do so; and I was very spiteful with Germany and wanted to achieve their elimination. I got carried away by that and thought that Turkey was thinking the same thing ...
I also pressed repeatedly Draw, and none worked. That also made me angry with Germany, for taking such a long game.
Actually, I overdid it on trust for Turkey to reach a two-way draw, after eliminating Germany.
And keep in mind that beyond my naivete, however little he managed to win, in a move that I was hesitant because I knew that there was possibility of attacking Tyrolia, he made a retreat to Bohemia. And thanks to that he won. I think if you did not win this turn, he would make it difficult to achieve it.
24 May 16 UTC I invite everyone to play a new game, unless Turkey ;)
24 May 16 UTC How do you figure a betrayal by me? We never were working together.
24 May 16 UTC In Spring 1913, you gave me support from Berlin to Prussia ...
and in 1917 already were attacking again
25 May 16 UTC You built a fleet in StP in 1916. Why would you do that other than to attack me? That's why I moved against you.
25 May 16 UTC === 1901-1902: The Juggernaut years ===

I decided from the start to try the Juggernaut by letting Russia have BLA. It looked good until autumn 1902 when Russia stole Ankara just as I had broken into Greece. Back to square one. Meanwhile England and Germany were giving Russia a hard time in the north, so I was very surprised to see Russia open a new front at the time. It looked very good for France and Germany.

=== 1903-1906: The first Russo-Turkish war ===

Russia kept pushing towards the south and lost ground in the north and the west, I was happy at the time to work with Germany to try to eliminate Russia to make Russia pay. I watched France, Germany and Italy grow, and realized that they would be able to eliminate all other opposition and cut a 3-way, so I had to retreat from Russia and again look westwards instead. My retreat seems to have been in the very last minute for the Italians came in numbers.

=== 1907-1910: Russian comeback ===

I was happy to see Russia drive Germany out of the motherland, this seemed good for the balance of the board. But I was very suspicious and didn't want to leave room for any more Russian betrayals, so I probably wasted a little maneuvering space with unnecessary defense moves against Sev. Meanwhile Italy was able to almost eliminate Austria and France eliminated England. The French-Germany was scaling up as was the Italo-Turkish.

=== 1911-1914: The first Italo-Turkish war, part I ===

I was very fortunate to capitalize from the Frankish push into the Med. Italy suddenly had two fronts and this made me able to not only defend but even gain a foothold in the Balkans. I realized that once I had that (and with the Russian fleet in Sev out of the equation) I was going to be almost impossible to eliminate. So I saw as my holy task to prevent anyone from running away with a solo. Perhaps could me and Russia get that juggernaut rolling after all? It looked really well until autumn 1914 when suddenly Russia shifts his units southwards. I interpreted that as he was content with his achievements westwards and was now looking south for new gains. Wow was I surprised to see the fleet built in Stp/nc instead of Sev. I had envisioned us bouncing around in the Black Sea and holding our positions against each other and continue the Juggernaut at a slower pace, but I realized that when there wasn't a fleet built in Sev, then Russia would have no choice but to turn fully on me. So be it.

=== 1915-1920: The first Italo-Turkish war, part II and the second Russo-Turkish war ====

I was frustrated with the Russian gains in Austria, it felt like I was outguessed every single turn. At first I blamed it on bad luck, but as I kept loosing ground I really lost my confidence. Well played Russia! Italy had been driven back to the four basic SCs in a position I realized would be really hard to break. Meanwhile, the Germans were running over France and started to move into Austria. I realized that I should try to make peace with Russia again, and hopefully Italy would buy into this as well. Only, this time with Sevastopol under turkish control - that should make the peace last. And I finally gave Trieste to Italy because it was too hard to defend anyway with position, and hopefully he could use the build to stop Germany from entering the Med.

=== 1921-1926: Germany vs. everyone ===

It seemed as we all agreed that we now had to drive Germany back. I thought I should try to make as much of the map yellow as possible without upsetting the two powers I depended on. This is the curse of the corner powers, when it comes to stopping the opposite side of the board it can be quite hard to put your units to use without ruining it all. Especially in gunboat games. I was impressed with the level of trust we built up, and the results that came from it. Russia played really well driving Germany back (again!). I was happy to work with this plan, help Italy (and actually Germany) eliminate France - and then set draw. But then, spring 1926, something happened that changed this game again. Italy made a move to defend 3 SCs. I had thought of attacking them, but I chose not to because I was more than happy to share the 4-way because frankly we all deserved it. The misplaced mistrust angered me and consequently I did attack in the autumn.

=== 1927-1929: The second Italo-Turkish war ===

Italy made a good game, but unfortunately it now became obvious that I had to eliminate Italy (and thanks for the unexpected help Germany!) Meanwhile Germany could finally eliminate France. I was happy to see Russia push through Germany, because I realized that this ment there wouldn't be another driver for a german solo. I made certain to block Vienna to maintain the superiority over Russia, meaning that if he'd ever turn south I'd grab at least 3 of his SCs, that should mean he'd at least think twice before doing that, and hopefully vote draw. 1929 when we were down to three players, I set draw and left it on for a full year.

=== 1930-1933: The Turko-German war and the third Russo-Turkish war ===

I was very disappointed to see the draw vote fail since I thought I was the only player still with a shot at a solo and I had expected the other two players to realize that and set draw. After a year I cancelled my vote and decided to go for it instead, if I could only get a fleet into the Atlantic, then I'd almost be able to guarantee the win. I would therefore wait with the attack on Russia until I had gotten past the German fleets. I was a little surprised to see the Russia continuing to push more armies westwards, I would have expected it to be enough and that the newly built units at least stayed in position to reliate or back-up any offensive towards Austria-Hungary. As it didn't happen, I attacked a little earlier than I had anticipated, the magical 18 were within reach! I got 17 by 1932 which was a good start, but I realized that taking one more on the eastern side of the board would be difficult, so I was hoping I'd be able to stale the position until my reinforcements arrived, otherwise I feared a scenario similar to the second RT war. I knew that as long as I could keep my position in the east, I'd win - because when my new fleet would arrive on the front I'd take Portugal and from the the road north was wide open had I needed yet another one.

Anyway, this game was very interesting and fun. Definitely one of the best gunboat experiences I've ever had. Again, thank you all for a good game.