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Finished: 07 AM Fri 29 Apr 16 UTC
Private #MAGA
1 day /phase
Pot: 100 D - Autumn, 4, Finished
The Ancient Mediterranean, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn
18 Apr 16 UTC Spring, 1: Do you guys mind if I go Civil Disorder? No one wants to work with me. It would be fine if I was some po-dunk country, but I'm ROME, DANG IT.
18 Apr 16 UTC Spring, 1: Nah, you good.
18 Apr 16 UTC Spring, 1: JK about CD, I wouldn't do that intentionally. But this is an all-points bulletin, if you are a good guy (i.e. Not Mafia or a Spy), I am willing to team up. In return, I only ask that you kill anyone who attacks me.
18 Apr 16 UTC Spring, 1: That's asking a lot there broby.
18 Apr 16 UTC Spring, 1: I'm impatient. Let's get this show on the road
18 Apr 16 UTC Spring, 1: Lookin at you PERSIA
20 Apr 16 UTC Autumn, 1: Ready Up when you have your moves in. Please.
22 Apr 16 UTC Autumn, 2: Obvious facts brought to you by Appian Media in partnership with Maximus Wire Reports: This just in, Persia and Egypt in an unholy alliance. It is certain to succeed as it finds itself against the tired, huddled masses of Greece and Rome, still bleeding from their recent engagements. In support of this Homeric/Virgillian alliance is Carthage, perhaps still upset about salted fields, but actually something of a world power, wholly competent to the task of denying Egypt any new SCs (for perhaps the rest of the game?). While discussing Egypt, perhaps it makes sense to look at his ally because, after all, only one of them is going to win this game and it's definitely not Egypt. So who is going to win this game? That's right ladies and gentlemen, I'm talking about the Persian Hordes. Apart from residing in an extraordinarily imbalanced universe where the map basically hands Persia the victory if he isn't stupid, he has also allied himself with Egypt who will simply protect one of his flanks while he gobbles up the SCs of a weak Greece and Rome. Did I mention Egypt won't actually grow all this time? So you have to ask yourself, why is Egypt working with Persia? What exactly is he getting out of this? Is he simply hoping to be the last living footstool in the Ancient World? Stay tuned for the exciting ...urr...obvious conclusion to this game!
22 Apr 16 UTC Autumn, 2: -------------------------------------
Update: The media relations team of the Persian Empire has reached out for comment. And I quote: "...that's bs and you know it." Do we? Do we though? We had the priests of the temple of Jupiter do some fact-checking of our previous report and here's a transcript of the news conference where they provided their findings: "Commander of the Felix Legion, we have reviewed your recent "Maximus Report" (Copyright) and found at least one glaring FALSEHOOD. You seem to suggest that Greece and Rome are somehow united in their defense against Persia. This is obviously absurd. Looking at the continuing territory disputes over Vindobona and Dalmatia it is clear to see they represent any sort of united front. Furthermore, your own fleets just took the Ionian sea after expressly promising General Evanonian Ajax that you would not. Greece and Rome are, while perhaps not fully at war, certainly not allies. This point, however, we recognize, only goes to support your general thesis that Persia will abolish all Classical civilization in his path with relative ease; a house divided cannot stand. Furthermore, we honest priests of Jupiter would be amiss not to confirm as FACT the point that while Persia is fighting against an infighting set of once-great philosophers and legal scholars, his ally, Egypt finds himself against a strong and single-minded Carthage with the support of Rome's wastefully large navy (or so the Hannibal has told Rome). In any case, we wish blessings of the stupid and false god Jupiter upon no one. Priests of Jupiter OUT."

So there you have it folks. Until next time.
22 Apr 16 UTC Autumn, 2: I'm just worried about the Carthage/Rome "What does delenda even mean" alliance. Am I wrong to support my brothers in Egypt against the hordes of Hannibal who have reneged on their promise to assault Rome and have turned on their african brothers?
22 Apr 16 UTC Autumn, 2: Uh...hello sir. I am Caesar's steward, Ganymede---I am a slave now but I grew up in the once proud city of Corinth. I beg your pardon for addressing such an austere and auspicious person as yourself, but I figured I could be excused as you have condescended to write an op-ed in our local Roman paper. Anyway, I just wanted to speak to you about one thing. I noticed that your most recent piece makes no effort to disprove the the initial Maximus Report's thesis. That being, that your alliance with Egypt would be fruitless for Egypt and wonderful for you. Instead it seems your most recent opinion piece simply reasserts that you are working with Egypt, I point already stated by the Maximus Report (and the High Priests of Jupiter). You make it sound like the point of the Maximus Report was to dissuade you from working with Egypt. Not so, dear emperor. It makes all the sense in the world for you to work with him. The point is that it makes no sense for Egypt to fight for an (at best) stalemate with Carthage and Rome when you are just gobbling up Greece. What, sir, does Egypt get out of the alliance? Now, finally, while I but a mere cup-bearer of Caesar, those of us in the vulgus of Rome at least have some sense of enlightenment. This leads me to despise your cultural indecency in calling Africans "hordes", "reneggers", and "brothers" all in the same sentence. Really it's extraordinary. Thank you for your time. Sincerest regards from Rome, Ganymede.
22 Apr 16 UTC Autumn, 2: Egypt is dead if he fights me, carthage is the one who gains.
22 Apr 16 UTC Autumn, 2: Hello Emperor Xerxes VI---that is your Christian...I mean...Islamic name, no?---anyway, I am the Grammarian of the Senate. Lucius Pompilius is the name. In any case, I wanted to advise you of the comma splice you recently used. Bad form. Bad form indeed. Nonetheless, your meaning was clear. You have Cleopatra by the Cojones. While this is a pleasant enough threat, threats do not an alliance make. The Egyptians are, or once were, a proud and honorable people. They will not fight for a master who does not give them at least the scraps from the table. Well, that is enough out of me. I must get back to the prosecution of my duties in the senate. There is bill about to come before the senate discussing whether it might be possible to convince the world to allow a Dalmatian Army to convoy Adriatic - Ionian - Messenian - Lybian - Gulf of Tacape - Punic Sea - to Carthage for a diplomatic visit. Doubtless there will be many misuses of colons and hyphens that I simply cannot permit. Good day, XVI.
23 Apr 16 UTC Spring, 3: Billy on the phone right now: "I already told Joe (Scholle) he's gonna win and I'm fine with that. I just want to kill Danny and you (Joe Mehan)."
23 Apr 16 UTC Spring, 3: Yeah, he told me he'd rather have Scholle win over Mehan ten times out of time.
27 Apr 16 UTC So now Joe gets to win both games. This is fun
27 Apr 16 UTC Can we draw the game please? This is getting boring.
28 Apr 16 UTC I voted for it
28 Apr 16 UTC All of you have to tell me I won.

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TheCaptan (133 D)
Drawn. Bet: 20 D, won: 20 D
9 supply-centers, 8 units
Drawn. Bet: 20 D, won: 20 D
8 supply-centers, 8 units
FeeltheBearn (277 D)
Drawn. Bet: 20 D, won: 20 D
7 supply-centers, 7 units
troglodyte (166 D)
Drawn. Bet: 20 D, won: 20 D
7 supply-centers, 7 units
Nave100 (100 D)
Drawn. Bet: 20 D, won: 20 D
3 supply-centers, 3 units
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