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Finished: 08 PM Mon 18 Apr 16 UTC
Swift Boat-39
10 hours /phase
Pot: 350 D - Spring, 1912, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Sum-of-Squares Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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Chat archive


17 Apr 16 UTC Got to say, captainpash that it is astonishing that faced with a 12 center Russia and a juggernaut, you strategic genius is to move against England!

Still a fun game. Sorry to draw prematurely but I've had internet issues.
17 Apr 16 UTC There wasn't a juggernaut actually, Russia was giving me all I could handle and then some. Very well played.
17 Apr 16 UTC This was a great game, well played. There was no juggernaut. Turkey started off with a move to Armenia and he and I fought it out while Austria took advantage. Turkey and I didn't work together until we were forced to by the combined strength of Germany and Austria. I think I moved on England too early, but I was spooked by England's earlier move to St. Pete. Great game all.
17 Apr 16 UTC I mean England if you had helped me kill france, I could have stalled turkey more. Plus it was sum of squares and I wasn't expecting a draw so soon. So the faster you fall the more likely I was to get a survival and some points. It is why I helped russia into Trieste.
17 Apr 16 UTC Yeah I thought that was interesting. Russia was beginning to be a solo threat, but England had just turned the tables. Russia would've lost a unit if you hadn't helped him in.

I really didn't want to attack you Italy, I was more concerned about a growing Russia, I just had to sit in Ion to protect Tunis.
17 Apr 16 UTC Well if someone solos no one but the winner gets points. I would have been happy to help you into Portgual but that wasn't possible with the moves to Brest for no particular reason. Obviously I couldn't move south to do that with Paris waiting to stick it to me. The move to Picardy confirmed that I had a two front war that was pretty unnecessary
17 Apr 16 UTC Italy, I disagree with England. Not because your move was obviously beneficial to me, but strategically. England is a little miffed because he was well on his way to taking a big chunk out of me. A very big chunk if he had no other opposition. You could not expect Turkey to help out against England, geography prevents that. Furthermore, letting Turkey know you were supporting me was, I think, a big reason for Turkey asking for the draw. I was losing to England, so the the only way for you to push the chance for your survival and was to push back at England. England says he would have gladly supported you if only he could, but have only his word on that. And this game was sans words.
17 Apr 16 UTC Spot on about why I put my draw up
18 Apr 16 UTC Yeah, I thought sum of squares was the same a ppsc. So my bad on that.

Turkey, I was perfectly happy to be friend till you took out Tunis. It made my French advances stall because I couldn't get a second fleet into the mid atalntic. After that I never considered the possibility of us being allies because we couldn't negotiate.