Finished: 04 AM Sat 30 Apr 16 UTC
mutinous nunnated
2 days /phase
Pot: 616 D - Autumn, 1915, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by josemurc (31940 D)

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28 Apr 16 UTC gg for all :)
28 Apr 16 UTC very impressive, austria! gg
28 Apr 16 UTC Oh this game. Two gunboats in a row I managed to attack or be attacked by all three neighbours by 1902, with the obvious result. Dunno what I was thinking. :-)
28 Apr 16 UTC Nooooh!!
Or nein, should I say... ah, Germany, what a pity... we had it! After all these efforts, this heroic defense and this great coordination we eventually managed to establish... a nice and smooth 3-way draw was at hand... I imagine your frustration to be stuck 3builds under, but I am really not sure it was worth the huge risk of opening Kie... oh, cruel destiny!!
Anyway, good game Austria.
28 Apr 16 UTC Oops.
29 Apr 16 UTC Well played austria. You germany should have let me lived and focused on austria. Not only did it cost the game but after i was blocking the austrian win the last thing you want to do is turn me against you which is what happen. You should have retaken your SCs then moved on me if you were planning on cutting me.
29 Apr 16 UTC What I should have done is not take stupid risks for no gain, like opening Kiel.
I'm sorry to England for ruining our well executed anti-solo effort. I don't know what I was thinking.

Italy: The moment I realized that I couldn't solo, I was looking to shorten the draw. I tried eliminating England, but had to turn to defend from Austria to his solo effort. However, that is why I handed War and Mos to him: to unbalance your alliance, and hopefully get you to first stop attacking me, and perhaps get you eliminated, or distract Austria enough to let me either eliminate England or set up against Austria. Alas, seemingly every time I decided to guess about Austria's moves, and take a risk, I guessed wrong. I should really learn to apply game theory properly. :(
29 Apr 16 UTC I was just saying that you should have hit mar until you had secured munich. I wouldn't have turned on you at the end if you had just let me be.
29 Apr 16 UTC If I wasn't a fool, England and I had a stalemate line, and eliminating you was just the nice little bit left for a 3 way instead of 4 way draw.
29 Apr 16 UTC Thats what i was saying instead of hitting mar, If you had supported moves to munich from berlin and bal to berlin you would have had a draw.(when i hit boh)
29 Apr 16 UTC Or if I had held Kie, and still done the Mar move, you'd be dead, and E, A and G would be in a 3WD right now. Understandably you don't like the Mar move, but it's not what lost EG the game.
29 Apr 16 UTC Right.
Thanks anyway Germany, I had a good time fighting against then with you.
29 Apr 16 UTC I had a good time playing with you too. Sorry for being so stupid. :p