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Finished: 01 AM Mon 21 Dec 15 UTC
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5 minutes /phase
Pot: 196 D - Autumn, 1914, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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20 Dec 15 UTC Good game guys..
Very well worked and played.
England, were you about to stab me? I couldn't work it out
20 Dec 15 UTC GG all and thanks for the alliance, Germany.
20 Dec 15 UTC GG guys, one of the best games i played so far
20 Dec 15 UTC Always facepalm when I see Germany pull that one fleet complete trust crap. If England was greedy he could have taken a solo
20 Dec 15 UTC Thank you for the alliance, played very well and enjoyably
20 Dec 15 UTC Yeah, playing for a two-way draw looked iffy since Turkey could likely keep me blocked out of the Ionian Sea indefinitely.
20 Dec 15 UTC glad we made a 3 way draw
20 Dec 15 UTC The other hand of that though is England must give up some sea dominance to build armies to take on Germany..
Yeah I was happy for a 3-way draw once we had it down to that
Thought about trying for a year to get the required SC's but the lines were pretty well drawn there
20 Dec 15 UTC Soloing as England from this kind of position is difficult since Germany can pull his armies back to defend his homeland very quickly. Maybe it would have been worth a try if the east were a bit more chaotic, but Turkey locked it up quickly.
20 Dec 15 UTC There was an obvious stab where Germany had 5 centres wide open to England and my position was untenable. Easy to build armies when you have 2-3 builds each year.
20 Dec 15 UTC Great defending by the way, France.
20 Dec 15 UTC Yeah the way you defended and worked everything made that hard to do France.
If you were less competent then that would have been on.
Very well played France though, sorry we cut you out of the draw