Finished: 11 PM Fri 13 Nov 15 UTC
Classic Party-10
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 105 D - Spring, 1910, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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13 Nov 15 UTC WP all. Austria... whyyyyyyy
13 Nov 15 UTC Thanks for not holding that 1901 attack on Brest against me, France. :)
13 Nov 15 UTC You were the best ally a Turkey could ever gobble up
13 Nov 15 UTC Nice game
13 Nov 15 UTC I don't blame him really... I'm getting sooo sleepy yawn
13 Nov 15 UTC Yeah, good turnaround, I think when Turkey's getting big you're forced to make peace and break for the stalemate lines.
13 Nov 15 UTC I feel like everything hinged on that one misordered move that was supposed to be into the Western Mediterranean
13 Nov 15 UTC I changed my Fall 1901 orders to cover Brest and take Munich at the
13 Nov 15 UTC But Austria and I could have survived if he stuck around for 3 more turns and finished breaking the german line
13 Nov 15 UTC Austria was ridiculous. Also England was an idiot to not move north when Turkey was taking over the game. You should've been able to solo Turkey, but you messed up bad and wasted your opportunity from the CD gods (3 countries around you CD'd, WOW).
13 Nov 15 UTC Also, I feel like I forgot how to play at the St. Petersburg stalemate line. What did I forget?
13 Nov 15 UTC Last minute. The alternative, support attack on Belgium, would have been a disaster
13 Nov 15 UTC I did move north, but I made some big errors.
This is my first game in about 4 years.
13 Nov 15 UTC Lol, Germany, I was banking hard on Austria finishing his breaking into the German line, I had too few armies to capitalize either on his CD or the western triangle's lack of preperation.
13 Nov 15 UTC You can't hold STP as Turkey. You should've bolted to stab Austria ASAP. If you just moved lyon to med and support moved to Tunis you would have taken ti and the game would be over.
13 Nov 15 UTC Turkey, St. P cannot be held from the south. Barents Sea, Norway, Finland, and GoB make 4 attackers while Moscow, Livonia, and St. P itself make only 3 defenders
13 Nov 15 UTC The two reasons I didn't solo were Austria's random CD and that misordered attack on Western Mediterranean. Game was 100% perfect other than that.
13 Nov 15 UTC Ah, so it was a poor strategy. I'll do better next game.
13 Nov 15 UTC Why does it seem that all the important stalemate lines are easier to hold from the north?
13 Nov 15 UTC There was nothing to break. He took Munich and that was as far as he could have went. Playing the central powers in gunboat is so annoying, F/E always team up and Russia is either NMR, CD, or too incompetent to properly counterbalance.