Finished: 12 AM Wed 11 Nov 15 UTC
One Last Try Monday LIVE II
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 189 D - Autumn, 1909, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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10 Nov 15 UTC Darn it!
10 Nov 15 UTC GG all
10 Nov 15 UTC GG
10 Nov 15 UTC fun game.
10 Nov 15 UTC Well-played all. And if only I had guessed right with those Italian attacks on the balkans in the first few turns!
10 Nov 15 UTC Not to mention been a second faster in submitting my orders on the last turn.
10 Nov 15 UTC lots of weird, um, okay, different orders in 1901. Made it kind of cool
10 Nov 15 UTC Weird openings. Russia was such a dick.

Did you enjoy Munich, Italy? What's one SC between friends, right? ;)
10 Nov 15 UTC I agree Ger, Russia was, um, such a Richard.
10 Nov 15 UTC I tried so hard to make the alliance work with Italy, I know we saw each others' support orders but we never could sync them.
10 Nov 15 UTC ahah I was like...where else is there to go from here?
10 Nov 15 UTC I was Italys friend at the end. Hope he noticed.
10 Nov 15 UTC I think my opening has merit, though not so much power. Super pro-Austrian opening that a little cooperation can easily turn into a dead Russia.
10 Nov 15 UTC Honestly I was cheering for England until he started to outpace me, lol
10 Nov 15 UTC Nice one Turkey. I took it as a complete novice.
10 Nov 15 UTC you guys were great it was Aus who just kept trying to be a nuisance to me
10 Nov 15 UTC Then Italy stopped trying to slow him down, wisely I might add, since I would have won if not for that miraculously slow submit.
10 Nov 15 UTC Well if people think it's a novice opening I'll have to do it more often in GB!
10 Nov 15 UTC When France went into CD I could feel Austria's heart being crushed as well
10 Nov 15 UTC I used to do Smy - SYR