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Finished: 08 PM Fri 06 Nov 15 UTC
Ready when you can GB
2 days /phase
Pot: 700 D - Autumn, 1914, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by prober77 (212 D)

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Chat archive


04 Nov 15 UTC Good game france. Though your CDing there a few times annoued me. I must ask though turkey why didnt you lay off the attack on me earlier? Or atleast join me against russia.
04 Nov 15 UTC I was hoping for a 4 way draw between AFRT from 1908, so when you went after Russia I didn't want to help you for fear of being unable to set up a stalemate line in St. Pete
My goal was to keep France out of Italy, and to have you and Russia set up a stalemate line, and the only way I could think to get you to back off Russia was to attack you myself.
I was completely baffled as to why you were attacking Russia in the first place, it was a very telegraphed stab with your movement to Trieste and build in Budapest in Autumn of 08, you had no realistic shot at a solo, so to me your attack on Russia was extremely shortsighted, considering Russia was the only one with a shot at stopping France.
04 Nov 15 UTC Russia was the only one stopping France in the north, obviously you were important to the stalemate in Piedmont and in Germany, but to attack Russia was to weaken the one line of defence in the North against a French solo.
04 Nov 15 UTC Russia was the only one stopping France in the north, obviously you were important to the stalemate in Piedmont and in Germany, but to attack Russia was to weaken the one line of defence in the North against a French solo.
04 Nov 15 UTC Well france had CDed for two turns in a row and it is easier for russia and turkey to take out austria then any other pairing of those the eastern three. So rather than being struck first i moved on russia. Once france moved though it isnt easy just to indicate peace after taking a home SC.
04 Nov 15 UTC Yeah, Austria you really messed me up with your late-game aggression. It forced me to pull out of Scandinavia and handed the win to France, which was depressing to say the least. Also, you have your timing wrong: I only NMRed for one turn, and that was the turn *after* you'd taken Warsaw (you began your attack on Warsaw in 1909, and the turn I missed was Autumn 1910). In the future, it helps to be more mindful of your stalemate lines, so you know which people you can afford to attack and which you can't. Also in this case, since it was a Winner-Take-All game, it's irrelevant if you take one more of my SCs or one less -- either you're part of the draw, and we all get the same number of points, or you lose and we all get zero.

Still, well-done France! Congrats on a strong victory. You took excellent advantage of a weakened Germany and the constant uneasiness in between Russia/Turkey/Austria and made a great show of it. Good game everyone!
04 Nov 15 UTC No russia. It wasnt you that had cded it was france which is what i said. As i said to turkey, it was more likely that it would be you and turkey fighting me because that is easier. So to gain ground for that oncoming fight i had to fight one of you. Turkey has a strong defensive position so it is out of the question. You didnt, so i had to make the choice between sit and wait it out to see if france rejoins or take a chance and move in on you. On a side note take your own medicine. If scs dont matter for the losing side then why didnt you let me keep warsaw? It still would have been difficult to take the whole of russia and with france baring down from the north i would have been forced to at least support berlin for as long as possible. Anyway you need to bare in mind that with a france not moving the only opponents was you two and a weakened germany.
04 Nov 15 UTC Austria, while you're correct that Austria is the easiest to eliminate among the eastern three, it seems to me like you didn't consider the entire board when you attacked Russia. My only moves prior to your stab were to set up a defensive line against France in the Mediterranean, and my fleet in Con was just hanging out rather than moving into a potentially aggressive position.

Meanwhile, all Russia had done was move in the complete opposite direction of you (Sev to Mos to StP in 08) and in the years prior to your stab Russian armies were moving into Germany rather than positioning themselves against you. (Yes Russia built an army in Sev in Autumn of 08, but you can't really blame someone for having a single unit to protect their homeland from someone just waltzing in.)

In short, yes Austria is naturally vulnerable to R/T, but we had given no indications that we were actually interested in attacking you.

Also, I think it is worth noting that France may have issued all hold orders, but still entered builds and retreats, so the lack of movement looked to me (especially in hindsight) more like playing possum and hoping for some fracturing of the eastern powers (which is what happened) rather than a CD.
04 Nov 15 UTC Sorry about the missed turns guys, my life has been in such a mess!
Good game all!
05 Nov 15 UTC All good france hope things worked out for you.
Turkey you contradict yourself. You said that i had no real shot at a solo yet you then move on me once i start moving on russia. Lets face it you tried to be opportunistic with my units away from the A-T border. This made you lose control over tunis which is not only on the stalemate line but was the biggest bargaining chip you had to prevent me attacking you. My justification to move on russia was strike first or be struck. I didnt care about the build. Given your admit defense of russia, i think it shows that i was right in my assumption that a missing france would result in me being destroyed by the both of you.
05 Nov 15 UTC Well the right person got Austria, that's for sure: I've never seen such a paranoid set of moves and explanations. It's perfect for that country :D
05 Nov 15 UTC I'm not contradicting myself at all. I moved on you once you attacked Russia because I was trying to prevent you from destroying our stalemate line against France. Just because you weren't going to solo by attacking Russia doesn't mean I would just sit back and let you ruin the stalemate line and allow France to win.

Your assumption that you would be destroyed by Russia and I was clearly demonstrated to be wrong, as evidenced by the fact that both Russia and I were trying to prevent a French solo, rather than stealing SCs from allies out of paranoia.