Finished: 05 PM Fri 04 Sep 15 UTC
Private Gunboat SOW Summer 2015
2 days /phase
Pot: 38 D - Autumn, 1907, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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02 Sep 15 UTC Well played all - I confess that my draw vote was a ploy to get Turkey to attack Russia! Unfortunately other matters grabbed my attention and my brilliant mentor, Fairfax just told me it was over! But I'd already lost my shot at the solo having put an army and not a fleet into Den; trying to finesse a fleet into there cost too much time. Played Espi; the others ought to throw you some points - without your sterling performance I could well have won.
02 Sep 15 UTC We both had some nice moves we could have played, but both choose a better position over gaining centers. I was really worried about that fleet in Den, but in the end it wasn't as scary as I had first though, you had no unit in Den to take Sweden from me. Sadly you also didn't play defensively which might have allowed me make more progress. My fleet build in St.P SC could have blocked you enough that I could have safely knocked out Germany, but you had much less of a risk to your moves, any wrong move I made could have ruined my defense while you, with more units on the way due to Italy, could have recovered in time. I wanted a longer game to see if I could nab the solo, alas it was not to be. I didn't think you would propose the draw again. You still had a shot to solo, Italy wanted you into Pied and his doing so convinced me that I couldn't solo.

Looking a few turns into the future, I could have grabbed Berlin and maybe Den, which would put me just behind you. With that Kiel might have been an option, but you would have likely just played defensively until you could progress against Italy and with your new units pushed me back. I would have been sitting around hoping Turkey could slow you down enough for the 3 of us to Draw, or 4 if you kept Italy alive.

Thanks for the compliments! I look forward to future games.
02 Sep 15 UTC Seemed pointless to go on...and as Russia voted draw, I went along. Thanks to my TA, Chaqa, for generously sharing his time and expertise...and to Valis and the Professor for their time and efforts in bringing this together. EOG to follow.
02 Sep 15 UTC Before I get to my actual EOG...I just gotta ask...MarquisMark...what drugs are you on and where can I get some?
02 Sep 15 UTC Read the thread cb, Smiley suggested he block you and try to bring France into a better position so that he wouldn't be wiped out and could enter into the draw. A brilliant play to get that objective as he managed to bring the game to an early draw. I am interested in the reasoning behind other moves though, very unorthodox.
02 Sep 15 UTC Hahaha! Someone's gotta be the wildcard!

My EOGs will be posted in the forums in the following days but in general, I found myself mostly in a reactive position throughout the game, which isn't uncommon for Italy I suppose.
02 Sep 15 UTC Seriously Marquis, thanks for that attack on Austria early game, with England pushing in on me I was very afraid. Of course you supporting him right after that annoyed me to no end. I have mixed feeling about you, should I be impressed at how you are still alive, or horrified at the moves you made. It is great to put names to countries now, that's a fact.
02 Sep 15 UTC *sigh*
02 Sep 15 UTC I still don't follow Marquis's line of reasoning: there's a RT steamroller heading in my direction, so I'll...stab Austria!
02 Sep 15 UTC Twice.
02 Sep 15 UTC His Spring 04 move I swore was a support hold for you, then boom, Greece is his! Meanwhile he moves into Pied and France builds a Fleet in Mar.
02 Sep 15 UTC There were quite a few turns where Fairfax and I were really puzzled at the moves and at the start kept ascribing sinister and deep plans to them; later on I was fairly certain that some of you were letting fear dominate your thinking too much. Sometimes you have to take a game on the bounce and accept a weird position because fundamentally you getting a centre means your opponent(s) don't have it!
02 Sep 15 UTC Was that address to everyone or someone in particular Chumbles?
02 Sep 15 UTC In general, really; but at points it applied to everyone (including, on one turn, me). But there was a point in A 05 where you moved Sev-Ukr, where moving to Rum would've given you a tempo, by both providing leverage in the Balkans AND an A War instead of A Ukr. You would then have been in a position to both expand there and feed Italy centres for units to defend against me. But I am quite aggressive for an old codger at times!
02 Sep 15 UTC One problem was in Autumn 04 naked persuaded me against supporting Rum to Serbia, which would have halted that problem to begin with. Around that time I didn't expect Italy to stab Austria and was fearing for Turkeys safety. With Turkey gone, Austria could have made a lot more progress against me, and your coming fleets would have halted my progress. Yes taking Rum would have been a good idea, but that build Turkey got helped him a lot, which helped to knock Austria out more quickly.

I was also having fun with my units, and didn't want Turkey to get any ideas about stabbing me while I held you off.