Finished: 01 PM Sat 11 Apr 15 UTC
Lets play live gunboat-60
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 175 D - Autumn, 1909, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Silent Knight (82 D X)

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10 Apr 15 UTC Fun game -- gg
10 Apr 15 UTC GG Austria, well done!
10 Apr 15 UTC Good game Austria. Hate being Italy with no press. Almost have no chance.
10 Apr 15 UTC Thanks Turkey!

I tried working with you at the start -- but you seemed to want to attack both me and Russia at the same time!

I was so glad I was able to hold you off while taking down Italy.
10 Apr 15 UTC Thanks Italy -- it always feels cruel attacking Italy as Austria (and vice versa) but I thought I'd try for the gambit.

In talking games I always think Austria and Italy should try to work together -- but gunboat diplomacy makes our closeness really hard to feel safe about.
10 Apr 15 UTC More than good for a first game.
Frenchy was just a genious.
10 Apr 15 UTC Italy, you and I both made really bad moves in middle game, so that + the skills of Austria to play the game the right way "cost" him the victory.. also if France didn't attack Germany at the end, they had a little chance together to turn around the game :)
10 Apr 15 UTC My first game here but I've played on other sites and started the game at my University hall club. It always seems a little easier to go from face-to-face to computer, takes some of the personal stress away.
10 Apr 15 UTC Austria you were right, I wanted to attack you, but I didn't want to attack Russia and that was my huge mistake, and you had some luck one move because Italy's army in Venice didn't attack the empty Trieste... but still really good playing from you, well done, you deserve the WIN :)
10 Apr 15 UTC Game was seen to be a draw between AGF, we had more than enough time to make a line, but that guy simple was to uninformed or what ever. Never mind.
10 Apr 15 UTC He just wanted to win, and he did it
10 Apr 15 UTC Im saying France, not Austrian, you get it?
10 Apr 15 UTC France needed to make a line on the west and he had enough time for it. More than enough. Regarding Austria, congratulations to him.
10 Apr 15 UTC Yea Austria my mistake was opening with a Lepanto. You countered it and it left me open to Austria. I was hoping he would ally with me instead of you but no luck.
10 Apr 15 UTC Understand, you are right, but he chose to attack you instead.. anyway I'm mad at myself for one stupid move, that ruined my game, but ... it was a nice game still, wish you all good night (if you are from Europe :D )
10 Apr 15 UTC Thanks. Sorry, I thought you were trolling me. Good night to you to!