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Finished: 09 PM Sun 22 Feb 15 UTC
The New American Civil War
2 days /phase
Pot: 106 D - Spring, 2012, Finished
Fall of the American Empire IV, Public messaging only, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn
12 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2010: Ready for a draw? If Cali nabs Hawaii I figure I'll have him out next year with CoM->MPO supported by a fleet in SPO (moved from Galapagos). With Quebec taking SoL this turn and Greenland the next, and me taking Bogota next turn, it should be just the 4 of us next year. Probably makes sense for a draw before any one player gets too powerful and that player goes for the single-win. Thoughts? I am open to other suggestions as long as they involve me on the points-earning side ;)
13 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2010: Texas is open for the 4 way with the current make up of the world. It will be an honor to share the board with you fine gentlemen. and honestly? it is really annoying to enter 20 orders every move
13 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2010: Ahhh, there's that stab we were all waiting for ;)
13 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2010: I honestly just wanted to see what Mexico would write in his freak out.... :) I still plan on voting draw. I am sure it will be more entertaining this way though!
13 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2010: Well, i just one to repeat something, Heartland have all my support and he has all the doors wide open to a promising expansion for him to the south. Preventing Texas from going for the solo is in the best interest of us all.
13 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2010: Also i would like that just the three left rebels state are taken and then draw already. I kind of don't like this map anymore. Europe is more interesting in terms of trying to keep diplomacy and balance the power.
13 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2010: The doors are not as wide open as you may think, with three builds this year I will be creating the Texan Aggressive Response Defense Squad (TARDIS). The TARDIS will be under the command of a man known to most simply as Doctor, by any measurable standard the Doctor is a genius, and not to be trifled with
13 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2010: Texan Aggressive Response Defense Infantry Squad
forgot the Infantry part....
14 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2010: Alas, the stab wasn't all that unexpected but you're a dick. Enter the draw vote if you're serious about it. Everyone should be watching out for a Texan attempt at a solo. If he finishes conquers me before a draw happens or y'all take some of his territory, he has a solo -- plain and simple. A joint Heartland/Quebecan invasion of Texas this turn is the only thing that will stop his solo.
14 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2010: Now what do I destroy? What do you think Quebec and Heartland? Rumor has it there was a coup in Texas and now his TURDS are fighting to topple other countries who have worked hard to develop their people.
14 Feb 15 UTC Spring, 2011: Well, Mexico. If you want to hold, you should also ask for California and Peru to defend yourselfs all together. That means you should support Peru to Cali, and let California regain his land at the south. And also by the way, you did destroy all the wrong armies, you disbanded the whole of your front line, your four armies at the south would had been a better choice. But well, now is done. Try to hold it there somehow.
14 Feb 15 UTC Spring, 2011: If it somehow it makes you feel better, even if you are destroyed and all the south is destroyed as well, he won't be able to win by solo since he needs 34 SCs, and he can only manage to get 31 or 30 at the south. That means that for him to win the solo, he also needs Heartland SCs, and since i am supporting him and as he has an strong army, then that is very unlikely to happen. So, not alarm at all, just a new thing to deal with.
14 Feb 15 UTC Spring, 2011: Actually the only way I will solo is if y'all do not remove Peru and California. When they are gone you will see my draw vote. If I can win before y'all eliminate them, well, the so be it
14 Feb 15 UTC Spring, 2011: OH Mexico that is so sad
15 Feb 15 UTC Spring, 2011: Hmm. This is a tear. Quebec and Heartland, can you push aggressively south? If so, I can eliminate California and Peru this year easily. Texas should stop his advance, but he only cares for himself so probably won't.

Otherwise, I support Peru in retaking some of his old territory as you suggest. I'm afraid I won't last long against Texas if I do though.
15 Feb 15 UTC Spring, 2011: It is disheartening to observe the recent aggression of our Texan friends. We implore the new forces to stick to defensive manoeuvres and allow the Mexican armies to take care of the remaining resistance in the south, if Texas really is still in favour of a draw.
15 Feb 15 UTC Spring, 2011: this is one winner only as I see it.
15 Feb 15 UTC Spring, 2011: As I see it, the only way to ensure Texas compliance is to do the following: Quebec and Heartland rush towards Texas (effective immediately), and agree to halt advances the move after every turn where Texas does not move on me. This puts us in the best position to force a draw.
15 Feb 15 UTC Spring, 2011: Texas is weak to a Heartland assault in the Kandas-Arkansas-DS-Georgia area. However, if you don't move immediately the "TARDIS" will be able to patch that hole quickly.
16 Feb 15 UTC Spring, 2011: Ok, the united north forces(me and Heartland) are strong. We are moving south now.
16 Feb 15 UTC Spring, 2011: But about Mexico situation. You really shouldn't had disband all your front line. What is else to do for you?, if i were in your position i would really go after Peru and California as Texas suggested before, because i don't see any other way out for you. Texas will take Mexico even faster than it could had been. So the last thing you can do is eliminate Hawaii and Bogota, and check out if Texas is willing to draw. Besides there is no much resistance that you can give to Texas.
16 Feb 15 UTC Spring, 2011: Yeah I know. You guys rushing south is the best thing to force a draw. Just please promise me that if Texas doesn't agree to the draw and eliminates me, that you guys won't draw until he is eliminated.
16 Feb 15 UTC Spring, 2011: I should've kept my front-lines -- I guess I was hoping that if we eliminate Peru and California quickly, hopefully Texas will follow through with his promise to draw immediately after that.
16 Feb 15 UTC Spring, 2011: Texas - I expect that you will move a fleet army from West Caribbean to East Caribbean or South Caribbean to bounce Peru out of Venezuela.
17 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2011: Amusing to watch this it so obviously gonna happen quebec you might wanna save one fleet for the west Coast as otherwise he can easily win
17 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2011: Alas this turn we'll see if Texas is being truthful about drawing after California and Peru are eliminated. Quebec, can you take Greenland and eliminate California this turn?
17 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2011: Heartland, we should bounce at NewYorkCity, just to not let California get any more towns for sure.
17 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2011: I would love to find out if you can convoy an army through the panama canal... It is not strategic, but would be cool in my humble opinion
17 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2011: You can't. I tried it in another game.
17 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2011: Mexico looks bad for u.
17 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2011: yeah no shit, but hopefully this ends soon with a draw.
17 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2011: Mexico seems like you "sold out" trying to get me and quit playing the game.

Quebec a true class act you are, I tip my cap to you for allowing California one territory. A true experienced player and a gentlemen to boot.
18 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2011: If Quebec leaves Cali a territory, it'll prolong the draw and risk a Texas single.
18 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2011: Alright lets wrap this up fellas, with Quebec pressing the atlantic and Mexico holed up in South America, I dont think I can get the win
18 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2011: Oh look, Texas is going to solo... what a shock!
Wait, didn't someone predict that would happen?
18 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2011: It is possible, I could solo, but it would take years, and my patience is run out with entering 20 + orders
18 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2011: Quebec is mistaken, it takes 30 SC for the solo, so I only need 2 more. I could get Cali and Lima, but not easily, and Quebec could cause some chaos in the islands
18 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2011: Quebec and Heartland: who do you think I should destroy?
18 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2011: Destroy a tank in South America
19 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2011: I'm asking the ones that didn't stab me, not the guy who can't be trusted.
19 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2011: Destroy your fleet at Hawaii, and send the MPO fleet to aid the big army at South America. Texas doesn't have many fleets at the Pacific so is ok. Even if he takes Hawaii, it will take a long time and you can take something of him like Venezuela or Panama so is ok.
19 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2011: Also i had read the rules, it says 33 SCs for the solo, unless this rule was changed, in which if it is the case then it should be corrected.
19 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2011: I didn't read the rules, I assumed it was half plus one, like every other game
19 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2011: I thought it was 34 for this map. Either way, we still have a small chance of forcing the draw.
It's actually difficult to say what's better to disband, Mexico. Keeping a stronghold in South America would probably be the best way to go, but I can also see the potential usefulness of the other fleets on the West coast.
19 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2011: Ready up Quebec?
19 Feb 15 UTC Autumn, 2011: Hawaii is a given. The question is which the other one is. Either MPO or Ecuador.
20 Feb 15 UTC Well, now is the real test: is Texas true to his/her word? If so, now is the time to vote draw with the rest of us. Heartland should probably vote draw too :)
20 Feb 15 UTC I could have won, but it would've been at least a couple years, besides I am a man of my word
20 Feb 15 UTC Good game, everyone. You were fun to play with :)
20 Feb 15 UTC I saw that it takes 34 to win this map, i thought it took 30 (1/2 +1), with Quebec streaming down the atlantic, I could have been tied up in the islands again.... just too many orders and not enough time

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vexlord (231 D)
Drawn. Bet: 10 D, won: 27 D
28 supply-centers, 25 units
JMB22 (1792 D)
Drawn. Bet: 10 D, won: 27 D
14 supply-centers, 14 units
Drawn. Bet: 10 D, won: 27 D
12 supply-centers, 12 units
mattsh (775 D)
Drawn. Bet: 10 D, won: 27 D
4 supply-centers, 4 units
Bunk (10 D X)
Defeated. Bet: 10 D
dagabs0 (24549 D)
Defeated. Bet: 10 D
wanderer (153 D)
Defeated. Bet: 6 D
Defeated. Bet: 10 D
twinsnation (641 D (B))
Defeated. Bet: 10 D
blobfish (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 10 D
Civil Disorders
huntruba01 (100 D)Florida (Autumn, 1999) with 3 centres.
Bunk (10 D X)British-Columbia (Autumn, 2003) with 0 centres.
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