Finished: 01 PM Wed 10 Dec 14 UTC
Modern Silent Anon WTA
16 hours /phase
Pot: 535 D - Autumn, 2008, Finished
Modern Diplomacy II, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Macchiavelli (2351 D)

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09 Dec 14 UTC Gg germany. I waited a year too long to engage. Italy lost coming south. Good try though
09 Dec 14 UTC Thanks for the joyful game to everyone!
Some German moves against me felt frustratingly innovative and were horribly effective. Thanks for that, as well! :)
09 Dec 14 UTC Wow that was frustrating. I got to 19 and everyone moved to stop my solo attempt but Germany zoomed past 20 and other than Spain no one seemed to care about trying to stop his solo, just kept hitting me even bough that was sure to result in him soloing. I kept waiting for Egypt to stop attacking me so I could set a stalemate line against Italy but that never happened. Congrats on losing Egypt, good job. You needed to stop picking off my units and move your fleets over to help Spain hold off Germany about 3 years ago in this game, maybe four.
09 Dec 14 UTC Egypt stabbed me a bit too early and paid the price.

Good game.
09 Dec 14 UTC Russia - I didn't get why you continued to attack me once we were both on draw and I was no longer a solo threat rather than defending yourself against Egypt. I don't think Egypt paid the price for stabbing you, he paid the price for not helping me and Spain against Germany. He could have finished you off and still stopped the solo if he had stopped attacking me and used his fleets to help Spain. For some reason he seemed more interested in losing though. Maybe he thought this was PPSC instead of WTA or something.
09 Dec 14 UTC I could have pulled back from Italy but didn't. When you moved so heavy to your south and tried to control that area, I put a stop to it. And that sealed your fate. Germany had a free run.

Russia, you weren't advancing north at all. You built in Georgia instead of Moscow. Plus you really weren't helping me against Italy at the time.

I don't regret a thing. Germany won fair and square.

Italy invades oceans he had to reason to be in at that time and got ran out of there. Russia doesn't have a true plan to advance so, he gets attacked.

Towards the end, you Russia played to help Germany win. Your choice, but if you want to stop attacks, fight the biggest country. Or have another country roll through you that will.
09 Dec 14 UTC Italy, I had a split western front against you and Germany. I thought I could grab a few Balkan SCs while you two were fighting. I wanted to encircle the entire Black Sea, though that probably just annoyed Egypt.

I already had my units in place to take Rumania and Bulgaria, so I did that. If Spain had started to put pressure on Germany, like ever, then I could have put units into the south against Egypt.

Egypt, in Spring 2001 I thought for sure you'd try to take Greece. Check out my orders which would have let you do it. That toe-hold in the Balkans was what I hoped would keep you fighting in the west.

But no, since you stabbed me, I will admit to doing a bit of king-making. You weren't in a board position to attack the strongest player, but neither were you going to help those who were in that position. You were no longer willing to be a team player, so I was gonna take my stabber down with me.
10 Dec 14 UTC Egypt - I moved south to make it clear to you that I was not going to let you cut me out of the draw. I repeatedly made supports of your units where possible to try to extend the olive branch so you would quit fighting me so I could defend against Germany. spain was able to see the German solo threat and stopped attacking me. You never seemed to see it and thus Germany picked up a solo. What did you expect me to do, throw everything I had up north so that you could clean me out in the south and eventually cut me out of a two or three way draw? Why on earth would I do that? I moved south to make it clear to you that you were not going to solo, so your choices were draw or lose to German solo. Most people with any sense choose draw there.
10 Dec 14 UTC Go look at 2004-2006. Spain pulled back from me, Germany was in the mid-20s and Could only be stopped if Spain and I were allowed to defend against him and if you moved fleets over to help Spain. Instead you used your fleets to continue to attack try centers and Germany overran Spain and Central Europe to gain the remaining centers he needed to solo.