Finished: 11 AM Tue 21 Oct 14 UTC
Ancient Sea
1 day /phase
Pot: 50 D - Autumn, 6, Finished
The Ancient Mediterranean, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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05 Oct 14 UTC Spring, 1: Have a good game, everyone. :)
05 Oct 14 UTC Spring, 1: good luck and have fun.
06 Oct 14 UTC Autumn, 1: so Rome, instead of taking a free Sicilia, you're trying to "pressure" me? Carthage will make you pay for that.
06 Oct 14 UTC Autumn, 1: We'll see. :)
06 Oct 14 UTC Autumn, 1: ah, we'll see what? Your relation with Carthage or the choices you'll make?
06 Oct 14 UTC Autumn, 1: Both? Also if my moves work or fail horribly. :p
06 Oct 14 UTC Autumn, 1: thing is, if you take either Athens or Sparta, will you be able to hold on to it in year 2? Especially with Carthage taking Sicilia freely, keeping Sardaigne and Baleares open for extra centers? Unless Carthage blindly follows you (who knows about new comers), you will be screwed.
06 Oct 14 UTC Autumn, 1: Unlikely, but not impossible. Which makes it imho worth a shot.
If it doesn't work I'll scratch it up as learning experience and try not to get swallowed up by you and Carthage too fast.
06 Oct 14 UTC Autumn, 1: ohh, it wont be by me, it'll be by Carthage. Lucky enough for me tho, Persia is moving only 1 unit towards me, therefore giving me extra time to react to your treacherous actions :)

I am now counting on Carthage to change history and actually win the Punic wars!
06 Oct 14 UTC Autumn, 1: :)
06 Oct 14 UTC Autumn, 1: Hannibal could and probably should have won but he was a horrible diplomat and couldn't get that Latin allies to turn against Rome. Won almost every battle but lost the war. Diplomacy goes a long way.
07 Oct 14 UTC Autumn, 2: Go Carthage! Change the course or history!!
07 Oct 14 UTC Autumn, 2: see Rome what you did to both of us? Damn you!! /angerfist
11 Oct 14 UTC Spring, 4: Rome, you're lucky that somewhat Carthage decided to be your best friend. You should be done for by now. It's almost like you guys are bff.
11 Oct 14 UTC Spring, 4: Yes, I am lucky that he is someone who apparently keeps his alliance promises. It's nice to know that there are people like that around. :)
And I assure you that we are not bff, nor have we played a game together before.
11 Oct 14 UTC Spring, 4: speaking of alliance promises...

I guess I just dont undertand the benefits you get of saving someone's centers instead of making them yours. Actually, not saving his centers, actually giving your own centers so he can survives.

So much sacrifice to keep someone alive while you get nothing out of it.
19 Oct 14 UTC sadly I cannot continue to play much longer I would like to know if you would all agree to draw this one. If not I understand I will try my best to continue.
20 Oct 14 UTC mhmm. I guess we could draw. Since yuo cant continue, its a good reason for.
20 Oct 14 UTC Only because it would not feel right to fight a leaderless country.
20 Oct 14 UTC thanks I appreciate it. Good game.