Finished: 10 PM Fri 12 Sep 14 UTC
Let's Dance-2
12 hours /phase
Pot: 136 D - Autumn, 12, Finished
The Ancient Mediterranean, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Zyvanes (146 D)

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Chat archive


29 Aug 14 UTC Autumn, 1: Did I stumble into some kind of 4v1 challenge?
29 Aug 14 UTC Autumn, 1: Or did you guys know this isn't gunboat?
30 Aug 14 UTC Spring, 2: egypt move already
05 Sep 14 UTC Spring, 6: Just Ready Egypt.
06 Sep 14 UTC Spring, 7: Hey guys! Taking over for Greece here.
07 Sep 14 UTC Autumn, 7: GameMaster: declanbrady1 was banned: repeat multi. The time until the next phase has been extended by one phase length to give an opportunity to replace the player.
Remember to finalize your orders if you don't want to wait, so the game isn't held up unnecessarily!
08 Sep 14 UTC Spring, 8: Draw once Egypt is officially dead?
11 Sep 14 UTC YAY