Finished: 07 PM Sun 10 Jan 10 UTC
Suicide Solution
3 days /phase
Pot: 280 D - Autumn, 1909, Finished
Classic, Anonymous players, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Attavior (1677 D)
23 Oct 09 UTC Spring, 1901: Hi All,

I'm pleased to be playing, and looking forward to the game and exchanging messages with you all.

I'm operating in GMT, so please excuse my silence during the evening hours in the U.S., I'll probably be asleep!

25 Oct 09 UTC Spring, 1901: i must say that my excitement about this game is more towards not knowin who i am playing against or their record. this is my first anonymous game and we will see how it goes....i might actually enjoy this less paranoid version of diplomacy.

i must say, this could be compared to possibly playing ftf against Edi Birsan and not knowing what he looks like
25 Oct 09 UTC Spring, 1901: Damn, you guessed my identity! Edi
01 Nov 09 UTC Autumn, 1902: HELP! The orders interface is not working for me. I don't seem to be able to set anything other than all units hold. Is anyone else having this problem?
01 Nov 09 UTC Autumn, 1902:
02 Nov 09 UTC Autumn, 1902: There seems to be a bug in the Order Entry code. What happens is that when you select an order the next drop down box doesn't appear. If anyone else has the same problem, the work-around is to press 'Save' and the page then reloads with the additional drop-down box; unfortunately, you have to press 'Save' for each drop-down box that you require! Hope this gets fixed soon! Don't know why it's only affecting me, is it because I use Ubuntu/Firefox?
02 Nov 09 UTC Autumn, 1902: oh well if you are talking about the drop down then yes its not working for me

but it still "works"
06 Nov 09 UTC Autumn, 1902: Apologies to all for taking so long to finalise my disband.
14 Nov 09 UTC Autumn, 1903: To All, You should know that I have been deceived and lied to by Austria and Russia, who appear to be joined at the waist. These two players SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED! You only need to look at the map to see that there is an Austrian-Russian Juggernaut about to steam-roller Western Europe. My days are clearly numbered, but I say to England, Germany, France and Italy that your only chance is to forget your internal wars and UNITE against them. Drop me a note if you agree! Regards, Ali.
14 Nov 09 UTC Autumn, 1903: i did deceive you but i did not lie to you. Lets not be hypocritical.
15 Nov 09 UTC Autumn, 1903: You deceived me the very first turn and should have expected nothing else in return. Till the end you still weave your web in an attempt to survive. You were trying to play Austria against me so it is no different. We were able to tell from the beginning you play till the advantage is yours, alliances then mean nothing to you. So we never gave you that advantage. .
16 Nov 09 UTC Autumn, 1903: Hi All, I'm going to be away on hols from Thursday 19th until Wed 25th. I'm new to this site, so can anyone tell me how to suspend the game whilst I'm away? I'm guessing that it has something to do with the 'Pause' button? Or, do I have to leave my units NMR? Regards, Ali.
16 Nov 09 UTC Autumn, 1903: we just need a unanimous vote to pause and it will pause
16 Nov 09 UTC Spring, 1904: Thanks. I'll put in my orders for Spring. finalise them, and set my pause control just before I go away on Thursday morning. I should be be able to un-pause Monday afternoon. Regards, Ali
17 Nov 09 UTC Spring, 1904: i will wait until after this phase is over to pause that way we at least get through one turn while you are gone
18 Nov 09 UTC Spring, 1904: is france still playing? Was he talked to anyone recently or has he given up
19 Nov 09 UTC Spring, 1904: i give up but still push ready
19 Nov 09 UTC Spring, 1904: Thank-you to all who have pushed their 'pause' buttons, and a reminder to those who haven't done so yet. I'm off now, and will pick up the pieces on my return (Wed morning). Regards, Ali.
25 Nov 09 UTC Autumn, 1904: Thanks. You can all un-pause now.
Regards, Ali
28 Nov 09 UTC Autumn, 1904: Im sorry about me missing that last turn. I guess i thought i had more time than i really did.
08 Dec 09 UTC Autumn, 1905: EOG Statement for Turkey

Having played many games on BOUNCED, this was my first game on this site. I don't think I'll play another one, as I found the interface poor in comparison. Especially the maps, where the move and support lines often obscure the units, and where I'd like to see a map without all of the lines. Also, the interface lacks a mechanism to send press (messages) to more than one player at once (i.e. grey).

I had no chance in this game. It seems that Russia and Austria were determined to go against me from the start and all of my diplomacy was in vain. I was very active trying to find some accommodation with my neighbours and I don't think I could be accused of not trying! I was disappointed that my neighbours rarely had the courtesy to respond to my messages.

With very little to go on, I made a mistake in trying to work Austria, mainly based on deception on his part (surely a more iniquitous sin than lying!). I don't think any Turkey could have been more accommodating but I suspect nothing I could have done would have persuaded him. One only has to look at the map to see that Russia will now surely gobble Austria up and win this game. I had pointed this out to Austria (no reply, of course) seeking an alliance to put the brakes on Russia, but, well who knows what he thinks.

In conclusion, I hope *all* players enjoy the rest of the game, and I will be rooting for Italy, who was always responsive and helpful. Germany too, was communicative and I would once again urge England, France, Germany and Italy to unite against Russia and Austria, though its probably too late. I would also suggest to the allies not to waste their time trying to co-operate with Austria, and to treat any (unlikely) responses with extreme suspicion!


aka Steven Betteley (UK)
08 Dec 09 UTC Autumn, 1905: You forgot to add the fact that you attempted to stab at the beginning of the game. What was it, Fall 1901? By that time why would you be trust-worthy enough to work with? You attempted to have Austria and I fight it out while and while our attention was diverted I am sure you would have made a quick move to put yourself further ahead.

But thanks for the crocodile tears and your "wise words"!
09 Dec 09 UTC Autumn, 1905: Hi Russia. Yes, you are quite right in what you say. You have played very well and put yourself in a potentially game-winning position. Good Luck! Steve
08 Jan 10 UTC Wot, no EOGs?

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Attavior (1677 D)
Won. Bet: 40 D, won: 149 D
18 supply-centers, 16 units
WhiteSammy (100 D)
Survived. Bet: 40 D, won: 75 D
9 supply-centers, 7 units
Stagger (2661 D (B))
Survived. Bet: 40 D, won: 50 D
6 supply-centers, 7 units
udvarid (117 D)
Survived. Bet: 40 D, won: 9 D
1 supply-centers, 3 units
p3nT (189 D)
Defeated. Bet: 40 D
Defeated. Bet: 40 D
Jawjaw (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 40 D
Civil Disorders
My_name_is_Mud (100 D)Germany (Spring, 1906) with 3 centres.
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