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Finished: 06 PM Thu 10 Sep 09 UTC
1 day /phase
Pot: 82 D - Autumn, 1911, Finished
Classic, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Don Corleone (277 D)
20 Sep 09 UTC Autumn, 1908: Alright, good game folks. Let's be civilized about it now. Italy can go ahead and take two places, and then the game will end and we will go on our merry ways.
29 Sep 09 UTC Spring, 1911: Drawing it out like this is pretty freaking lame.
29 Sep 09 UTC Spring, 1911: aye, italy please finish the game. its no use getting me out, cuz its only 2 points. and no offense to england, but there it little more that you can take on the mainland.

Could we please get this game finished with Italy as the winner, and the rest of us survived and be on our ways?
29 Sep 09 UTC Spring, 1911: It looks like they're trying to eliminate both of us for some odd reason, Russia. I wouldn't know why.
30 Sep 09 UTC Spring, 1911: calm down, I want this done with as well. I already told Italy to end it this autumn.
30 Sep 09 UTC Spring, 1911: He's idling out. Vote for a draw.

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

Don Corleone (277 D)
Won. Bet: 10 D, won: 48 D
21 supply-centers, 16 units
Survived. Bet: 10 D, won: 22 D
8 supply-centers, 8 units
PuppyKicker (777 D)
Survived. Bet: 10 D, won: 11 D
4 supply-centers, 8 units
Raiju (100 D)
Survived. Bet: 10 D, won: 3 D
1 supply-centers, 1 units
denis (864 D)
Defeated. Bet: 10 D
Ironman (765 D X)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
Flying Monkey (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 7 D
Civil Disorders
jaywalker76 (100 D)Austria (Autumn, 1901) with 3 centres.
Dr. Henry Killinger (100 D)Germany (Autumn, 1903) with 2 centres.
Flying Monkey (100 D)Austria (Spring, 1903) with 2 centres.
Ironman (765 D X)Germany (Autumn, 1904) with 0 centres.
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