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Finished: 11 AM Wed 25 Sep 13 UTC
School Stringer
1 day /phase
Pot: 99 D - Autumn, 1909, Finished
Classic, Survivors-Win Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by Suryc (162 D)

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Chat archive


05 Sep 13 UTC Spring, 1901: good game everyone
07 Sep 13 UTC Autumn, 1901: Well that sucks.
14 Sep 13 UTC Autumn, 1904: And this is the end.
19 Sep 13 UTC Spring, 1907: dang it, why did I put that army up in St Petersburg instead of Sevastopol
20 Sep 13 UTC Autumn, 1907: Smart man Germany, Smart man
20 Sep 13 UTC Autumn, 1907: lol
20 Sep 13 UTC Autumn, 1907: lol again
20 Sep 13 UTC Spring, 1908: Are you having fun torturing me like this?
22 Sep 13 UTC Autumn, 1908: Of course. If you're going to lose, at least have fun doing it.
23 Sep 13 UTC Spring, 1909: Who wants Vienna?
23 Sep 13 UTC Spring, 1909: I wouldn't mind it, care to support me in?
23 Sep 13 UTC Spring, 1909: I think everyone wants Vienna

Germany, I'm going to be the one to kill you off.
And then you find a way to survive another round, because thats what you do
23 Sep 13 UTC Think of what my ingenuity would have done for you if you hadn't kept me from taking Denmark.
24 Sep 13 UTC Your ingenuity probably would have been the death of me
24 Sep 13 UTC Then you're a smart man.
24 Sep 13 UTC WTF :((((

You could have won without taking mine away at the last minute!
24 Sep 13 UTC He just wanted to win when I was finally gone. You play a good game Russia, congrats.