Finished: 10 PM Mon 22 Jul 13 UTC
Quick Gunboat-23
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 70 D - Autumn, 1908, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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22 Jul 13 UTC gg all. fun game despite all the blunders
22 Jul 13 UTC Italy really stopped my solo attempt. :/
22 Jul 13 UTC Not sure I understand, windwalker, why you put up your draw, I go try to fight France (who was winning at the time), then you stab me by taking Greece and Naples. Pretty low.
22 Jul 13 UTC I should have attacked France but in gunboat games, England is deadly.
22 Jul 13 UTC Sorry Chaqa, you were getting too powerful. Had Russia not voted to draw, you probably could have won because of the stupid play of Turkey.
22 Jul 13 UTC i felt really bad for attacking you germany :( but it seemed to be the most rational plan at the time
22 Jul 13 UTC no response huh Turkey?
22 Jul 13 UTC honestly don't understand what turkey was doing half the game lol
22 Jul 13 UTC Honestly once I screwed up my orders that would have taken Munich I just wanted to eliminate Germany to draw. I had several misorders (convoy fail earlier, too)
22 Jul 13 UTC I don't think HE knows what he was doing. He's finished 40 games, so he as some experience.
22 Jul 13 UTC At the time I put up my draw order, Russia and Turkey BOTH had their draw votes up, Germany was down to 1 in Munich, England was dead, and France was rolling with 11. I turned west to confront France, and Turkey promptly takes two from me AFTER I indicated my peaceful intentions with a draw vote AND a support hold of Rumania.
22 Jul 13 UTC The support holding of other players' centers as a peace message is not well known, really. I have been playing Dip for almost 10 years and learned of it about a week ago.