Finished: 09 AM Fri 17 May 13 UTC
Partys Fun Palace-88
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 210 D - Autumn, 1905, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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16 May 13 UTC Omg and now you draw? While the russian moron is still with us? God damn it.
16 May 13 UTC Sometimes i really don't get it.
16 May 13 UTC i feel you turkey.
16 May 13 UTC sorry mate frist-timer
16 May 13 UTC And RobinG, really... no hard feelings or anything but go watch some games and learn how this works. :D
16 May 13 UTC sorry mate frist-timer
16 May 13 UTC that game was crap. Italy really fucked us.
16 May 13 UTC Yeah well i noticed too later (after cursing your family for the next few generations).
16 May 13 UTC well, this is my last game, gud nyt guys, past mid night already
16 May 13 UTC sorry mate frist-timer
16 May 13 UTC If you want to i will send you one or two links to games with really good players.
16 May 13 UTC See you around KingShem.
16 May 13 UTC dodgy php scripts...
16 May 13 UTC It only the chat if you reload the whole page. Just click on Global or Board above and the error does not occur
16 May 13 UTC

Check this game out. It is one of the highest pot games ever played here and everyone in it is in the top 10 ghost ranking for gunboats.
16 May 13 UTC Might be beneficial to just look at the moves.
16 May 13 UTC wait one question
16 May 13 UTC Sure. What?
16 May 13 UTC should england really must be hostile towards me?
16 May 13 UTC No. my convoy attempt into brest was at this point just to make sure you didnt build a fleet. I was handing you kiel basically at this point