Turning 10 (WebDip Years)

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Turning 10 (WebDip Years)

#1 Post by jmo1121109 » Wed May 15, 2019 4:37 am

May 15th 2009 there were 15,657 members on this site. Roll forward to today and there's over 100,000. I joined as a student thinking I'd spend 10 minutes on the site and a decade later here we are. Even the wayback machine doesn't cleanly go back a decade, but it goes close: https://web.archive.org/web/20100611210 ... /index.php

Never imagined the site would help me land a job, introduce me to some pretty amazing people, or help me figure out I wanted to do development professionally. But here I am 2,438 email threads and 132 code changes later.

Thanks to everyone here who's made it an interesting decade.

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Re: Turning 10 (WebDip Years)

#2 Post by zultar » Wed May 15, 2019 7:03 am

You kick ass, jmo. Glad you are here! Thank you for everything you've done.

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Re: Turning 10 (WebDip Years)

#3 Post by MajorMitchell » Wed May 15, 2019 8:20 am

Big thanks to jmo for a decade of helping to make WebDiplomacy a great place to play Diplomacy, and all the other opportunities it gives us.

Peregrine Falcon
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Re: Turning 10 (WebDip Years)

#4 Post by Peregrine Falcon » Wed May 15, 2019 7:50 pm

This site would not be anywhere near as good if jmo hadn't been here these past ten years.

Fitting that he should get two million points as a reward.

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Re: Turning 10 (WebDip Years)

#5 Post by Fluminator » Wed May 15, 2019 10:13 pm

You're a cool guy JMO and you've contributed more to the site than just your programming. Although I have been impressed by all the improvements lately. Looks like you guys are still going strong.

Also omg, can we get the conservative man threads through the wayback machine?

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Re: Turning 10 (WebDip Years)

#6 Post by flash2015 » Thu May 16, 2019 1:37 am

Looking through the forums, I am not seeing many of the names still around. I didn't realize that Jamiet was such an old timer though...

But of course thanks to jmo for all his hard work!

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Re: Turning 10 (WebDip Years)

#7 Post by rdrivera2005 » Thu May 16, 2019 2:14 am

Thanks for all your work on the site jmo and also for being a great guy.

My 10 year webdip birthday is in June, maybe we should set a game for us old timers.

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Re: Turning 10 (WebDip Years)

#8 Post by e.m.c^42 » Thu May 16, 2019 3:00 am

Woah. Congratulations :D

Here's to another 10 years for everyone! (Let's quote this thread and bring it back up in 2029 ;D)

Crazy Anglican
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Re: Turning 10 (WebDip Years)

#9 Post by Crazy Anglican » Thu May 16, 2019 3:06 am

Congratulations jmo! I’d like to join that game with you and rdrivera! I hit ten years on Cinco de Mayo. May was a good month to join the site. I remember how intimate the site felt after having played elsewhere.

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Re: Turning 10 (WebDip Years)

#10 Post by goldfinger0303 » Thu May 16, 2019 3:25 am

Hah, it's a bit of a trip down memory lane seeing all the people with their 10 year anniversaries now. You all were the "old timers" when I joined, and were what drove me into the tournament scene.

Congrats jmo, the site wouldn't be the same without you, and few know just how much work you've put into making WebDip what it is today.

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Re: Turning 10 (WebDip Years)

#11 Post by abgemacht » Thu May 23, 2019 1:36 am

Fluminator wrote:
Wed May 15, 2019 10:13 pm
Also omg, can we get the conservative man threads through the wayback machine?
'Conservative Man, when I imagine your expression as you write your posts, it is always with a serious face.

This is not good.'
--Friendly Sword

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Re: Turning 10 (WebDip Years)

#12 Post by dargorygel » Thu May 23, 2019 2:12 am

Congratulations, JMO... you've taught me a lot... and forced me to forget a lot. Wait. Who are you, again?

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