Finished: 02 AM Thu 19 Nov 20 UTC
2 days /phase
Pot: 350 D - Autumn, 1916, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring, Hidden draw votes
2 excused missed turn
Game drawn

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17 Nov 20 UTC Good game all. Was really hoping Turkey would cut Italy out but apparently Valis doesn't like to thin draws.
17 Nov 20 UTC GG
17 Nov 20 UTC Claesar! Why did you suicide into me like that?
17 Nov 20 UTC GG. France, I had that in mind too but I can see why Turkey didnt do it - the risk of you running away with a solo was too high, especially if aided by a vengeful Italian army that sneaks through Budapest.

You could have tried to alleviate these concerns by not taking Mun, or even giving me Kiel. That would also have let me place units in Buda and Ser without imperiling the stalemate line, dealing with the vengeful army problem.
17 Nov 20 UTC I was afraid of you gunning for a solo if I gave you more of Germany / I figured Turkey would be afraid of you gunning for a solo if you had three German home centers and therefore also not stab Italy.
17 Nov 20 UTC Interesting. I thought had no path for a solo without fleets or a center that can build one - and if I did try to go for one, you would be able to see it from a mile away.
17 Nov 20 UTC especially as Turkey would start with a +3 from stabbing Italy. There would be no way for me to conquer Turkey.
17 Nov 20 UTC I think there's a path if Italy throws to you (and Turkey doesn't immediately also attack you, but he can't really do that without me winning).
17 Nov 20 UTC But Turkey would already be in Rom, Naples and Greece from step 1 no? And then get 3 units to make sure I never get through Armenia. In this scenario I can only see myself picking up Trieste, maybe Ven if Italy throws to me.
17 Nov 20 UTC GG!
18 Nov 20 UTC kgray, you built F StP(nc). That means war. I presume you feel the same way about my convoy to Norway?

Mind you, I didn't plan to suicide into you. From S02 onwards I knew I was dead. Had hoped Germany would take North Sea instead of helping you in Sweden, so I could build and play F/G against each other. After A02, my only hope was to survive in Scandinavia.
18 Nov 20 UTC Yeah, I knew that those things meant war between us and I wasn’t upset/surprised that we were fighting, I just couldn’t believe you left North. I saw that as abandoning your island and it seemed very early to do that, but it makes some sense if you thought you’d get the build from Sweden. I probably shouldn’t have focused on the north regardless, but since Germany was being friendly I thought it could be worth it.
18 Nov 20 UTC I originally went to eng in A02 to contest Belgium. I wasn't planning on England leaving London undefended, but once that happened I couldn't exactly turn it down.