Finished: 09 PM Tue 07 Apr 20 UTC
Sweetwater Classic Gunboat
1 day /phase
Pot: 707 D - Autumn, 1927, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring, Hidden draw votes
0 excused missed turn
Game won by Tugster (13048 D)

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06 Apr 20 UTC Congrats France. All I tried failed in this game and then Austria got mad and seemed revenge, played in opposite of his smart play when he denied me solo in earlier game. I do not like to play Italy.
06 Apr 20 UTC Congrats was a crazy game, I thought we were gonna draw the one year everyone held
06 Apr 20 UTC ??? you attacked me (F01), I defended and forgave when you left...and then you attacked me again (F04)! Not to mention that it created a situation where I was inevitably eaten by RT (by S05 when France was still at 5 centers), there was no "oh maybe I can hold the line a solo threat if we make up". Extremely different scenario.
06 Apr 20 UTC It’s all my fault! I’m not sure what possessed me to take MOS which eventually led to my losing ENG and all was lost once France had a foothold in ENG.

I don’t understand Germany’s persistent attack on me when I was obviously in a stalemate position and was not a threat to him.

Congrats Tugster! It’s my early Christmas present to you, lol!
06 Apr 20 UTC It was a warm spring, in the year of our lord, 1918. Field Marshal Frederick Sleigh Roberts, the 1st Earl Roberts, Commander of the British Royal Northern Expeditionary Force, was entertaining in his commandeered Russian mansion in the newly restored and lovely Saint Petersburg. It had been nearly ten years since the capture of the beautiful city and the last futile attempt on Moscow itself. Life had come back into the streets, Russian socialites packed the stately hall to mingle with English officers for formal events. The city had prospered under British rule.

Sir Roberts had even put away the distasteful memory of the infamous: "March to Berlin through Livonia" campaign of 1911. He had protested to the high command strenuously at the time. My Lord, you will divide my garrison strength in half! Saint Pete is a fortress as it stands right now! To no avail, the telegram was clear: "March on Berlin". Reluctantly, the Field Marshall sent half his force on Berlin. To no avail, Berlin was out of reach, and it took four years and 2 very long journeys in smelly transport ships for his force to finally be returned to full strength. Miraculously, Saint Pete stayed in British hands throughout that time.

So now, you can imagine the shock, as he opened this new telegram from the high command: "Cross the Volkhov River at once. Capture Moscow at all costs!"

Again, he protested as loudly as he possibly could, but your Lordship! The port of Saint Petersburg is an impregnable fortress. England rules the northern seas, there is no Russian navy, they have no ports, we are heavily entrenched. The Russian army has the Germans nicely pinned down. All is well! This idea is madness! But the High Command was insistent. The admirals had grown bored with the French blockade. The political intrigues of parliament demanded a new conquest, and Moscow was the prize.

Sir Roberts was a career military man, he had no choice, so he readied himself for battle once more. He put away his formal dinner uniforms, and had some touching words with his beautiful Russian mistress. After all, a conquering commander can spare himself a few perks, eh? He could have never competed for one as lovely as she back home. My dear, I will be away on maneuvers for a bit.

He called a meeting of his field commanders, and they again decided that the way forward was a flanking maneuver through Livonia. In a lightning surprise strike, the maneuver was executed while entertaining Russian envoys at a lavish party. Success! The British flag was flown over Moscow. But his mistress was not as she seemed, she was actually with the Russian intelligence service, and she had readied her homeland, the Russians were not caught as off guard as the British had hoped. In fact, they had allowed it to proceed, the trap was set. The Russians were ready, scorched earth, others had tried this before. Forced marches, 24 hour movement, emergency supply and railroad lines at maximum capacity. Falling back to Sevastopol, while conducting Guerrilla warfare. Suddenly, 6 Russian divisions were heading towards the capitol!

Sir Roberts frantically requested reinforcements! A full division of Scottish marines were trained, but the Lords of the Admiralty now protested, Sir, we cannot maintain the French blockade of the Channel, while carrying smelly highlanders and their infernal bagpipes across the North Sea!

No matter! CONVOY. reinforce!

More frantic telegrams coming in! My Lord! The Germans are on the move! Our Eastern vanguard fleet is trapped and beached, nearly scuttled. Denmark will be lost! Send the highlanders to Denmark instead, do it now!

Sir Roberts opened the next telegrams with dread: The high command regrets to inform you that your reinforcements have been diverted to "other pressing matters"

Sir Roberts gave the order! RETREAT!!!! Back to Saint Petersburg, and quickly!

But it was not to be... Swarmed, out maneuvered, out flanked, outnumbered, out gunned. There was no retreat. And thus began the epic collapse of the once strong and glorious British northern empire.

Desperate, despondent, Sir Roberts decided that he would die at his own hand rather than face humiliation and disgrace. He asked his mistress to bring him his service revolver, and she eagerly complied, but when he asked her for the revolver, she refused, simply stating: "I'm sorry, my love, the Russians are entering the gates of Moscow as we speak. "

Puzzled by her reference to “the Russians” in the 3rd person, “The Russians? Aren’t you Russian?

And then she switched to perfect French, “Mais non, je suis francaise...

For you see, Gabrielle "la Lame" Boucher, having spent most of her youth in Paris, was actually a French double agent.

"Soit dit en passant, vous êtes un amant terrible, mais merci pour les secrets. Adieu"

And then she put a bullet through his head. Her cover was secure.

Finalement, La Victoire, La Gloire. Vive La France!
06 Apr 20 UTC Well played Russia!