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Finished: 11 AM Wed 26 Jun 19 UTC
Double Quick
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 35 D - Autumn, 1915, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Sum-of-Squares Scoring
1 excused missed turn
Game won by 90kicvesb (3226 D)
26 Jun 19 UTC Turkey you are a big mean dumdum
26 Jun 19 UTC France too, I can't honestly decide who I hate more
26 Jun 19 UTC I agree with 2/3 of your insult, Russia.
26 Jun 19 UTC France, why did you send your fleets North instead of using them for the stalemate line?
26 Jun 19 UTC I should have gotten stalemated at 17, though. France didn't set up the line quite right. GG All.
26 Jun 19 UTC GG
26 Jun 19 UTC And Italy, I don't care what anyone says, from now on we're blood brothers. It's a shame we took so long to finally link up and only had one support cooperative move between us, but we fought like hell
26 Jun 19 UTC I have thoughts about this game but I'm way too tired to think anymore. GG to some of you guys :D
26 Jun 19 UTC I wish Germany hadn't supported me into Brest in 1908. I didn't want to actually move back in.
26 Jun 19 UTC Im not sorry. I had this game until russian and itally were douches to my back line. You guys were the ones who let turkey grow. Dont blame me.
26 Jun 19 UTC Turkey was playing nice right until the turn where Germany NMR'd and stabbed me by taking Rum
26 Jun 19 UTC Truth be told it was probably either me or turkey for the win. GG Turkey. I think i did well for my first ever no chat classic.
26 Jun 19 UTC Don't put the blame on me, we were trying to stop your solo, after that Italy and I were forced to fight on two fronts, in front and behind to stop you both
26 Jun 19 UTC Again, not sorry. Turkey was your problem not mine. I just wanted to take germany and italy. why you needed england i dont know.
26 Jun 19 UTC France... when it was clear you would solo, Turkey sat back for awhile and let us try to stop you. When he then started to grow, you did not do the same.

It was clear you would continue devouring Russia and I until Turkey solo'd, so I figured I'd at least give the edge to the player who played more solidly.
26 Jun 19 UTC I'm just glad Italy caught on to Turkey moving into Ionian and suddenly withdrawing his Draw vote and bounced him out of Tunis, funny how after that Turkey put up his draw vote again, huh?
26 Jun 19 UTC And I was forced to hold France off alone up here, new Germany wasn't as much help as I thought, dude seemed pretty....distracted
26 Jun 19 UTC Again not sorry. It was either me or him.
26 Jun 19 UTC Again not sorry. It was either me or him.
26 Jun 19 UTC Again not sorry. It was either me or him.
26 Jun 19 UTC Yes, I saw the draw vote and knew what was up. My tactical play wasn't quite up to normal standards tonight, I've been drinking all night so I made some poor guesses here and there. Losing Tunis in 1910 was rough.

Russia, you were tenacious, but there were some turns you could have gained ground against Turkey with some different attacks. I think it was unwise to keep pushing Sevastopol, when there were weaknesses in Budapest/Vienna area could be broken
26 Jun 19 UTC like no offense dude, but you could've been more aggressive, like moving for Den even when France didn't have two units surrounding Kiel because I was in North and he had to pull back to defend his coast
26 Jun 19 UTC Maybe I will catch you gents tomorrow night. Later.
26 Jun 19 UTC Oh, I don't fault France too much. I think he took his shot. I think it is a very dickish thing to try to solo off the back of Germany's CD, though - that's another big reason I kept pushing you.

It's not necessarily wrong, but it's very bad form. Had Germany been here, you never would have gotten the leverage you did.
26 Jun 19 UTC The moves to Sev were mostly so he couldn't move his extra Armenian unit up, since to take Moscow you need 3 units to break the hold
26 Jun 19 UTC None taken. I tend to be more conversative in gunboat, I didn't move to Den because France kept ordering to Kiel.
26 Jun 19 UTC I think my big reviews on this game as a whole:

1. I should have been more dedicated to either attacking Turkey or France early on. Especially, I should have NOT tried for Marseilles in 1901. France's growth would have been slower if he hadn't captured Spain.

2. Austria's 1902 moves were very odd. Why did he try to get into Bohemia? Moreover, why did Germany bounce him there? That interaction is still very odd to me, as well as the support he gave to Russia. OG Germany was strange.

3. Turkey outplayed several of us a few times. I give major props.

4. Germany and England were... lackluster players.

5. Perhaps my "stab" of Austria paved the way for Turkey, but at the time, I needed the build to fight off France. Hard to say how things would have turned out if I had changed tactics.
26 Jun 19 UTC The German blitz into France in 1908 was amazing, though. Wish you had tried to leave a unit there to help topple him. Withdrawing in 1910 didn't really make sense to me. It maybe would have been better to withdraw, but take Belgium/Holland if possible? Or push south and go for Marseilles/help me with Spain. IDK. I'm tired.
26 Jun 19 UTC I'd say the big stab in Italy and I's gut was in 1910, christ that was when our defences really crumbled bad. Italy lost Tunis and I made mistakes in both Spring and Autumn, I realied with 5 secs on the clock that moving Nor-NS was a better choice than Norwe, and then not bouncing France out of Norway in Autumn
26 Jun 19 UTC I was really hoping you'd send one of your fleets the long way around. One more fleet from the back and we could have broken Spain/Portugal/Marseilles, giving me a build I desperately needed. So close, too.

I haven't played Italy since my return to the site in March or so, or if I have it's been like once. I need to up my game.
26 Jun 19 UTC And Italy, I can't believe you moved out of Brest in 1909, did you think Germany wouldn't hold you from Paris?
26 Jun 19 UTC So, I never wanted to be back in Brest. I planned on my fleet bouncing the Picardy army, which would leave my fleet in MAO to coordinate with my West Med fleet.

To be honest, I had absolutely no faith in Germany at that point. With all the NMRs and replacements, I figured it was best to just try to sort it out myself.
26 Jun 19 UTC I had tried to work with England in 1905/1906 in Portugal/Spain, and he had simply disappeared, so my confidence in the allies up north was low...

Especially given that it's a SoS game. I think SoS is a blight that causes players to give up prematurely, since there's little point in sticking around to get a point or two.
26 Jun 19 UTC And speaking of that, Turkey attacked me and then suddenly called it off to hold all across his units and put up his draw vote, I think it was after taking Sev and Rum and part of the Balkans, I scrolled down and saw he had a net plus points
26 Jun 19 UTC I was seriously debating whether his intention was simply so he didn't lose out on points in case of a draw, but after considering his constant draw vote being put up and removing it, and how we can barely hold the line against France, I decided to go with my gut and not trust him
26 Jun 19 UTC which was great because he attacked right after lol
26 Jun 19 UTC It is what it is.

I'm going to get going. I'll probably try to play a game or two tomorrow, and this weekend I'm going to be hitting the live games hard, so I'm sure I'll see you around, Hachi!

If you see any games called "Live Gunboat" with DSS and 40% requirement, probably mine! :D
26 Jun 19 UTC Ah there it is, 1908, spring and autumn he holds my Moscow unit, come 1909 he immediately starts his attack and fails
26 Jun 19 UTC Yeah see you around man, this was a great game even though we barely directly supported the other
26 Jun 19 UTC I'm not sure I like my decision to give Russia space in 1908. Peace was an option once his Southern fleet was gone and I must have been thinking that France was still a threat, but he had foreigners in Brest and Burgundy to contend with. The 1905 stab was definitely the right play though, Russia would have been about as strong as France otherwise.

Thanks, Italy! The guesses went my way this game for sure. The only one I lost was Trieste in 1911. Your Autumn 1913 moves were seemingly suicidal. I was hoping you'd stick around to interfere with France for a bit longer!
26 Jun 19 UTC dude, I only have one question, in Spring 1907 why did you retreat to Armenia and not Moscow if you wanted to solo?
26 Jun 19 UTC I would have been gone much quicker if you had done that
26 Jun 19 UTC And I had ordered holds on you like twice after you took Rum and Sev, I was willing to give those up if all you wanted as to not lose points in case of a draw
26 Jun 19 UTC The plan, as I had envisioned it, was for us to work together and take out Austria, and after that either help Italy if he was still alive and in good enough condition to fend off France, or you would have to take over with fleets
26 Jun 19 UTC but you kept pumping out armies,if I had to guess it would be because I was in Serbia and didn't let go of it immediately, that probably signaled to you I wanted war, but in my experience when dividing Austria between R/T Serbia usually goes to Russia
26 Jun 19 UTC I was afraid of France. A retreat to Moscow would have drawn your units away from the battles for Kiel/North Sea and would have left your Southern fleet alive, making future cooperation between us nearly impossible.
26 Jun 19 UTC Standard division of Austrian/Balkan centers is Rumania, Budapest, and Vienna only for Russia.
26 Jun 19 UTC I never really had a plan. My behavior towards you was dependent also exclusively on how strong France was, thus my flip-flopping.
26 Jun 19 UTC So it was the Sev fleet that had you worried and bad faith in my ability to hold off France in the north....well, I'd understand the worry if it was in BS but you had it since the beginning. The move to Serbia was a lucky one, I saw you gearing up to take Greece and that attack was to disrupt a hold, but he used it to take back Trieste instead, I'm just saying, that move to Rum stung a lot lol
26 Jun 19 UTC Glad to hear I was somewhat a considerable threat. Learned alot from your discussions.

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90kicvesb (3226 D)
Won. Bet: 5 D, won: 35 D
18 supply-centers, 15 units
Survived. Bet: 5 D
13 supply-centers, 13 units
Ferdack (100 D)
Survived. Bet: 0 D
2 supply-centers, 2 units
Hachiman (497 D)
Survived. Bet: 5 D
1 supply-centers, 3 units
Emmaline (151 D)
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
Chaqa (4046 D (B))
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
Defeated. Bet: 5 D
Civil Disorders
R3dFalcon (100 D)Germany (Autumn, 1905) with 5 centres.
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