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Finished: 06 PM Thu 16 May 19 UTC
5 minutes /phase
Pot: 175 D - Autumn, 1913, Finished
Classic, No messaging, Anonymous players, Draw-Size Scoring
0 excused missed turn
Game won by New England Fire Squad (3253 D (G))
16 May 19 UTC GG all
16 May 19 UTC No it should not have
16 May 19 UTC gg Turkey.
France, we almost made the stalemate line.

Germany why do you even try to play this game? it was really awful.
16 May 19 UTC Imagine spending your whole mid-late game trying to clear 3 pesky Germans out just to end up losing your capital to them. Wp Turkey
16 May 19 UTC Germany, why commit suicide? Yeah I tried to take you out, but I failed, why did you go berserk instead of taking the easy draw?
16 May 19 UTC You still tried to take me out, while I was trying to move to the stalemate lines. Every time I would try to leave my SC you would move in.
16 May 19 UTC You're aware that a draw is better than a defeat, correct? What a waste of everyone's time. Good game Turkey.
16 May 19 UTC Was not suicide. Self preservation. I would rather survive then assist holding a stalemate line just for you to stab me in the back.
16 May 19 UTC In 1911 you still could have held the draw and nobody would have been able to do anything about it. Why not?
16 May 19 UTC 1910 you bounce me in Kiel?
16 May 19 UTC England, this could have easily been E/F/T 3-way. Not sure why you were letting Germany live.
16 May 19 UTC How is that assisting in holding stalemate?
16 May 19 UTC And that's a reason to throw the game in 1911 how?
16 May 19 UTC Even in the autumn you could have saved the game.
16 May 19 UTC In 1911 I moved into your land, what were you even providing to the central stalemate? Weakening me, who England kept alive? You take Munich, proceed to attack Kiel and then ask me why I threw the game?
16 May 19 UTC @France. well, probably because of what he did later. you shouldn't have gone for it too I guess. But it's difficult to recognize such good players in a mute game.
16 May 19 UTC The key unit in Munich, genius. Burgundy and Berlin support it in the fall and we're all golden. What is wrong with you?
16 May 19 UTC @England, I expected a convoy to Holland and triple support to Kiel in fall 1908. I think we would have beaten Turkey to the stalemate line pretty comfortably.
16 May 19 UTC Call my gameplay awful, it was a messy game, but you can't expect me to roll over and die just because you politely knocked down my front door.
16 May 19 UTC That key unit moved into Kiel in 1911. Are you really this dim? You're trying to tell me that you were trying to hold a stalemate WHILE moving into Kiel AWAY from the stalemate??
16 May 19 UTC What? You had done a great job surviving up to that point, but it's irrelevant when I'm talking about your decision to throw in 1911 when you could have held the game. Why do you think I didn't go for Burgundy?
16 May 19 UTC just realized it was retreat..
16 May 19 UTC Then why bother moving into Picardy if you wanted to recognize me as contributing to the stalemate?
16 May 19 UTC When you were moving there too? Not getting your point
16 May 19 UTC I was aware you moving into Picardy was nothing but hostile, hence bouncing you.
16 May 19 UTC You went Gascony->Brest, what else would I have done to defend myself?
16 May 19 UTC Yes, when England was in MAO...and yet again, this is unrelated to your 1911 decision to throw the game when there was no need tactically.
16 May 19 UTC Fuck Austria for continuing to dick me i only tried you fo one turn and you had TWO countries on your back smh
16 May 19 UTC For the record Im new Austria, old Austria left
16 May 19 UTC I think Germany was afraid that you were going to kill him to cut him out of the draw. Some players react very poorly to the idea that they are essentially a cadaver propped up to be a temporary buffer; they feel that they are doing a ton of work for the benefit of others only to be cast aside when no longer needed.
16 May 19 UTC Hey Buhl
16 May 19 UTC You're probably right Turkey, but that attitude is guaranteed to lead to easily preventable defeats like this one. Especially in gunboat.
16 May 19 UTC You had been hostile towards me, while I was holding in my 3 SC in 1908. At this point, it was anyones game, it was clear Turkey was aiming to solo but you and England had me surrounded. In Fall I hold all my units, to see what would happen. England moves away, cool he's not going to braindead attack me while Turkey gains more. You on the other hand move Bel->Ruhr and block Munich. Clearly, you are the onlythreat to me. 1909, you take Munich, England is still allowing me to live. I take Belgium for your Munich, a one for one. You moved to Brest, making it clear you wanted Picardy to remove me form Belgium. You bounce with me, I move Kiel forward to support Bel and then you try to move to Kiel.
16 May 19 UTC Hey NEFS Flavius
16 May 19 UTC You literally cannot tell me that you were trying to hold a stalemate line. You were 100% gunning for me while England solo held the line.
16 May 19 UTC From what I saw France, I gotta agree with Germany
16 May 19 UTC You were trying to cut Germany out of the draw, it was p clear
16 May 19 UTC
16 May 19 UTC New game here all
16 May 19 UTC @Turkey that's absolutely how I felt. In a perfect world, if there was communication, it would have been possible to allow Munich to be yours to hold the line. I would have even supported, knowing intentions. But in a mute game, how can you expect me to willingly put myself in a spot for you to stab me in the back, while you are nothing but aggressive?
16 May 19 UTC Buddy, it sounds like you just have to learn to look at the board with fresh eyes each turn. You're still talking about logical decisions that occurred before the moment you threw the game in 1911 and I have no qualms with. Yes, I previously wanted to eliminate you because I wasn't terribly keen on what at the time was going to be a 6-way draw. And I would have succeeded if England thought the same way. Apparently that was an unnecessary gamble, but the sole reason the game was a defeat and not a draw was that in 1911 you didn't bother helping me hold Munich when Turkey was about to cross the stalemate line. I could do nothing to you at that point without losing the game.
16 May 19 UTC Germany if you are in Munich, know this, it cant be overcome
16 May 19 UTC Munich, St. Peters, Tunis, Portugal, those are some of the centers that if you can shove a troop in, you likely wont lose it
16 May 19 UTC ^Moscow too
16 May 19 UTC From what I observed from the map and from your accounts, France is correct on the notion that the draw could still be had. It seemed a matter of personal vendetta by Germany, coupled with a lack of understanding of the nature of the stalemate lines by Germany, who could very well have supported Munich with Burgundy in 1911 and forced the draw. Fair assessment?
16 May 19 UTC Germany, either admit that you preferred vengeance, or admit a lack of knowledge about stalemate lines. But either way I don't see France as being i the wrong at that point
16 May 19 UTC I definetly had a vengence. I didn't want to be cut out of a possible draw, and while I could have held the line at Munich, I wouldn't have known whether or not using one third of my units to support hold my aggressor would have kept me in the game.
16 May 19 UTC You certainly could have if Burgundy had supported Munich in fall 1911. The board position was really not that complicated. Apparently you even did with Berlin, but your other moves were suicidal. Oh well, a learning experience for both of us I guess.
16 May 19 UTC Thanks, Larry
17 May 19 UTC Agree. In spring 11 Germany was definitely part of the stalemate line without any possibility to cut him off. In fact France did not attacked Bur in autumn.

Anyway congrats to Turkey.

Start Backward Open large map Forward End

Won. Bet: 25 D, won: 175 D
18 supply-centers, 17 units
alexintour (1262 D (S))
Survived. Bet: 0 D
9 supply-centers, 7 units
diplomat554 (2104 D)
Survived. Bet: 0 D
4 supply-centers, 5 units
Kylo (478 D)
Survived. Bet: 25 D
3 supply-centers, 2 units
ThatBuhlLarry (100 D)
Defeated. Bet: 25 D
FlaviusAetius (991 D)
Defeated. Bet: 0 D
NoMatter (165 D)
Defeated. Bet: 25 D
Civil Disorders
Theoneandonly (10992 D)England (Autumn, 1904) with 6 centres.
The Lord Watermelon (386 D)Austria (Spring, 1908) with 3 centres.
Trenton__Calico (0 D X)France (Spring, 1901) with 3 centres.
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